Developing Individual Style

October 8, 2008

I’m always so amazed at how I gave birth to two girls who have the same DNA and yet they’re so different from each other. Even though you try to raise them exactly the same way, their own personalities will eventually shine through. It’s such a great experience to see them become individuals.

For example, Girlie Girl is like me - girlie, sensitive, and independent. On the other hand, Baby Bug is like DH - playful, easy-going, and definitely a tomboy. She has no fear and can be found doing cannonballs off the living room couch. I’m really surprised she hasn’t broken anything yet.

Case in point, we recently had dinner at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants, Gyotaku. It’s always a big hit with the kids because they love the shrimp tempura and they also get to pick a toy from the toy basket. The basket contained lots of cool items for the girls - play jewelry, tiaras, make-up kits, little dolls, etc. Of course, Girlie Girl chose a make-up kit.

This is what Baby Bug picked:

See what I mean? She’s the son we’ll never have. ;-)

How are your children different from each other?

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