Getting Ready for Halloween

September 24, 2007

For those who were asking, I will be holding my annual Halloween Costume Contest this year. I haven’t worked out all the details yet but start getting your photos ready!

Girlie Girl had a hard time deciding what to be for Halloween this year. She really wanted a costume from High School Musical but if you’ve seen what’s in the stores, you’d agree that they aren’t all that great. By just looking at the outfits, you can’t really tell who she’s supposed to be unless she wore a sign around her neck or something.

So, we resorted back to the old reliable Disney Princesses. I found the cutest Cinderella costume at Gymboree with a matching tiara, magic wand, and shoes. She loved it from the first moment she saw it. And to be honest, it made me feel good to think that maybe she wasn’t growing up as fast as I thought. However, this will probably be the absolute last year she’ll agree to be a princess so I plan on making the most of it!

As for Baby Bug, she still has no say in what she wears so I’m trying to find a mouse costume for her. Cinderella and a mouse . . . get it? Yes, she’ll probably hate me for it when she’s older.

What are your kids going to be for Halloween?

Aloha from Kim, Eve, Kyle, Angela, Lulu, Pamela, Melli, Jennifer, Holly Schwendiman, Romie, Desert Songbird, Vail, Dana, Christine, Carrie, Jamie, Wendy, Melissa, Renee, Jill, Elizabeth-The Whole Family, Deb, Summer, and JessicaK

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JessicaK said:

Mine are still undecided. Grayson is deciding between Wolverine & Optimus Prime. And Grant likes Curious George or Mickey. Then there’s the possibility of Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy. Or Luke Skywalker & Yoda. As I said, we’re undecided! We may have to draw names out of a hat or something.


Summer said:

One of the boys will be Batman and one will be a Ninja Turtle. I still haven’t decided on a costume for Angel Girl.


Deb said:

Abby wants to be a butterfly - we already have wings she can use, so I think we just need to get her a leotard and some tights to wear with them. Hannah wants to be Tinkerbell, so we’re on the hunt for a good (cheap) costume for her. I have no idea what Becca will be since I don’t have any hand-me-downs for her size and I haven’t seen anything in the stores that really thrills me (that I can afford anyway!).


Elizabeth-The Whole Family said:

My daughter wants to be Hannah Montana or GAbriella from HSM. Ugh… I told her that no one would know who she was if we tried to be those people! LOL! So, we are trying to come up with something new. I wish she’d be Pippi Longstocking like she was 2 years ago! It was the cutest EVER. :-)


Jill said:

The Boy is either going to be Superman or Buzz Lightyear. I have both costumes and figure both of them are good for year-round dress up. Speaking of which, I saw this HSM dress up trunk a recent Lillian Vernon catalog if you’re interested for GG:


Renee said:

I saw the CUTEST mouse costume the first year that DH & I were married. She was just adorable.

What they had done was dress her in grey tights & leotard with a tail clipped on and then she had mouse ears and wiskers painted on her face. And if you were really feeling creative you could add a small grey skirt.


Renee said:

and no idea what DD wants to be. I’m frustrated that I make these costumes for her that she only wants to wear once…break out the sewing machine again! *sigh*

I realize that HSM is really popular, but costumes for it? gimme a break! They’re just HS kids. I wonder how many I’ll see at my door this year?

I have tomstones for my yard that say “Billy the Kid…without a costume”, “Jimmy the Kid…without a costume”, etc… trying to make it appear that I murdered the kids with no costume. The last stone I put a piece of black plastic in front of the stone (to simulate an open grave) and then I have some bloody foot print stickers walking from the grave to my front door.


Melissa said:

Baby Girl is going to be a princess. A blue and purple princess. Which means I had to make the dress… whatever. Red is going to be Ron Weasley :D So fun! Little Bug is terrified of Halloween. Won’t dress up. So we usually try to get him a Halloween-ish t-shirt!


wendy said:

After much argument from the boy we finally decided together that he would be a cowboy this year. First he wanted to be a puppy, but he was a puppy year before last. Then he wanted to be a Werewolf, can’t be anything scary at school so that was out…he wouldn’t have worn the mask anyway. Then he agreed to be anything with a weapon. He is into swords right now…plastic of course. I talked him into being a cowboy finally and told him he cold have a lasso and harmonica.

I liked it better when he had no opinion.


Jamie said:

My 5-year-old now wants to be Barbie Island Princess after seeing the special yesterday on Nick Jr. (and of course she wants all the associated toys…gotta love that pre-holiday marketing tactic!) ;)

She was fine with being a witch (recycled stuff from last year) but now I’ve got to be on the costume hunt. She has also mentioned Jasmine from Disney Princess.

I’m big on eBay for costumes. If you search early enough you can get something really awesome for not a lot of $$.

My 2-year-old is going to be whatever mommy can pull out of the dress up basket! ;)


Carrie said:

so far Madi (almost 5) wants to be a witch, Owen(2) is undecided. 2 years ago Madi wanted to be a firefighter, so I found a dalmation puppy costume for Owen. It was cute! For some reason, Mother Nature decides to ‘let it snow” here on Halloween, so costumes are oversized to fit over snowsuits! Fun Hey!!??


Christine said:

She’ll make an adorable mouse. Then one year you can switch, GG can be the mouse, and BB can be Cinderella. :)

Katelyn’s going to be snow white and Lindsay’s going to be TinkerBell. I’m not sure what Josh and Marissa are going to be, or even if she’ll be going with us Trick-or-Treating.


Dana said:

I think my kiddo is too old now….so I doubt he’ll dress up!


Vail said:

Figuring out what to be for Halloween and then me getting it is one of the most stressful events of the year at my house.


Desert Songbird said:

I think my kids are going out as Darth Vader and Queen Amidala. Or Annikin and Padme. I’m not sure.


Romie said:

My little one is going to be Ariel (Disney princesses rock). I showed her a bunch of pictures of costumes and it was Ariel by a long shot. Now, the hunt for an inexpensive version since she will only be wearing it once.


Holly Schwendiman said:

Yipes! Where does the time go???



Jennifer said:

We will have a little witch, a 50’s sock hop girl, a ninja and one to be determined.


Melli said:

Hallelujia! Those days are DONE!!! My kids never wanted to be anything NORMAL! Amanda went as a Q-tip one year and as a baked potato with sour creme another year! (everyone thought she was a California Raisin - it was so funny!) Derek went as a backpack! Krysti went as a million dollar bill! Derek went one year as Captain Crunch - and Krysti went as a box of Pop Secret! Their costumes were always homemade and WEIRD! Mathew hated Halloween and never wanted to be ANYthing! “Can’t I just walk around and beg candy?” NO!


Pamela said:

awww… a mouse. that is going to be hard to beat.


Lulu said:

Well, my kid is now 18, so it’s doubtful that he will be dressing up.

However, my husband and I are having our annual Halloween party, and this year, I am going as Miss Piggy and he is going as The Swedish Chef (from the Muppets). It’s going to be so much fun!


Angela said:

I’m so glad the Halloween Costume Contest is back! I had so much fun browsing the entries last year, I can hardly wait. I plan on starting on Norah’s “top secret” costume this week, and I’m very excited. She is so much fun to sew for because she LOVES wearing the things she sees me make.

By the way, I LOVE the CInderella/Mouse combo. I can’t wait to dress baby brother and Norah in theme costumes…at least for as long as they’ll tolerate it!


Kyle said:

My 5 year old boy wants to be a tiger, 3 year old girl a butterfly, and the 4 month old, whatever is left over I suppose! My mother-in-law makes their costumes every year so it is a really big deal, especially since my 5 year old has his b-day on Halloween.

By the way, you have one of the coolest looking blogs I have seen!


Eve said:

I love coordinating my kids costumes! My daughter is obsessed with horses and I found a costume at Target that makes it look like she’s riding a horse! She’s been wearing it everyday. I have no idea what the 2 boys will be…but it better be something warm because it gets COLD here in Seattle at this time of year!


Kim said:

AGHHHhhh! Halloween is quickly coming, I have no idea what my kids will be!!! Thanks for the reminder post!

October 2, 2007
2:40 am

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