Bad Doggie!

February 26, 2007

See this seemingly cute and innocent little dog?


Baby Bug received this as a gift this past Christmas. It’s really cute. You press the hands and feet and it will say the body parts, recite the alphabet and sing songs. The only downside is that there is no “off” button. All you have to do sometimes is just walk by it and it will start talking to you. It’s scared the heck out of me so many late nights.

Today when I was cleaning up Girlie Girl’s room, I found it lying on the bedroom floor. I tossed it into the stuffed animal bin and then did a double take.

What did it just say to me? Did I hear correctly?


It wasn’t just the word it said (although that is bad enough in itself) but it was the way it said it . . . like it was mocking me.

Now, I realize that I could have heard it wrong. However, what other body part word sounds like “stupid” that would be installed in a child’s toy? Can you think of any? Please tell me I’m not losing my mind.

I think it may be time to put this evil dog to sleep.

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Anne said:

Throw it again and see if you heard right. OMG


Irish Church Lady said:

Oh he is an evil little doggie. He needs to go out. ;)


Heather L. said:

I was going to say the same thing as Anne. Try it again a couple of times. I’ve heard of things like this before on the news. CREEPY!!! I guess I’d take the batteries out and toss it even if I never heard it again… just in case.


BeachMama said:

I’d ditch it! We have toys that go off by themselves too. Mostly in the winter when it is really dry in the house. All of a sudden out of nowhere you hear one of the toys, really freaks me out when it happens in the middle of the night.

I’m afraid that it will find it’s way back home. How freaky would that be?


Twisted Cinderella said:

I hate it when toys go off by themselves!


Carey said:

To funny. I have heard of true stories where toys had defective voice sound, my neighbor had a bear that did that, one that allowed someone to record their own message, but it was built by a factory b/c it was ordered. The had it replaced, but things like that do happen.

The strange thing is that it didn’t say the word in it’s normal “doggie” voice. It was a much deeper sinister tone.


Carey said:

By the way, I think all toys should come with an on off switch, and a volume control.


MamaDuck said:

Oh, THAT dog. It speaks to us even when turned off, it is always saying something, usually “hug me” tho, it will start yelling in the middle of the night. Seriously, that thing is evil. I buried it in the closet and I still hear it. Take the batteries out and hide it far away!

Plus, ours has been abused a little and the ear wires aren’t connected anymore, so I think the short makes it talk even more….


carmen said:

Another new good-looking template! You change designs like shoes! :) it looks really nice.


MamaDuck said:

Hey, BTW, open up the velcro back and there is an off switch. It doesn’t always work tho, and if the little one is smart, she’ll just turn it back on like my little guy does ;).

Thanks! I found the off switch and then sewed the flap shut so she can’t turn it back on. Now if it still talks, I’ll probably freak out!


Christina said:

LOL. My mother got one of those dogs for my baby and it is the evilest thing ever. It talks at the most random times (although I’ve never heard it say stupid, yet!) and just seems to be possessed.


Renee said:

I’ve heard of these possessed toys before. They normally get their batteries pulled around here though.
I read on a blog once where a mom gave her possessed toy to her dog and it stopped acting up afterward. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it made for a funny story.
When DD was that age and the batteries wore down we just didn’t replace them. DH went into one toy and put paper over the speaker to quiet it down because it was too loud.


Desert Songbird said:

You need to perform an exorcism on that thing. Take him and drown him in the surf.

Seriously, we didn’t allow many noise-making toys for our kids. I just couldn’t handle them. It’s so freaky when they spontaneously “speak,” and I would be tempted to go postal on it! Reminds me of that dumb clown toy from “Poltergeist.”

[[shivering violently]]


Christine said:

Reminds me of an episode from the Twilight Zone! An evil possessed toy like that, would freak me out too! I say pull his batteries. I don’t replace the batteries either on the noisy toys.


Ma said:

My daughter was given this big musical doll by a friends Mom when she was in High School. We ended up calling it psycho doll because it’s head used to move when the music played, and it would just go off by itself all the time. It was kinda scarry at times and it always seemed like it’s eyes followed you around. No one wanted to touch it. I put it on our upright piano and my kids threw it in the outside patio. Then they started shooting darts at it with the blowgun that my son had, till my husband told them that one day they were going to see blood dripping down her head. That stopped them from messing with it.

Okay, now that kind of freaks me out!


yoshi said:

Feel free to get rid of it. That’s just too freaky. Seriously!

Besides, no insulting toys please!

Yes, I get enough insults from passengers as it is!


MamaBee (Tonya) said:

We have two of those. It annoys me too. It does have an off button thought .. its on its left foot. The only thing is if it gets bumped again then it will start talking again.


Mommy the Maid said:

Oh my goodness. That is kind of funny, but why would a children’s toy say stoooopid? I remember the teletubbies that were supposedly released with potty words in their vocab, maybe this is the same kind of thing?

I’m not even sure that’s what it said. But I can’t think of any other word that sounds similar to what I heard.


Holly Schwendiman said:

Oh those noise toys. I’ve had to literally search the toy box a few midnight hours to find the culprit. I’ve learned never to underestimate the makers of toys or anything else for that matter. I hope it wasn’t saying that word but sadly, it wouldn’t surprise me either.

Holly’s Corner


Old Man Liver said:

After my second (of three) sons was born, we forbade any battery operated toys in the house.

Nothing worse than trying to sneak into the kitchen for a midnight doughnut and step on some gawddamn Wiggles toy that starts shrieking Australian platitudes at full volume.

Can’t they make quieter toys?

Babies Make Me Drink dot com


Jennifer said:

That would scare me out of my ever living mind!! It sounds like Chucky!!!!!(do you remember that movie?)

That always freaked me out…a toy that talks. Especially at night when everyone is asleep!! Get rid of that thing…haha


Sparky Duck said:

you need to get out more. Though It could be one of those stop gap measures where its trying to keep kids from throwing belongings? Ok back to you getting out more, because you are afraid of this doggie


Mary (Mert) said:

GF, my best friend has the same exact problem *goose bumps*, she takes the batteries out and the darn things still talk to her. She also has had the problem where she just walks by and it talks. Creepy, She doesn’t buy those kind of toys anymore.

It would freak me out too! I think the toy would ‘accidentally” get left at the mall or something, LOL!

I think sometimes people get their kicks by doing stuff like that though, making an innocent toy say something like that. Horrible.

Still, spooky.


Matthew said:

we have the same dog, i don’t think its ever called me stupid though lol


Liz (Looney Mom) said:

LOL! Did somebody say “Chuckie?” Sorry. That is pretty freaky.

March 5, 2007
7:52 am

Biker Betty said:

Did you every find out what the dog said? That would be weird to have that happen.

March 5, 2007
8:02 am

Pass the Torch said:

Bah! Gotta love possessed toys. It reminds me of my “Rudolph must die” post back in December.

You really shouldn’t take it personally, though. You could just call it a name back.

“Blue Ears” or something;))

March 5, 2007
9:10 pm

skeet said:

Oh, how awful if it really said that! I’ve heard of dis-satisfied workers in factories messing with products in similar ways, though. Good that you disabled the noisy little cretin!

Enjoying the Carnival of Family life and loved this post!

April 2, 2007
1:10 am

Hueina Su said:

This is funny! I remember when my kids were little, I used to be annoyed by toys that don’t have an on-off switch. Now they’re bigger, and their “toys” are louder! Oh boy!

Warmly, Hueina
via Carnival of Super-Mommies

April 3, 2007
2:05 am

AbsolutelyBananas said:

That is too funny… and wacky.

here via CoSM


MommaJana said:

Oh. So I’m not loosing my mind!! We have one of those dogs too and it freaks my husband and me out!! It does NOT say stuuuupid. He is saying “soooo big.”

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