Finding Quality Time - Together

August 10, 2007

This is a very hard thing for our family to do.

Since we don’t have child care for Baby Bug, DH and I have to work opposite schedules. This means that he works 5 days a week and I work on the other 2 days. As you can see, this does not allow us much opportunity to spend time all together.

So what do we do?

When DH and I come home from work, it’s usually still early in the afternoon. And even though we’re probably dead tired from the jet lag, we make it a point to go out and do something together - even if it’s only a trip to the park. The trick is to not sit down. Once you come home and sit down, you’re never getting back up again. Believe me.

We do this because we want to show the girls that life in not only about working and making money. Yes, it is important to be able to provide for your family but is that the only thing you want your kids to remember when they grow up? I want them to know that Mommy and Daddy made the time to do things together as a family. I want them to know that they are a blessing, not an obligation. I want them to know how much we love them. Hopefully, they will pass this on to their children, as well.

How do you find quality time to spend with your family?

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31 Comments on “Finding Quality Time - Together”

August 10, 2007
6:23 am

Pamela said:

I feel guilty just thinking about those years

August 10, 2007
6:47 am

Stacey said:

Girl, this is very topical for John and I right now…he works soo late and I pick up all the extra slack here & type. We’re nearly frazzled and fried up by the time our paths cross…hmmm I like your suggestion. Keep moving keep moving! I’ll try that. xoxo