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February 20, 2007 by Kailani  
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Being that this was a long weekend, I decided to take some of your advice and get out of the house to find some inspiration. This is what I found:

Make an online slideshow at

These are photos of the Ala Moana Beach Park, Magic Island, and the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. We packed a picnic lunch and spent the day playing in the water and sand. Then before we went home, we stopped off to get some rainbow shaved ice with ice cream and mochi balls. Yum!

Today was a great reminder of how the simple things in life should be appreciated and treasured.

What inspires you?

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17 Responses to “Finding Inspiration”
  1. Pamela says:

    I love that song your slide show had me wishing I was there…

  2. Irish Church Lady says:

    Beautiful. Yes sometimes the simplest things in life are free.

    You changed your blog back to pink or did I just happen to drop in during renovations? ;)

  3. Carey says:

    You always have the nicest photos. Looks like the kids had a great time playing in the sand.

  4. carmen says:

    I think you found the inspiration! I learned to play that song on the ukelele when I was there. :)

  5. The Foo says:

    cute photos! and the over the rainbow song was a good choice. i love hawaii… it sure beats 20 inches of snow and negative win chills over here in ohio.

  6. Holly Schwendiman says:

    Aww that’s so sweet! Sometimes the best things in life are those simple moments when we realize how little it takes to make life worth living! Thanks for sharing the tip and the great pics!!

    Holly’s Corner

  7. tiggerprr says:

    I don’t know that I’d ever be at home if our beaches and water looked like that. I’d have to get a wireless card and a sand-proof laptop! Girlie Girl looks like she’s getting taller and taller!

  8. Jenn says:

    Looks like you had a lot of fun and I’m so glad you got your inspiration back.

    I love that you did something fun with your family and it grounded you back where you should be.

  9. Lissete says:

    Family time is the best time! I love wen you post pictures, makes me more excited about oour trip in a few months, 211 days to be exact :) PLUS, the faces that your Baby Bug makes make me smile!

  10. Christine says:

    Love Baby Bug’s smile! Cute ‘lil smooshy face. There is nothing better for inspiration then some fun in the sun, and some shaved ice Mmmmmm….we eat a lot of that here too in the Summer.

  11. Mike says:

    Love the photos. Very inspiring.

    BTW: Perhaps it is just my browser. But your main column dropped way down.


    Thanks for letting me know. I hope I can get it fixed soon!

  12. Sparky Duck says:

    what inspires me is finding some way of getting back to where you are sooner rather then later

  13. Desert Songbird says:

    Awww, Baby Bug is doing her big “cheese” smile again – cute, cute, cute!

    Looks like one of the “treasure” days. Sigh. I’m envious.

  14. TopChamp says:

    Looks like you had fun! It is beautiful – sitting here turning a bit green over your sand and sun!

    I don’t know what inspires me- I’ll think about it. Weather quite often plays a part – A sunny day is rare here so you have to grab it.

  15. skeet says:

    Ah, I definitely need that sort of getaway. The best part of a day at the beach, for me, is being able to watch the keiki laughing and playing, spreading their infectious joy. They inspire to want to help make the world the kind of place where they can always feel so carefree.

  16. Lisa says:

    Ah, very inspiring. It looks like your girls had a great time at the beach.

    Here via the carnival of family life.

  17. CyberCelt says:

    What a cutie pie! Here from the Carnival of Cities.

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