Photo Scavenger Hunt - Art

June 2, 2007




Drawn by Girlie Girl - age 5

Aloha from Janet, Pass the Torch, YellowRose, Melissa, Amy, Incog & nito, Barbara H., JHS, Dragonheart, Shawna, Vader's Mom, Wendy, Rach, Hootin' Anni, Karen, Write From Karen, Lynn, Pamela, Jenn in Holland, Grace, Linda, Sassy mom, And Miles To Go...., and Melli

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June 2, 2007
3:19 am

Melli said:

I. LOVE. IT! Those are both just darling! I would so have them matted and framed and hanging in my living room or family room! PRICELESS!

June 2, 2007
3:23 am

And Miles To Go.... said:

tell Girly Girl she has a beautiful color sense about her–what vibrant colors! Great art.

June 2, 2007
3:36 am

sassy mom said:

I always loved kid’s art. I have box full of it from my kids.’

Enjoyed you pics! Have a great weekend!

June 2, 2007
3:49 am

Linda said:

Those are so colorful, you really should frame them and hang them up somewhere! I have a train that looks similar to that my son did many, many years ago - he’s 26 now!

June 2, 2007
5:26 am

grace said:

I love kid’s art. It’s always a revelation of their true feelings. I keep all my daughter’s “artwork” since she was 1!

June 2, 2007
7:27 am

Jenn in Holland said:

I love love love kid art!
These are bee-yoo-tee-full!

June 2, 2007
7:44 am

Pamela said:


June 2, 2007
8:02 am

Lynn said:

This is the sweetest thing. :) Very nice colors too.

June 2, 2007
12:02 pm

Write From Karen said:

The colors are just brilliant! Please tell her the Internet “people” are VERY impressed. :D

Have a good weekend! *wave*

June 2, 2007
12:33 pm

Karen said:

Love it! I adore kid art! So much so that my photo hunt today features kid art! :)

June 2, 2007
1:18 pm

Hootin' Anni said:

Just perfect! I love ‘em both!!

Happy photo hunting

June 2, 2007
2:59 pm

rach said:

They are beautiful art works. Girlie Girl is a budding artist. I’m sure you’re very proud of her. My son is starting preschool on Monday and I look forward to seeing him do some lovely art.

June 2, 2007
3:12 pm

wendy said:

Your new layout is fabulous! What a little artist you have! I can’t wait until Jayke starts making “art” that I can frrame.

June 2, 2007
3:42 pm

Vader's Mom said:

She did a wonderful job!! Beautiful! :)

June 2, 2007
3:59 pm

Shawna said:

Those are so great! I love the train the best!

June 2, 2007
4:31 pm

Dragonheart said:

Very sweet. :) Children’s art is always wonderful!

June 2, 2007
6:01 pm

JHS said:

I like the new design but it makes me want to be on a beach in Hawaii even more than the old one did! Argh . . . .

Girly Girl has some talent, I think. Very nice drawings!

June 2, 2007
7:40 pm

Barbara H. said:

I love those childhood drawings! Great colors and details!

June 2, 2007
10:27 pm

incog & nito said:

Beautiful artwork. Happy weekend.

June 3, 2007
1:08 am

Amy said:

Now that is what I call art!!

June 3, 2007
4:30 pm

Melissa said:

So cute! I love having my kids art work - it’s so fun to watch them create!!

June 3, 2007
8:39 pm

YellowRose said:

I love kid art!! I loved having my kids make me something! Actually my daughter still makes me something every now and then, even now that she’s 18…it’s nice!

Beautiful work done by beautiful girls! :)

June 4, 2007
12:57 pm

Pass the Torch said:

These are so cute!! I love your new look too!

June 4, 2007
3:25 pm

Janet said:

I love kid’s drawings! Hers are so colorful!

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