Time Sure Crawls When You’re Not Having Fun

February 12, 2007

Yesterday, Girlie Girl and I went to her classmate’s birthday party at a local gymnastics place. She had a great time. I wasn’t impressed.

First of all, the place is big with a huge obstacle course that the kids go through. With all that space and 20 kids, do you know how many coaches were there to supervise? Two! Some of the kids were falling off the stands or tripping on cables. Girlie Girl ended up with 2 bruises and a torn toenail.

I eventually had to volunteer to help chaperone. Did any other parent volunteer to help? Nope! There were all too busy socializing with each other and not paying attention to their kids.

And don’t even get me started on those parents. A lot of them already knew each other from last year’s class so I went around introducing myself to everyone. They could have cared less. Talk about feeling like an outsider.

In any case, Girlie Girl had a great time with all her friends. For me, it was the longest 2 hours of my life!

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29 Comments on “Time Sure Crawls When You’re Not Having Fun”


Carey said:

Sorry to hear the party didn’t go so well. Ive noticed too, that alot of times thats how these type a parties go…its a social gathering for the moms as well. You did the right thing helping out, someone has to watch out for the kids. Im glad at least your daughter had fun.


tiggerprr said:

It’s amazing how much of high school social behavior people actually retain sometimes isn’t it? I can see how that would be the longest 2 hours for you, but lucky for those kids that YOU at least cared!

I can’t believe there were only 2 people supervising.


Mary (Mert) said:

Ya know… My husband’s aunt invited Anna to a gymnastics party for her granddaughter. We had to sign a release form saying that they were not responsible if Anna was injured. Anna really wanted to go but I had to weigh all the options.

The party was for a girl 5 years older than Anna, she usually treats Anna very badly and ignores her or says stuff like “you can’t play with MY friends”, there was only one person to supervise, all the girls except Anna that were invited were in the same gymnastics class, and Anna is a clutz like her momma and sometimes falls down for no reason.

It’s a shame that adults have to behave like that… that is why I am really pretty shy around new people and tend to get nervous and say something stupid LOL! I agree with Tiggerprr. Weren’t we just talkin about high school stuff?

Hey, my word verificas=tion is chocolate! :O)


Mary (Mert) said:

Verification. My typing… sheesh


Desert Songbird said:

I remember these kinds of parties; they seem to be the rage when kids are in preschool. Everyone gets invited, even if the birthday child doesn’t really play or even like your own child, and they always involve activities that your own child wouldn’t necessarily do.

Take heart, though. This type of birthday party usually tapers off as your child gets older. I know it did for my kids, and my son would even tell me he didn’t want to go to a certain kid’s party because he wasn’t really friends with that person!

Sorry you were stuck doing the supervision; I’ve been there, so I know how frustrating it is.


Sam said:

THAT is exactly what pretty much happened to me at my nephew’s birthday party on Saturday. It was at Fun World, which is similar to Chuck E. Cheese’s. With the birthday party package, you get pizza’s, cake, icecream, balloons, and 15 Fun World cards that allow you to play the games. Well, I got stuck chasing around my 2 girls plus about 5 other kids under 5! I was like HELLO I didnt come here to babysit, I came to be with my nephew and have fun with my OWN kids!


carmen said:

you’re a good mom. And I know, because I’ve seen a lot of bad ones.


Pamela said:

you can see by the smile that she had fun -
I would have acid reflux from that scene


Pamela said:

you’re anti spam word was a misspelled word
I copied it.
it wouldn’t accept it

finally I spelled the word correctly and it accepted it
was that weird or what?

What was your word? How strange!


Sparky Duck said:

its nice to see that clicks still exist as we get older too, though at least the GG had fun

Yup, they’re at preschool events, at parties, in the blogosphere . . .


Renee said:

Well as you can tell from the other moms…this is pretty normal for the birthday party scene. We went to one for a friend of DD’s and it was just an obstacle cource…there was only one coach supervising the kids… since I was the only mom who didn’t have another smaller kid to keep an eye on I helped the kids…on of the items was a “Tarzan vine” swing!
However the kids also got to jump on the trampoline and do the rock climbing wall…Parents could do these too. I quickly learned that my bladder can no longer handle being on a trampoline.
At DD’s gym they have a max number of kids…10! You get two coaches. But the price works out to like $16 per kid…then you’re still expected to have cake & ice cream and goodie bags.
I’m too cheap to do that…especially when some of the kids coming bring a gift that didn’t even cost $5.
Luckily I have a child who is sensitive to noise and doesn’t like those HUGE parties. I think that I’ve finally convinced her that she doesn’t want 10 kids at her party this year (every year she has been miserable with that many kids) so we’re inviting just two. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Sorry the other moms were so gritchy. That sucks.


Jill said:

I know exactly what you’re talking about! At my nephew’s birthday party last year, I found two kids upstairs jumping on my niece’s bed. When I told them to stop, one kid had a melt down and when I found his mother to tell her what happened, she looked at me like I was out of my mind. She couldn’t have cared less that her son was endangering himself, treating the hosts’ home disrespectfully, etc. She just went back to chatting with her friend and didn’t make any effort to keep her kid in check. Ridiculous!

OMG! It’s bad enough that they were unsupervised and not behaving, but I can’t believe that mother’s uncaring reaction!


Carrie said:

My daughters preschool class went on a field trip to the local gymnastics club. I had put her into a class the year before, so she knew all the activities. There were about 15 kids, they had to sign the release form, and the teacher requestet that there be at least 3-4 volunteer parents to man each of the stations. This worked well.

Now that makes more sense!


Amy said:

Been there done that too many times! I am sorry everyone was so rude. I know it’s easy for me to say, but it is their loss on meeting a new friend! And don’t they know how famous you are in Blogville?!

You are a great, caring mom to your daughters and it shows!

LOL! I dont’ think they even know what a blog is . . . at least I hope they don’t!


Lissete said:

I have also been through that many times. At least Girlie Girl had a good time. As parents we usually have to rin & bear it. The worst one for me was a pool party when the girls were little. I freaked that the moms that were there, were too busy chit chatting to keep an eye on their 5 year olds in the pool. Heck, they have their arm bubbles, they will be ok!

Wow, being around water is a whole other thing. I don’t think I would take my eyes off GG for a moment!


Mike said:

What parents have to endure from … well, other parents. Hmp. At least your girl had a fun time, right?



Christine said:

We’ve mostly been to pizza place parties, or pool parties, which is another party where I’ve noticed parents not paying attention to what kids are doing, especially with drowning being such an issue, so I’d have been upset too at the lack of supervision. Sorry about the other Moms too! GG did look like she had a great time!


Southern Girl said:

Yeah, Girlie Girl does look like she’s having a good time. Sorry you didn’t though!


Holly Schwendiman said:

Don’t you just hate those types of outings? I mean, you’re happy for your kids but yikes the things we do and put up with eh? And believe me, after the past weekend I could write volumes of complaints about other kids and their parents … *giggle* but I’ll refrain. Nice to know I’m not the only one who can relate though! Thanks for sharing your misery. ;o)

Holly’s Corner


yoshi said:

In my opinion, and in this world, people are too lax with their children. In the old days when we were kids, it was ok for us to go out all day and our parents not know what we did, where we went or what happened. They just trusted that we would indeed come home by the time it got dark.

Nowadays, that’s definitely not the attitude any parent should have. Keeping an eagle eye on your kids is essential in today’s society and that’s really sad.

I’m only paranoid like that because my friends had their son taken away, and although in the end it turned out very very well, there are many times when it doesn’t.

Wow, i’ll get down now. :P

Anyways shame on those other parents for not helping. But you know, kids get hurt all the time. Didn’t we do the same, we kinda turned out ok, didn’t we?

Yes, I remember running around the neighborhood and my parents not knowing where I was. They just figured I’d come at dinnertime. We sure live in a different world now. I also got hurt a lot and I think I turned out okay :-)


Renee said:

Thanks for the birthday wishes…I’ll pass them on to DH tomorrow when he wakes up. He’s had a tough week. So for his birthday we had a nice quite dinner at home and then watched a movie: Nanny McPhee. I’m not sure if he liked it or not, but I loved it…again.

I remember being hired as a life guard for a party that my brother was invited to. The parents wanted to chat so they hired me to watch the kids in the pool. Everything worked out fine…no one even tried to drown…and I got paid to go to a birthday party and eat cake. cool! I was 17 or 18 at the time.


Carrie said:

Me again! I just found out that one of the girls in my dd’s preschool class is having her bday party at the gymnastics club! So we’ll see how it goes if lots of preschool parents are there! I am very shy, painfully sometimes, so I hate clicky groups unless I am in one or am friendly with them enough to be comfortable around them. Love your anti spam word, I am hoping to be there at the end of March!!


tiggerprr said:

Yoshi: “Wow, i’ll get down now.”

Yoshi’s going to dance? ::puts in Kool and the Gang’s “Get Down On It” LOL

He’s absolutely right though, that it’s so sad. Even though Ashlyn is nearly grown, I remember when she was little not letting her just go out in the neighborhood. I think that our kids are missing out on some of the “adventure” of being kids because of our need to protect them from the bad people who live in our world.

Table dancing? Now I’d like to see that! :-p


Angela (Robinson County) said:

Sorry it was a rough 2 hours for you. The other moms were probably just intimidated by you for being such a cute, friendly, responsible, and fun mom. Hang in there. At least Girly Girl had a great time.


sugarmama said:

I hate when that happens! Sometimes some Women never get over the “clique thing”.

It’s so sad when adults act like children.


ChupieandJsmama said:

I’m glad GG had a good time and I’m sorry you had to put up with that BS. We have the whole click thing going at my sons preschool too. It’s really less than desirable. But we do it for the kids:) That gym looks pretty extensive for little kids. I signed my youngest (then 18 months) up for a gym class at a local gym and it looked just like that. What a waiste of money. What 18 month old could use that equipment? He got hurt one time and we never went back. Live and learn.

I’m not sure why they had the party there. The equipment did look like it was designed for older kids. 


TopChamp said:

Hello - glad to see that there was at least one responsible parent there. Think we’ve all had times like this where each minute really lasts. Maybe next year when you know all the other parents you’ll be able to reach out to the newer mum’s…. Sorry it wasn’t fun for you.

Definitely! I wouldn’t want anyone to feel the way I did. 


BeachMama said:

A friend recently held a party for her 5 year old twins, in a jungle gym type place. She was horrified when all but one set of parents dropped the kids off and left. Yes, the party was for the kids, but they expected her and her hubby to watch 20 five year olds in a place that is packed on a slow day. Thankfully her elder daughter stayed and between the four of them they were able to watch all the kids. She won’t do that again!

Glad that GG had a great time despite your anxiety.

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