The Day Is Coming

July 13, 2007

The day I’ve been dreading is coming up fast.

Girlie Girl will be starting Kindergarten next week.

I know this may come as a shock since most of you are smack dab in the middle summer vacation. However, Girlie Girl will be attending the largest public elementary school in the state which runs on a multi-track system. Basically, it just means that since there are so many kids enrolled, they can’t all attend at the same time. There are 4 different tracks - red, blue, green, yellow - and they will rotate being in school throughout the year. Girlie Girl’s schedule will be on for 2 months then off for 3 weeks, on for 2 months then off for 3 weeks, and so on, for the entire year. I guess I’m going to have to look into homeschooling for those 3 weeks!

I’m so fortunate to have a job where I can pretty much make my own schedule. I can work as much or as little as I want. I don’t know how families with 2 full-time working parents can handle this kind of school schedule. What do they do each time the kids are out for weeks at a time?

Anyway, today was the first of two days of testing and placement. I was really nervous since I clearly remember the drama when Girlie Girl started pre-school. She’s definitely much more social and outgoing now but can still be apprehensive at times.

However, when the clerk called her name to go to her new classroom, she just stood up, said goodbye, and promptly left. No tears. No hesitation. I was so proud of her yet sad to see how much she’s grown. And when I picked her up, she was full of excitement. She even made a new friend. She said she wants to go to her new school forever and ever.

Excuse me while I grab a tissue. *sniff*

BTW, look’s who’s back online! Yipee!

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29 Comments on “The Day Is Coming”

July 13, 2007
10:46 am

Maribeth said:

Funny how one day they are babies and the next they are full grown and off leading their own lives.

July 13, 2007
10:50 am

Karen said:

Ah, yeah. My 13 yr old dd is heading to church camp tomorrow. One of the things on the packing list is “Calling card” so they can phone home. She informed me that she didn’t need one b/c she has no intention of calling us while she’s gone. (sigh)

July 13, 2007
11:41 am

Carey said:

Good luck. Please let us know how it goes. At least youll have a little more peace of mind knowing that she is happy to be going, and excited. Its much harder when they are not.

July 13, 2007
1:16 pm

Lissete said:

I hear ya! I cried when I first dropped my girls off at pre-k and they just waved and ran off to make friends.

That must be one huge school! So are some kids stuck going to to school during Christmas?

July 13, 2007
1:24 pm

Twisted Cinderella said:

Princess will be starting in September. *sniff* *sniff*

I can’t imagine that type of schedule!

July 13, 2007
1:32 pm

Jill said:

She’s getting to be such a big girl.. you should be proud of both of you :-)

July 13, 2007
1:58 pm

tracey said:

That schedule would be hard. I know a lady from Southern California, and they had something similar, too. She said that once you get used to it, it is actually great for vacations and such. (you can go on the off times!) But, she was an at-home mom, so changes in schedule wouldn’t be as big of a problem.

I’m sure the daycare centers in your area are used to the track system, and plan accordingly. But still…

July 13, 2007
1:59 pm

tracey said:

Oh, and I feel your pain over kindergarten. I DID cry when Justin started. Mainly cuz I asked for a kiss goodbye, and got a jumping grinning wet kiss… I get to drop Evan off for Kindergarten in August. Lord help me…

July 13, 2007
2:01 pm

Dana said:

I think its much easier when they go off without looking back. However, it IS still bittersweet. :(
Year round school…my friend in Oklahoma said they are talking about going to that. And I’m with you, I would worry about those families that have two working parents…what would you do with your kids on the weeks they were home? Daycares usually make you pay for a week, even if you aren’t there to “hold” your spot. It could be a problem……thank goodness my son is old enough now that he could stay at home or over at my parents…
Have a great weekend Kailani.
By the way, I saw in the news about a “mom and chatty toddler getting kicked off a Continental Express plane” She was from ATlanta and they were stopping in Houston.
A woman said she and her toddler son were kicked off a plane after she refused a flight attendant’s request to medicate her son to get him to quiet down and stop saying “Bye bye, plane.”
According to the article on the today show website, the passengers were taking the mom and child’s side. Did you hear about this? I figured I’d see a post from you about it….I am thinking this article can’t tell all….I can’t believe someone would get kicked off a plane just because their child was talking???
The link to the story is:

I’d be curious to know your thoughts.

July 13, 2007
2:01 pm

amy said:

What a big step for Girlie Girl! I have never heard of a school running that way. How confusing! I wonder too how parents who work full-time are able to do that schedule. You are very lucky and so is your family!

July 13, 2007
2:45 pm

Tammy said:

Hi Kilaini,
Such a time for mixed feelings, isn’t it? For some reason, though, I thought girlie-girl was a year or so older…my youngest would be starting Kindergarten this fall, too! I cannot believe that! But for me, it’s less traumatic because we’re now home schooling, so we keep the same routine. But my oldest, now 8, went to public Kindergarten and I remember how strange it felt- how proud and weepy I felt at the same time!

It is good that you have such a flexible schedule!

OK…if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that my girlies are gone camping right now…and now all this talk has me missing them! Boo hoo! ;)

July 13, 2007
2:50 pm

Sparky Duck said:

well think of it this way, you will have some more free time? Does that help?

July 13, 2007
2:51 pm

Melissa said:

I’m a horrible mom - when my oldest went to Kinder we high fived each other, gave big hugs and he walked his way and I walked mine. Neither of us were sad or regretted that moment. It was exciting to me! I’m weird. Not sure how I’ll react when Baby Girl goes next fall… that might be a different story…

July 13, 2007
2:52 pm

Melissa said:

I was also curious about your take on the mom with the really talkative toddler… the only thing I could think was “the flight attendant must not have kids” ;)

July 13, 2007
4:31 pm

Desert Songbird said:

I remember when Bonnie Lass went off to kindergarten. I felt much the same as you do. On the first day of school, once the kids all got settled into the classroom, the teacher asked the parents to wait on one side of the class while she read them a story (The Kissing Hand). She gave every parent a sticker to put on their own child’s hand so that the child could look at it all day and feel their parent’s love and not feel lonely.

When my daughter came over to get her sticker from me, she looked up at me and asked, “Why are you still here?!”


July 13, 2007
4:55 pm

Renee said:

my anti-spam word was sunset…as in “Sunrise, Sunset…swiftly roll the years…” lol

they do grow up entirely too fast. my baby is now a tween! yikes! when did that happen? she’s going off to her first sleep away camp in a few days.

I’m sure the teachers will give her plenty of work to do on her 2 weeks off…if not then I don’t see how the kids can be learning anything…cram cram cram stuff in their heads…oops we forgot everything.

Our county has year round school too…thank goodnes we homeschool. :D

July 13, 2007
5:57 pm

summershine said:

I went to an elementary school like that.
I was on the “C” track most of the years and we also had 3 weeks off every 2 months.
My oldest is suppose to be starting Kindergarten this year, but I’ve decided to homeschool him, just this year, because we are in a really crummy school district. Hopefully we’ll move next spring.
I agree that it’s so hard to watch them grow up.

July 13, 2007
6:43 pm

Jamie said:

Awww…Caitlin, my oldest, starts one month from today!!!! I work in the mornings, thankfully, and from home on Fridays so I can pick her up every day. She is SOOO ready. Next week is her last week at daycare/preschool and she is so over it already.

SNIFF! Glad your daughter did so well. This is such a HUGE step but I think it’s tougher on us than them. ;)

July 13, 2007
7:40 pm

Elizabeth said:

Goodness me, they grow so fast, don’t they?!

July 13, 2007
9:10 pm

Write From Karen said:

Oh Kailani, want to know a secret? I STILL cry the first day of school, every year, and my boys are in middle/high school!! There is just something so heart-wrenching about letting them go that first day after having them home for so many weeks.

I also think it’s a milestone thing - I know that at the end of the school year, they will be completely different people - both physically and emotionally more mature. (I still can’t believe the man voice that comes out of GD’s mouth belongs to him!!) And it’s one year closer to when they become men and move away from home.

I’ll take one of those tissues, if you have an extra. *sniff*

I bet I just made this transition so much easier for you, didn’t I. lol I’m sorry to be so depressing, but girl, I FEEL your pain. *sigh*

July 14, 2007
3:11 am

Michelle in MX said:

I’m not far behind you, so let me start the seperation process now . . . *sniff* “my little girl is getting so big!!!”

July 14, 2007
4:11 am

Pamela said:

oh how I chuckled at your sweet sorrow….
we love to watch them grow, we just never expect them to grow away.

July 14, 2007
5:59 am

momto3cubs said:

That is quite a milestone!

My youngest will start kindergarten in Sept.!

I love your school schedule. It’s a lot better for the kids, and for parents’ wallets, than having three whole months off at once.

July 14, 2007
10:43 pm

Angela said:

That is a crazy school schedule…but I have to admit, I think I would have LOVED it as a student! I always got bored over the summer, and was dying for a break after month back in school.

Congratulations to GG (and you too!) for taking these new steps in stride.

July 14, 2007
10:58 pm

Sister Snoopy said:

My youngest starts 2nd grade on 25 July.

I have a good friend that teaches Kindergarten in Kahuku, I believe. She’s also doing year-round (probably same district).

I also look forward to the first day of school!

July 15, 2007
7:21 am

Grace said:

Sometimes we moms don’t know what we really want — we don’t want them to cry and cling on to our skirts on their first day of school, and at the same time, we are a little bit shocked to see they are perfectly fine without us!
Got a piece of that drama myself when daughter went to school here. I was expecting the clinging and crying since we are new and she is into a new school..she did not cry one bit and even bade me goodbye and told me, “you can go to work now, mom”. Goodness, I cried!

July 15, 2007
10:52 am

Waya said:

They do grow up too fast, don’t they?! Isn’t that sad how the school system is over packed and under budget. It’s widespread every where. Our town’s schools have decided that every Wed. is half a day b/c of budgetary constraints. Sad, very sad.

July 16, 2007
11:16 am

Be A Good Mom » Carnival of Family Life said:

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July 16, 2007
7:05 pm

jenn said:

I bet you were so very proud of her. Girlie Girl is turning into a lovely, strong and confident young lady.

We have cousins that did the track thing growing up and they actually really enjoyed it because they had such a nice break that they felt the didn’t really get burned out on the whole school thing.

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