Organized or OCD?

September 24, 2008

Baby Bug always has to have things lined up perfectly - and I mean perfectly. If even one item is out of place, she gets very frustrated. Even her pillows and blankets have to be just so. She can only drink out of certain cups and play with specific colors of blocks.

Is this the result of an organized mind or does she have OCD? Did your children go through this phase?

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50 Comments on “Organized or OCD?”


AmyG said:

My 2 1/2 yr old went through a stage like that. It was just after her 1st birthday. She wouldn’t play with dolls or barbies that had moveable parts, if they weren’t lined up just the way she wanted them. She’d come to us to “fix” them and if we didn’t get it right, oh, she wasn’t happy. She still shows a few signs that she hasn’t given up that stage. She still likes her bed to be a certain way with her pillow & blanket & all the toys she sleeps with have to be in a certain spot.