Maui No Ka Oi

April 10, 2007

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Aloha from Mary (mert), Irish Church Lady, Tonja, Carrie, Renee, Sparky Duck, Christine, Melissa, KarinGal, Desert Songbird, Lissete, Pamela, Monkey Giggles, Carmen, Dana, Crissybug, Heather L., Wendy, BeachMama, Andrea, and Anne

21 Comments on “Maui No Ka Oi”

April 10, 2007
10:52 am

Anne said:

That’s very cool

April 10, 2007
11:10 am

Andrea said:

Great blog. Your pictures are terrific.

April 10, 2007
11:54 am

BeachMama said:

Love the photos! Looks like a good Easter weekend was had by your family.

Just looking at your photos makes me so jealous that my Sister and her family are currently sitting there enjoying your beaches and wonderful scenery. She did call my Mom and said it was like she was in a different world. I see a move in their future ;).

April 10, 2007
1:34 pm

Wendy said:

Your pictures are gorgeous! It was unusually cold here but we still got outside for an egg hunt.

April 10, 2007
1:37 pm

Heather L. said:

Gorgeous pictures! Whish I were there! :o)

April 10, 2007
1:51 pm

Crissybug said:

Your girls are just too cute! I loved the slide show. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

April 10, 2007
1:55 pm

Dana said:

OH MY GOODNESS. You just allowed me to escape for a few brief moments from my work (which I should be getting back to). How beautiful. How totally awesome that you get to live in such unspeakeably beautiful surroundings every day. Do you take it for granted? I’m just curious…I guess it would be just human nature. You are very blessed you know! I hope to get to Hawaii someday. I think it must be paradise. And by the way, your girls are just beautiful. I love the one of your youngest…..just so adorable I want to kiss her little cheeks!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pics. You are a great photographer also!

April 10, 2007
2:11 pm

carmen said:

I’m sure this comes as no shock to you whatsoever, but your girls are so cute. :)

April 10, 2007
2:22 pm

Monkey Giggles said:

now I have location envy….When I come to your blog I feel like I am on a brief little vacation. I just love the photo’s.

April 10, 2007
2:27 pm

Pamela said:

I started to stay the picture of Baby Bug was my favorite. Is there never a smile on her face???

Then…. the one of Girly Girl mimicing the face on the carved statue (name?)
made me drop a jaw a laugh aloud.

another great idea for displaying your photos.

April 10, 2007
3:09 pm

Lissete said:

I LOVE when you post pictures of your lovely state! Makes my countdown to my trip more enjoyable. Your girls look cute, as always!

April 10, 2007
3:57 pm

Desert Songbird said:

As always, stunning, breath-taking views and adorable kids. Girlie Girl is growing up so quickly, and Baby Bug is just a doll baby.

April 10, 2007
4:20 pm

KarinGal said:

Looks like your trip to Maui was a lot of fun! I love that you travel to the other islands for your vacation…what a great idea, since each one is so different.
Your girls kill me with their cuteness.

April 10, 2007
4:38 pm

Melissa said:

First of all your children are so beautiful!!! And it looks like they are having a fun time :)

April 10, 2007
4:54 pm

Christine said:

The one with GG, copying the statue cracked me up! That’s hilarious. Gorgeous photos. Loved the slideshow. I can’t get over how Baby bug is growing so fast!
As always, both of them are so adorable. :)

April 10, 2007
5:17 pm

Sparky Duck said:

thats awesome, where in maui were ya?

April 10, 2007
7:13 pm

Renee said:

Looks like a great Easter. We giggled at Girly Girl’s rabbit ears. hee hee

April 10, 2007
7:44 pm

Carrie said:

Great pics! I’m missing Hawaii already. Happy Easter!

April 10, 2007
8:51 pm

Tonja said:

Oh, the pics are wonderful. Only 69 days until I’m right there. I am just hoping it goes by quickly. I can just smell the plumeria now…that pic was so vivid.
I know you posted about the Old Lahaina Luau recently. Is that the one you would recommend? Was your Easter Egg hunt at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel by any chance? It sort of looked familiar.
Your girls are beautiful and you certainly are teaching them well in regards to the EE Hunt.
Blessings to you and yours.

April 11, 2007
3:51 am

Irish Church Lady said:

Lovely pictures. The flower and sunset sky ones are really stunning! Love the bunny ears too!

April 12, 2007
8:30 pm

Mary (mert) said:

Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing! As per usual, your daughters are gorgeous, and Baby Bug is such a ham! Emma does the same thing… you can almost hear them saying cheese when you look at the pictures of them like that.

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