The Things Kids Do

February 9, 2007

Something you never want to hear your older child say . . .

Mommy, do you think Baby Bug’s hair looks shorter on one side?

Yup, we’re off to the salon to get Baby Bug’s hair fixed.

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Aloha from Lissete, Jenn, Desert Songbird, Renee, Sugarmama, and Mert

6 Comments on “The Things Kids Do”


mert said:

Oh man, LOL! I never want to hear those words either! :O) I hope you can get it fixed.

Luckily, she cut the underside so it’s only noticeable when I put her hair in pig tails.


sugarmama said:

LOL !!! I’m still haunted by the memories of finding my older son (then 3) actually giving my toddler a big bald spot right on top of his head.

OMG! How long did it take to grow back?


Renee said:

DD did that too… I think that she was 4 or 5. She had been bugging me for about a week that she wanted her bangs cut (she doesn’t like when they touch her eyebrows). Then I come into the bathroom and there is hair all over the counter. She had cut her hair, near her shoulder. NOT HER BANGS! Which I guess was a good thing considering… with a pair of the blunt tip scissors for cutting a baby’s fingernails!!!! She of course will never live that one down.

So did Baby Bug do this or GG?

GG cut Baby Bug’s hair because she thought it was getting too long. *sigh*


Desert Songbird said:

[[smacks forehead]]

Aaaack! Thank goodness I never heard this!


jenn said:

I hope you took a picture before the salon. That’s one for the scrapbook!

DH had to take her and didn’t bring the camera. What was he thinking? LOL!


Lissete said:

OMG, ROFL! I’m sorry but I can just imagine. My oldest DD did that (and more) to her younger sister when they were both quite young! Poor Baby Bug!

Thank goodness hair grows back, huh? LOL!

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