Meadow Gold Healthy Baby Contest

September 11, 2007

This past weekend we entered Baby Bug in the 54th Meadow Gold Healthy Baby Contest.

Basically, each child was scored in three different categories - healthiness, personality, and physical appearance. The 50 finalists will then move on to the final round later on this month with the winner receiving a $2500 US Savings Bond.

We didn’t enter Girlie Girl when she was younger so I had no idea what to expect. Talk about a mad house! There were over 1200 little contestants running around everywhere! Not to mention their parents, family members and friends who came to show their support. It was a little overwhelming.

What made things worse was that some of the parents were so stressed out in trying to prepare their child for their stage debut. Me? I took Baby Bug as far away from the stage as I could and just let her run around and have fun. After all, at 20 months, I don’t think coaching her would do any good. I figured we were there to try something different. And as long as she didn’t cry on stage, I would consider our experience a success.

So, how did she do? Check out the short video below.

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Now we have to wait until the 17th to find out if she’s one of the 50 finalists. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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Melissa said:

She is so stinkin cute! Love seeing her wave!! Isn’t it weird how freaked out some parents get over this stuff?? I hope that Baby Bug is a finalist! Fingers crossed :)


Grace said:

Looks healthy and adorable enough for me! Goodluck!

I don’t feel that coaching would help either. The whole idea of fun would be replaced with competition and we are talking of little toddlers here. Sad though that some parents pressure their children to win. Your baby bug is lucky you didn’t make it so hard on her.

By the way, I’m happy to see Mommy K in action.


lulu said:

OMG - she is just the cutest little bug ever! Was that Girlie Girl waving at here? She is a doll! Good luck!


Lissete said:

You know she’s got my vote! Adorable! I hope she had fun (and wins too)!


Renee said:

I think she did great! I’m sure she will make it to the finals. You were very smart to just let BB have fun. It probably helped a lot that GG was in the crowd waving to BB.

many years ago there was this baby beauty pageant in TX that I suggested a friend of mine put her daughter in. Her daughter did great, she went out waved to the judges and said “Howdy!” Mom says she didn’t coach her.


Mary said:

Aww! I loved how she kept waving, too cute! I hope she makes the top 50, keeping my toes and fingers crossed. ;)


Deb said:

Oh she is just adorable! I love her little wave. And those pigtails… I’m so jealous of little baby girls with hair! :)


tracey said:

OMG! She’s so cute! Just waving away… Good luck!


tracey said:

OMG! She’s so cute! Just waving away… Good luck!


Holly Schwendiman said:

Awwww she is so darn cute! Just like mom. ;)



Carey said:

How cute! I love how she just waved and waved. I hope she wins!


Desert Songbird said:

She’s so very cute. I think her personality just shines.


Csara said:

She is so adorable!! I can’t imagine her not making the finals. What a cutie!


Christine said:

Lindsay crawled up in my lap and started waving Hi, then Katelyn came over and started blowing kisses.
Good Luck Kailani, Baby Bug is so adorable!
Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


Pass the Torch said:

Gosh, she’s so cute! But then, you’re gorgeous, so there’s no surprise there;)


SeaBird said:

What a cutie! I had forgotten that she’s just a couple weeks older than my boys. It’s good to see a picture of you, too… I don’t think I’ve seen one before!


Emma said:

That is one gorgeous girl you have there, Kailani! I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but she already looks like a winner to me.


wendy said:

Very cute! Looks healthy and happy to me…give her 1st place!


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Robin said:

Oh my goodness, how cute is she with her pigtails and her wave! She’s a shoe-in for the finals.


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Evelyn said:

Okay woman, spill! I’ve already said how adorable your girls are, I know she should be in the finals and how much milk and yogurt do I have to buy?!? :) Come on! Tell us!

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Write From Karen said:

I think, no, I know, my heart melted when she put her hand to her mouth as if to say, “Uh oh.” Or maybe she was blowing kisses? I wouldn’t be surprised, she is the sweetest child.


Cathi said:

Baby Bug has my vote!!
Absolutely Adorable!!


Cathi said:

How do you download your videos? I’ve been trying to download one and have failed time and again?


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