Rumble in the Suburbs

June 8, 2008 by Kailani  
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This past Friday I attended Girlie Girl’s Spring Program at school. I was really looking forward to it because she practiced so hard and was so proud of how well she remembered all the steps to her dance. She even told me where to sit on the field so I would be right in front of her.

In preparation for her program, our family donated money so the class could purchase face paints and tattoos (they were going to be UH Warrior Football Players), Mr. & Mrs. Earthworm gave ti leaves to the school to be used for cheering, and I made sure the digital and video cameras were charged. When the morning came, I dropped Girlie Girl off at school and waited 90 minutes in the hot sun just so I could get a front row seat.

Know what? I didn’t even get to see her dance.

The performance was set-up on the outdoor field with the square stage area in the middle, all the students sitting on chairs around the perimeter of the square, then the parents sitting on the ground behind them. Of course, Girlie Girl’s kindergarten class was situated in front of the sixth graders so even when I stood, I couldn’t see a thing. I was devastated.

To make matters worse, there was a man who made some students move their chairs so he could see his child. Of course, now these students were now blocking someone else’s view. That second parent got so mad that he tried to find the first parent so he could “kick his a**”. What’s up with that? He was so mad that he spent the rest of the program cursing and trying to locate the other parent! I was so glad I didn’t have Baby Bug with me to witness all of this. Isn’t it sad when I can’t even bring Baby Bug to an Elementary School Program for fear of other parents’ actions?

I can’t understand why the program is set-up this way since it obviously doesn’t work. I thought that maybe they could have a section between the performers and the sitting students where parents could go only when their child is performing to take photos and videotape. When their child was done, they would leave the section to make room for the next group of parents. I’m not sure if this would work but it can’t be any worse than the way it is now.

I feel a letter to the school coming on.

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24 Responses to “Rumble in the Suburbs”
  1. Jen says:

    Aw, that is so sad. Parents are getting ruder and ruder these days. My sister teaches music in a local school and at this year’s spring program, the parents were so pushy trying to take pictures that they were even going UP ON STAGE to get their kids’ attention! DURING the songs! She was appalled! Next year she is going to have to make an announcement to PLEASE stay off the stage. And yes, I think a letter to school would be fine, especially since you contributed to the program. Every parent ought to be able to see their own children’s performances!

    Jen’s last blog post..Win this Zune for Father’s Day!

  2. Cathi says:

    My goodness Kailani, it doesn’t sound as if anyone actually saw the children’s performance.
    When we went to Monkey Boy’s school programs this year it was organized quite well. Each class had different time slots and after each class program, the class filed out and the parents followed to take photos outside. NY and I arrived early for Monkey Boy’s program and we waited along the side wall until the end of the class before his was done. As those parents left we grabbed front row seats. It may not be ideal however it seemed to work.
    I say…you go girl, write your letter but also, make an appointment with the principal of Girly Girl’s school AND the superintendent of the school district. Voice your feelings but also insist on answers as to why the situation was handled as it is.
    Talk with Girly Girl’s teacher and ask if the class can do the performance during school so you can watch and take photos.

    Cathi’s last blog post..The Pirates and the Apricots

  3. Summer says:

    How very frustrating!

    Summer’s last blog post..Thanks for the Nomination

  4. Sarah (Real Life) says:

    Oh, No! Horrible all the way around! I’m a music teacher, I would never set up a program so that the parents couldn’t see. That’s what it’s all about. Surely, they could find another arrangement.

    I know what you mean about parents’ behavior. The middle school basketball games at our school can get downright nasty.

    On a related note, I felt bad at my daughter’s preschool graduation. The teacher didn’t really put the kids in a formation, they just stood in a group on the stage. Well, my “ham” daughter kept standing right in front of her friend Azalyn. I totally apologized to them!

    Sarah (Real Life)’s last blog post..Milestones

  5. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    Oh that really stinks! The school should make much more of an effort to let all of the parents see their children perform. After all, the school, the teachers and the kids have worked hard on the performance, so it benefits them to have everyone be able to see.

    Your last comment reminded me of the setup at Hannah’s cheer competitions – they have an area exactly like you described. The parents can come down out of the bleachers and get up close to record and take photos – and then go back up and sit down once their child is done performing. I think it works rather well. :)

    Deb – Mom of 3 Girls’s last blog post..Ironic

  6. julie says:

    My sister had something similar happen – it was so aweful and ruined the entire event. I really do not understand people and their tempers. The guy with the bad temper and foul mouth should have been escorted out of the area.
    How sad you did not get to see your little one do her part.
    Sad all around!

    julie’s last blog post..THE HISTORY OF FATHER’S DAY – from our local news channel

  7. Amy @ The Q Family says:

    I could understand why it would be frustating for you. It’s ashame that parents are so pushy these days that we can’t really enjoy even simple program. The school should have broken the program for each grade. That what how they did in our school. And the students performed up on the stage. So all the parents could see their children. I think you should write a letter to the school. Just as a recommendation for better setup next year.

    Amy @ The Q Family’s last blog post..Carnival Cruise – Day 5 – Grand Cayman

  8. LuAnn says:

    You GO girl! Write that letter!

    LuAnn’s last blog post..Mama Mondays: Begin

  9. Pamela says:

    Sounds like very poor planning on the school’s part. I’d be “mad”, too. I wouldn’t be kicking @$$ – because my shoes are too expensive to get them dirty.

    A copy of letter to the school district, too.

    Pamela’s last blog post..Fun Monday – Childhood Memories

  10. Renee says:

    Yes write your letter. Because if you don’t the school “idiots” won’t know that the parents couldn’t see anything. And yes, make your suggestion as if you and others make suggestions then perhaps a solution will be found.

    I’m so sorry you missed GG’s performance.

    and even sorrier that you had to listen to Mr Foulmouth! I’m gonna start hollering “HEY! There are children around.”

    Renee’s last blog post..I’ve been NOMINATED!

  11. Desert Songbird says:

    You go, girl! Write that letter! I’m living proof that change can happen when you take action.

    I’m so sorry you missed out on Girlie Girl’s performance. Maybe you could get her dressed up and have her dance the dance just for you and the video camera. I know it wouldn’t be the same, but she would feel special doing it just for you.

    Desert Songbird’s last blog post..Happy 9th Birthday, Little Man Warrior

  12. VeRonda Wicks says:

    I think a letter to the school is very necessary… maybe even a visit. Your idea is actually a good one that would benefit everyone. You never can underestimate the power of a parent’s influence with school matters. And, I really can’t believe the nasty-mouth parent. That just really stinks. Yuk!

    VeRonda Wicks’s last blog post..Just Be It!

  13. Lissete says:

    And I tought that it was only here! At my daughter’s graduation, we were in the 2nd row of the nosebleed section. I still could get somewhat decent shots of my kid. If only some very selfish parents had not decided to stand in my way the entire program! Even when security would come and tell them to clear the aisle (fire hazard, and all) they would argue that they want to see their kid. And tell me again what I’m there for? Why I got there early enough to get a seat, although not a very good seat. When it would have been easier to stroll in after the program started and plop myself in front of other parents that are there for the same.exact.reason! You’re kid is not the only one buddy. OK Rant over.
    This just happens to be one of my pet peeves. Rude parents raising rude kids. Vicious circle. :(

    Lissete’s last blog post..Rambling on…

  14. Dee says:

    you didn’t even get a picture?? :(

    Dee’s last blog post..Finding a Voice

  15. Jane says:

    Definitely send the letter. Having been on a school board or two, it’s amazing what the adminstration just doesn’t see sometimes, and the letter will certainly help . . .

    Jane’s last blog post..Back Home!

  16. diana/sunshine says:

    that’s terrible. i’m so sorry and know i would be very disappointed also.

    i would write the school. maybe they don’t know that it doesn’t work – although it would be hard to imagine that they couldn’t see this.

    good luck.

    diana/sunshine’s last blog post..shocked, honored, and gone….

  17. Sher :) says:

    Unbelievable…. :(

    Sher :) ’s last blog post..June Giveaway ~ NEW

  18. Vader's Mom says:

    I think you have a wonderful idea. The person who set-up the program probably did not take in the facts that you are pointing out. And I think your suggestion would be fairly easy to implement.

    Vader’s Mom’s last blog post..Camera Critters

  19. Naomi says:

    that is really sad. there’s always one person who can’t see how their behavior affects everyone…

    Naomi’s last blog post..The Stay-at-Home Survival Guide

  20. Tammy says:

    Oh, how frustrating!
    Sad that it was all set up so poorly and parents didn’t even get to see their kids…and sad that some parents handle things so immaturely!

    I do hope you do write that letter!

    Tammy’s last blog post..Half a Meme!

  21. Jacki says:

    On that is so horrible!!

    Jacki’s last blog post..Tickle Me Tuesday – The Memo Edition

  22. Holly Schwendiman says:

    How sad and frustrating! Every parent wants to be able to see (and tape) their kids!


  23. annaliza says:

    yes, make sure you be a voice at your school. there’s no way they can make improvements to something unless there is a voice for it. being on the PTA, i can say that the school wishes more parents would be more involved.

    make sure your opinion is heard –nicely ;P

    i hear ‘yah, i hear ‘yah

    annaliza’s last blog post..Tackle It Tuesday: Pack it the Heck UP!

  24. Melissa Markham says:

    What a shame. It’s hard to believe that the school didn’t think things through better than that. After all, of course parents want to capture these special moments.

    I know it wouldn’t be the same, but perhaps, Girlie Girl could do her part of the performance at home for family and cam cording fun.

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