How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

May 24, 2008

What would you go through to get the dog of your dreams?

Recently, my sister turned the big 4-0 and started to contemplate the meaning of life. She thought about all the things she’d like to eventually accomplish which included seeing Earth, Wind, & Fire in concert, purchasing her dream home, and most of all . . . owning a Yorkshire Terrier.

As you know, I’m more of a cat person and never gave it a second thought about the hurdles dog owners need to go through to get the pure bred dog of their dreams. For me, it’s just a trip to the local Humane Society and picking out a furry feline. Simple.

Well, apparently it’s not that simple when it comes to pure bred dogs. Since Hawaii is such a small and isolated place, there seems to be a shortage of Yorkies and it’s pretty rare to be able to find one at a reasonable price. So when Sis came across a local breeder who was willing to sell her a brand new puppy for $1800, she was thrilled! The breeder emailed her a photo of the cuties and promised Sis first pick.

Sis decided to do the necessary research over the internet to find out what to expect in regards to the adoption process. Then she spoke to the breeder over the phone, got all the essential information regarding the puppies, and made an appointment to see them. Finally, she went to the bank to withdraw the cash (just in case) and made a stop at the pet store for all the new puppy essentials - hair bows, sparkly collar, cute clothes, and even a pink carrier . . . oh yeah, and some dog food.

Then she waited and waited and waited. All of a sudden, the local breeder started giving her the run-around. She wouldn’t return phone calls or email messages. She made tentative appointments and never followed-up to confirm. She even misrepresented herself by saying she was calling from work when in actuality she was calling from home.

Sis started to wonder how legit this breeder was. Why didn’t the breeder interview her to see if she would be able to give this puppy a good home? Why did the breeder want to meet at the shopping center instead of at her home? Shouldn’t Sis be able to see where the puppies were bred and meet the puppy’s Mom? So many red flags.

We’ve never been through the puppy adoption process before but it all seems a little fishy to me. Does anyone else have any experience with this? I know a few of you are experts on the subject - The Pet Haven, Dackel Princess, Vader’s Mom, Pink Chihuahua Princess.

What do you think?

Spotlight Comment from Vader’s Mom:

I agree. It doesn’t sound legit. Our breeder required us to fill out forms, called and interviewed Jeff, provided us her references and updated us at least once a week with pictures and progress. (And we had worked with another breeder before we got Vader - and she behaved just like Vader’s breeder) There were several weeks where the breeder was another member of our family.

I do hope your sister is able to get her puppy though!

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