I Survived The Weekend!

December 31, 2007

Well, we’re finally back home and I’m pleased to say that I survived the weekend.

When we first got there, I was pretty impressed at the effort MIL made to clean up her home to make it more comfortable for our family. At that moment I felt a little bad for all the things I’ve said or thought about her. However, that all went out the window when I woke up from my nap to find her talking on the phone and the kids nowhere in sight. Apparently, she had let them go outside and play unsupervised. Hellooooo! Baby Bug is only 2 years old! When I ran outside, the girls were playing in the middle of the road. Did I mention that they live on a very busy street?

Surprisingly, we had a great time at my nephew’s birthday party. It was the first time that I’ve ever been to the Maui Tropical Plantation and the scenery was beautiful. They had a huge pond where you could feed the ducks, swans, and fish. There’s also a train that takes you around the entire 60 acre property where you can view growing papaya, guava, mango, macadamia nuts, coffee, avocado, bananas, sugar cane, star fruit and more. The best part is that you can taste the free samples along the way!

However, no in-law of mine’s party would be complete without a little drama. Thankfully, I wasn’t involved this time.

We had decided to make a small birthday party for Baby Bug that evening and invited some of DH’s immediate family. Therefore, after my nephew’s party was over, MIL had asked BIL if she could take some of the left over balloons for that evening. He said that would be fine so MIL started rounding them up. BIL’s wife (SIL) ran over to MIL and started yelling at her that she couldn’t take them. MIL informed SIL that BIL (are you confused yet?) said it was okay and that it was for Baby Bug’s dinner. SIL said those balloons were for her son and that no one could have them. MIL called SIL “selfish”, dropped the balloons, and walked away. SIL grabbed the balloons and went after her, practically throwing them in MIL’s direction. She yelled that if MIL wanted them so bad, she could have them. MIL yelled back that there is no way in h*ll that she’d take them now. She then stormed away.

I sat there in shock. All this over a few extra balloons? There were tons more that SIL could have taken home for her son! Talk about irrational. All the way home, MIL complained over and over and swore that she’ll never have anything to do with SIL again, even if it means cutting out her own son in the process.

That evening we celebrated Baby Bug’s birthday without BIL & SIL. They just never showed up. It’s probably for the best because I was really tired of all the tension and drama. And believe it or not, MIL was extra nice to me. Maybe she’s beginning to feel like I’m the only DIL she has. Whatever the reason, it was a nice “peaceful” celebration.

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42 Comments on “I Survived The Weekend!”


dc sound said:

I live near the beach, but in cold new england. A tropical calendar would be a breath of (warm) fresh air for my home. Thank you for entering me; I subscribe. (I am also glad to read that you survived your weekend.)
dc sound


Grace said:

Happy to know all is well. But the balloon episode, oh my God, both of them MIIL and SIL are to be nominated for the Grammys!

Grace’s last blog post..the year that was 2007


Baby Advice said:

All over some balloons! That is crazy, after all it was your baby’s Birthday! I’m glad to hear that the weekend wasn’t that bad! Maybe your MIL is realizing that you are a pretty good DIL!

Baby Advice’s last blog post..Question: I Don?t See My Baby That Much So I Don?t Know What To Do When He Is Here


Melissa Markham said:

I am glad the weekend went better than anticipated (except for the playing in the road and the balloon scene…). Happy Birthday, Baby Bug…you look really cute in chocolate:)


tonya said:

OMW - of course it would not have been complete without some drama. I just want to know where BIL was in all of this to step in…I’m sure no where in sight since men usually want to stay “out of it”. But at least the drama wasn’t on you! It’s just sad there has to be any at all…..

Take Care!


witchypoo said:

@tanya: I’m sure that SIL has BIL whupped. To stand up for anyone but her would most likely mean he will suffer for it.
Baby looks like she had so much fun, and Girly Girl looks like she has her eye on a modelling career. The pose! Cute.

witchypoo’s last blog post..Some things you wanted to know about me


Summer said:

Oh I would be ticked at my MIL if she left the kids outside unsupervised. That’s nuts! I’m glad they were safe when you found them.

And about the balloon incident. I’m just shaking my head over that one.

Summer’s last blog post..Kimberly, you are not alone


Carey said:

Happy Birthday to your little Baby Bug.
And a Happy New Year to you as well!


Adventures In Babywearing said:

Uh yeah- that’s some drama! But BEAUTIFUL pics!!



Karen (Pediascribe) said:

Chocolate covered Baby Bug. Now there is something you wanna just eat up! :)
Karen (Pediascribe)’s last blog post..MEME SUNDAY–BIRTHDAY MONTH MEME


Alyson said:

Golly… all that over balloons….;)

Yay you for being the ‘good’ dil. lol

Baby Bug is adorable with her birthday grin and thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful Hawaii!!

Alyson’s last blog post..The 2007 Christmas Report


Cathi said:

Drama. Is it really what makes life exciting??
I’m sorry Kailani, but Big Smile!! :)
I will surely visit the Plantation and in spite of it all…Baby Bug is truly having a jolly good time!! She’s soooo cute.
And Hey…you can be my DIL anytime you want!!

Cathi’s last blog post..Christmas Photos


Naomi said:

Okay, I miss Hawaii but maybe not the craziness of the baby luau. Yikes. It looks like Baby Bug had a good birthday, which is the most important thing, right?! I hope your SIL mellows out so the cousins will be able to grow up friends…


feefifoto said:

My sister’s MIL has been like that as long as we’ve known her, and that’s a loooooong time. There are too many stories to relate, but one that illustrates the relationship well is this one: when my niece was born, 18 years ago, MIL refused to spring for a $2 baby bottle to keep at her house. Then, 10 years ago when her daughter had a baby (you’ve got to know what’s coming), MIL installed a full nursery.


Desert Songbird said:

Good for you for always taking the high road - maybe now your MIL sees the best in you.

Baby Bug is sooooo dang cute - I love when you post these photos!

Desert Songbird’s last blog post..Manic Monday - Key


Renee said:

well I could have told you that any SIL who throws a birthday party for her child on a day that is her neice’s birthday would also throw a fit over balloons. LOL! But I also would NOT have asked for the balloons either…can’t believe that MIL did.

I’m glad that you were not a part of it and that you can just stand back an laugh about it all.

Also glad that Baby Bug had a lovely dinner without cranky aunt & uncle. hee hee

and I don’t see any t-shirt or crown that says “it’s my birthday” on her. LOL! You’re a much bigger gal than me. :)
Renee’s last blog post..SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!


Wendy said:

Those pictures are beautiful! All I can say about your SIL is WOW! I can’t believe an adult would act like that! What does DH say?

I’m glad Baby Bug had a nice birthday anyway. She looks very happy!

Happy New Year!

Wendy’s last blog post..Conversations From The Loony Bin!


@nnaliza said:

i can sympathize greatly with you. i’m incredibly greatful that we’re not the only ones with family who gets together and decides to infuse some unwanted and uneccessary drama. aggrhh!! it’s like why do we get together again? oh yeah for the kids, for the kids, for the kids.

aggrhh!! haha. i feel better now. =)
thanks! =)


Vader's Mom said:

I’m glad you survived and that photo of Baby Bug is precious!!!


Christine said:

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Bug! I am so glad you had a really great day!

And I am glad to hear your MIL, is being more civil to you, even if she’s not thinking straight about letting the kids play in the middle of the road, I would have been screaming and panicking.

Glad you are back all in one piece!
Happy New Years!

Christine’s last blog post..GoodBye 2007! My Eight Goals for 2008


Courtney said:

Good grief! SIL has ISSUES!!! They should hand out t-shirts… “I survived a weekend with the in-laws!”

Maybe she’s jealous? I’m going to venture a guess that Baby Bug is cuter than her kid!

Happy Birthday Baby Bug!

Courtney’s last blog post..Say What? December 24 - December 30


matt said:

Happy New Year from Connecticut! Those pictures are great….wish I were there.

matt’s last blog post..Celebrities & Their Pets


thefarmerfiles said:

Congratulations on achieving favorite DIL status by just being uninvolved!


Dana said:

Oh Kailani!!! Sister in law DEFINITELY has some issues. There must be something under the surface that is more than just the balloon issue, don’t you think? wow, talk about pent up aggression. That sucks! And I did follow your MIL, SIL, BIL notations - quite funny :)

I am glad Baby Bug had a good birthday, despite all the drama. And, I’m glad the BIL and SIL didn’t show up. Who needs more tension???

I am jealous of that place you guys went and your warm weather!!

Happy New Year Kailani!!!

Dana’s last blog post..Not much of nuthin!


tracey said:

I cannot imagine family drama as you describe. Crazy… But that picture! How could you not want to eat cake after seeing it so thoroughly enjoyed?

Happy Birthday Baby Bug!

tracey’s last blog post..Happy New Year!


Jacki said:

She’s so cute!! Seeing your pictures makes me miss my childhood, when I lived on Oahu. Sigh….

I do not, however, envy your drama queen SIL!! :-)


Mary said:

Yikes! I’m glad you survived GF. Sounds like to me (since you know I am usually knee deep in drama) that probably your SIL has some grudges she is holding against the MIL… and anything that the MIL could do is probably going to irritate the SIL, no matter how small the infraction.

Hence the over reaction. I speak from experience. ;)

You guys made it out alive and had a pleasant party, who would have thunk it? :D
Mary’s last blog post..How To Look Good Naked


Jessica K said:

Man, that is crazy! Like you said, at least you weren’t involved this time!
I love the pictures of your girls. GG is WORKIN’ that dress in the first photo. She looks like she was born for the runway. And BB’s smile is priceless.
(BTW, you’re much better than me. I don’t know if I could have gotten over the babies in the street incident!)

Jessica K’s last blog post..9:00 New Year

January 1, 2008
12:45 am

Angela said:

Glad you survived and that things went better than expected.

Such cute pictures of your girls! Both are so photogenic and cute!

Angela’s last blog post..Postcards from Eli

January 1, 2008
1:16 am

angie said:

I always love to read about family drama. Just not mine. Happy New Year! :)
angie’s last blog post..Resolutions…..

January 1, 2008
3:30 am

Fresh Girl said:

I’m glad you survived!! Your story of your MIL letting the girls play outside unsupervised and them winding up in the street reminds me so much of my father — I’d never leave him alone with my nephew because he just doesn’t *think* about that sort of stuff. Thomas was playing with the end of the mini-blind cord, which had a little knob on the end of it, and I told my father not to let him put that in his mouth, it might come off the cord. He said if it does, Thomas’ll spit it out.

WHAT???!!! He’s a baby! He’s not going to spit it out, he’s going to choke on it! Oy.

And yeah, your SIL flipping her lid over the balloons may turn out to be good for you. ;)
Fresh Girl’s last blog post..Out with the odd; in with the even

January 1, 2008
6:32 am

Northern Cyprus said:

I am happy that you survived this weekend. Happy New year to you.

January 1, 2008
8:42 am

Arizona said:

what family would be complete without a little drama?

Arizona’s last blog post..Prince and the Resolutions

January 1, 2008
12:44 pm

TheAngelForever said:

Glad to hear that you survived your weekend and that Baby Bug was able to celebrate her birthday that night. Sorry you had all of the drama with the girls being outside alone.

Take care and have a restful start to 2008

TheAngelForever’s last blog post..Is there a ?right? way to sleep?

January 1, 2008
5:26 pm

Jennifer said:

So glad to hear you survived! Too bad it couldn’t be a full day with no drama. Some people just thrive on it & it sounds like you have a few of those in your family. Of course, we all do! The pictures are beautiful. Sure wish I was there! Maybe one day I’ll be able to head across the water to visit! Happy New Year!

Jennifer :-)
Jennifer’s last blog post..Googling Yourself

January 1, 2008
8:26 pm

Kila said:

I’m glad Baby Bug had her own birthday celebration! Happy Birthday to her!

And, oh, those photos, they just take me back! Love them :)
Kila’s last blog post..Happy New Year!

January 2, 2008
1:07 am

Pamela said:

You are a great DIL - and she’s lucky to have you

January 2, 2008
3:52 pm

DebMomOf3 said:

Oh my goodness - I’m glad that your MIL seems to be seeing how rude and selfish your BIL and SIL are being! I’m so sorry you had to deal with all of the drama, but I’m very glad that Baby Bug had a nice dinner and I’m sending lots of birthday wishes her way! :)
DebMomOf3’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #25 - Now if she could only reach the cupboards…

January 3, 2008
3:18 am

Daisy said:

Your “lovely weather” is certainly different from ours! You couldn’t play in the street here; you’d have to look out for snowplows!

Daisy’s last blog post..If the windchime blows in a snowstorm…

January 3, 2008
4:16 pm

Melissa said:

Ah… what’s a family party without a little drama? Or… in your case… maybe a lot of drama ;) Glad that it wasn’t a totaly crazy weekend…

January 6, 2008
4:17 am

JHS said:


Holy moly. What a bunch of psychos!

But Baby Bug looks adorable and happy despite it all. That’s what counts!

Thanks so much for participating in this week’s Carnival of Family Life hosted at Pajama Mommy Community! Be sure to drop by and check out some of the other wonderful entries this week!

Are you ready to host again yet? :-)
JHS’s last blog post..Aloha Friday Holiday Edition

January 7, 2008
5:28 am

Dee said:

you weren’t involved THIS TIME? lol oh no! wow the drama……….I need to read your older post and see what I’ve been missing. Thankfully I have a wonderful MIL….MUM in LAW

Dee’s last blog post..CAPTCHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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