A Weekend in Review

March 19, 2007

Whew! What a busy weekend!

As you know, Friday was Girlie Girl’s 5th birthday. They had a little party for her at school like they do for all the kids. I wasn’t planning on going since her teacher seems to frown on making big deals on holidays. Even for things like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, she wanted parents to bring healthy snacks for the class party like bagels or energy bars. What a party pooper. What did I bring? Cupcakes! Hee hee! The class loved me!

However, Girlie Girl really wanted me to stop by and this time I was pleasantly surprised. When I got there, the teacher had blown up all these balloons and even made each table of kids pose for pictures with Girlie Girl. It turned out to be quite a production.


Saturday was GG’s swimming class with our usual visit to McDonalds afterwards (please don’t scold me). I’m really not sure how much she’s learning by taking a 25 minute class once a week. I’m thinking of enrolling her in a blitz session where she would go every day for 10 days. I think the constant exposure would be better. What do you think?

Saturday night was GG’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. All I can say is this . . . I WILL NEVER GO TO CHUCK E CHEESE ON A SATURDAY EVENING AGAIN!!! Talk about a mad house! And what is with these parents who don’t supervise their kids? I actually had to scold a child because she was running around and knocking down all the little kids.


Sunday was a birthday party for a child in GG’s class. It was at Planet Hollywood and had a Movie Star theme. All the kids got various accessories to dress up in like feather boas, sunglasses, hats, guitars, microphones, etc. It was all very impressive. I may need to keep this in mind when planning a future birthday party.


Anyway, that was our weekend. How was yours? What was the best birthday idea that you’ve seen?

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34 Comments on “A Weekend in Review”

March 19, 2007
5:24 am

Pamela said:

our two best birthday parties were:
a May birthday in the park. The kids played all the old fashioned gamed like drop the handkerchief, and red rover etc. They were about 8, I think. It was great.

Then, when one of our winter birthdays was 12, we rented a bunch of video games (at that time you could get these big ones like from arcade) … we cleaned out the garage, heated it up, filled it with arcade games.. and wahooooo …. a fun evening .

March 19, 2007
5:58 am

Renee said:

We can never go to Chucky Cheeses again at all. DD saw that her doll had the same name as the chicken that sings at CC’s. She even wrote a very nasty letter to CC demanding that he change the chicken’s name. LOL!

Saturday we went to Kidz Kulture, a free program where the kids get to make a craft and learn about something. This time it was Scottish Bagpipes. Unfortunately bag pipes are VERY LOUD! The Scottsman even said that one of the most common questions that he gets asked is “can you turn it down?” So DD asked to leave early. After that we went to Target and bought DD’s easter dress…oh it is so pretty…and not a bad deal for $22. Just needs some shoes now. Had lunch at the Target Pizza Hut and came home.

Sunday we went to Church and heard a presentation on one of our member’s mission trip to Tanzania. I was disappointed though because I assumed that she went there to WORK. Her trip was just to deliver some nutritional supplements from a company that she is involved with. The supplements can’t just be mailed because the government would just steal or not deliver them…so they pay people to go there to deliver them in person to orphanages…the rest of her trip was visiting the orphanages and sight seeing. ho hum.

When we got home for some odd reason I decided that it was time to cut the dog’s hair. So DD & I chased her around the back yard with scissors and gave her a hair cut. It would have been faster to use the clippers, but I have to do that indoors and it gets so loud. Outdoors Lilly would run away from us and the cord only goes so far. It still needs some work…evening out her face and all.

That’s pretty much it…oh DH had to work.

best birthday party idea? Hummmm… We like simple at home parties. DD’s favorite was her first slumber party. This year we are going for a repeat but smaller.

March 19, 2007
10:44 am

Anne said:

Kaylie wanted chuckecheese for her birthday in December until I said um we could have it at the bowling alley, OKAY MOMMY lol

March 19, 2007
10:56 am

Heather said:

Just wanted to say hi. Met you through the Blog Party and have been reading every since :)

March 19, 2007
11:39 am

Carey said:

Our weekend was not as busy. Although we did have a little birthday party of our own for my hubby(his birthday is tues).
Friday night was movie and a pizza at home with the kids. Saturday, DD#1 had her bowling league, and we went to church Sat. night. Sunday, DD#2 and DD#3 had their bowling league games. I did laundry, and we celebrated a birthday. Hubby and I also went out to dinner w/o the kids..that was fun.
As for birthday parties..i don’t think i will ever do a chuck e cheese party again…way to chaotic for me. One of my favorites was DD#3 5th birthday, she had 5 friends over, i set the picnic table up in the back yard with yellow tablecloths and all the playdoh and accessories that one could want. The kids each had 2 cans of doh, and they just played an played and played…and being that it was outside in the summer, it was warm and clean up was easy. I would definitely do it again. Another one of my favorites was when we took the family to the zoo for my sons 1st birthday..he loved it.

March 19, 2007
12:44 pm

Twisted Cinderella said:

How awesome that her birthday turned out to be a big production. That is wonderful. I love the idea of the hollywood party! that is too much fun and the pic is too cute!

March 19, 2007
1:10 pm

carmen said:

Wow! My birthdays as a kid consisted of a cake decorated in a theme, and some kids coming over. People make a much bigger deal of them these days. :)

March 19, 2007
1:15 pm

Mama Duck said:

Wowie, you are one busy gal!! Sounds like fun ;).

March 19, 2007
3:06 pm

Desert Songbird said:

We have Peter Piper Pizza, which is sorta like Chuck E Cheese, but with no dancing mouse. The kids play all the games, and, yes, it gets crazy noisy in there, but it’s actually pretty fun for the 8-12 crowd. Since my kids fall into that category, it works out fine for now and the price is very reasonable. I’ve done the home party a few times, but Bonnie Lass’s birthday is in February, and sometimes it’s raining. Little Man’s birthday is in June, and since we don’t have a pool, we’d have to have all those kids crammed in the house, and my house just isn’t that big.

Other places where we’ve held or attended birthday parties is bowling (fun, but somewhat pricey), dance studio (fun for girls), laser tag (very cool for older kids, say around age 10 and up), Build-a-Bear (pricey), and pottery painting places (pricey, but the kids love it). I think my son’s party this year will be at his martial arts academy. He loves the idea of cutting his cake with a samurai sword!

Our last two weekends were filled with birthday parties like yours was, but this past weekend was blissfully quiet, with NOTHING on our calender. That RARELY happens. I got tired reading about your weekend!

March 19, 2007
3:09 pm

Desert Songbird said:

Oh, and about the swimming lessons - I found that my kids really benefited from lessons multiple times per week. They seemed to pick it up faster, which was very important since we don’t have a pool at home where they can ” practice.” I never learned to swim, but I think learning to swim is an important life skill, particularly if kids live where they are in constant contact with water (everyone else here has pools).

March 19, 2007
3:44 pm

Angelika said:

Such cute kids!

I took my niece to a Chuck E. Cheese party once about 15 years ago. That was enough for me! LOL.

March 19, 2007
4:07 pm

yoshi said:

I think the constant going will be good. Then the once a week refresher’s would be beneficial after that I think.

I love Chuck E Cheese, even though their pizza isn’t all that great. My brother-in-law goes there every year for his birthday. (yes, he’s my age) But I’ve noticed that yes, parents just seem to think of the place as a big babysitter, and never pay attention to what their kids do. It totally frightens me. Totally. Any of those kids could go missing and no one would know for a couple hours… Scary.

March 19, 2007
4:12 pm

Pink Chihuahua Princess said:

Aww…the kiddos look so happy! Cupcakes?!?! You go girl. You know how I feel about those–its even in the header of my blog. I hate those people that can’t let you have fun once in a while. Heathy, Smeathy during birthday celebrations is what I say!

March 19, 2007
4:34 pm

rebecca said:

Chucky Cheese makes me lose my mind. Over load! They just opened some fun places here for parties and I’m so glad. But kids still love Chucky!
Happy birthday! 5 years old!

March 19, 2007
5:04 pm

jenn said:

I love the rockstar idea, and it looks like so much fun.
swimming I think it better in more concentrated forms. However if she did it once a week for like 2 months, that might also be good. I guess I’m not sure. We only did swimming lessons once a year for about 2 weeks in the summer. I would have rather had it once a week for a longer period of time. ???? then again, that would have been a pain for my mom, I think she liked it when we were all done.

I’ve only been to chuck e. cheese once. we don’t have one here, and I thought it was kind of lame, but then again I was in junior high, and I was probably too old.

March 19, 2007
5:11 pm

Write From Karen said:

My youngest son had homeroom parents like the teacher you describe - they were such party poopers. That Christmas (oops, we have to call it a HOLIDAY party here *snort*) party the kids got pencils and oranges for treats. All of the kids were SO disappointed. And it’s the one party that MK remembers the most because he still can’t believe he got an orange in his goody bag. lol

It looks like your daughter had a fantastic birthday!

March 19, 2007
6:14 pm

Melissa said:

What a busy weekend! Sounds like a lot of fun though! Our best birthday parties have always included an obstacle course. The best one was set up partly inside, partly out… they had to crawl through a tunnel, hop from square to square taped to the floor, crawl under a table that had balloons hanging from it and they weren’t supposed to disturb the ballons as they went under, find their way through a spider web (made from yarn strung between a couple of chairs, complete a bean bag toss and then run to the mini trampoline and jump from it into a HUGE pile of leaves! It was so much fun! The kids did that for almost 45 minutes… just running from the start to the finish over and over.
As for the swimming lessons, we have had mixed results with the 2 week long classes. The first time the teacher only had a few kids in the class and was really able to work with each kid and my son learned a lot. The next time there were tons of kids. Not a lot was learned. I’m going to try and get individual lessons this year. Hopefully that will help. Good luck! :)

March 19, 2007
7:03 pm

Christine said:

Happy Birthday GG! I’m glad you had an awesome day!! Katelyn’s B’Day was Friday too, and we were planning to do Peter Piper Pizza this Saturday! Josh doesn’t celebrate the holidays like he did in Preschool and K, but for birthdays the kids can bring in special treats. The teacher has Josh hold his treat until he comes home, and even Marissa all the way up to 6th grade birthdays were a special day. That’s wonderful that GG is taking swimming lessons. My favorite birthday parties are picnics at the park, with grilled burgers and hot dogs. Just relaxing and playing games with the kids.

March 19, 2007
9:01 pm

BeachMama said:

What a party packed weekend! I love the rock star theme. I really don’t have the creative juices for parties yet, but http://www.secret-agent-josephine.com/blog is always throwing great themed parties. She is so creative that I could just borrow a couple of her themes and try to pull off a fun party.

As for Chuck E. Cheese, we don’t have one here, but took J when visiting my Sister out West. He still talks about it all the time and it was almost a year ago. Thankfully Regina is a quiet city and we went during the week so it was pretty calm.

March 19, 2007
9:36 pm

Holly Schwendiman said:

First, Happy belated birthday to Girlie Girl! What a fun thing birthdays are. Second, I totally feel your C.Cheese’s pain - as we ourselves did time there this past Saturday and made the same vow. Can you believe how fast they grow??

Holly’s Corner

March 19, 2007
10:54 pm

Lissete said:

That “Hollywood” themed party sounds like fun! One of my favorite parties was my girls’ Aladdin party. We had a Aladdin, Jasmin, Genie & Abu. Aladdin was HOT! Enough said. As a kid I aways loved Farrell’s and I just found out that you have one in Hawaii. I’m sure that I will be making a quick visit when we go in Oct.

As for the swimming lessons, my girls did the 7 day blitz when they were little & they did great! I think that I prefer it that way, especially when they are under 5.

March 19, 2007
11:28 pm

Jen said:

The best swimming lessons my kids had was through one of the programs put on by a swimming team 2x/week- 1 hour lessons for April and May. It was fun for them and I think my youngest was in third grade at the time.

Wow, themed birthday parties, seems so long ago. We made up a jingle for Chuckie Cheese that involved the word rat since I had one kid who was afraid of costumed characters. Kids love those parties though.

Good for you for going into school, Happy after Birthday week!

March 19, 2007
11:53 pm

Monkey Giggles said:

What a fun weekend….Birthday’s around here the last few years have been kind of blah. …I think we might have to spice it up a bit….thanks for some ideas

March 20, 2007
12:05 am

Dana said:

Wow, you had a fun and full weekend. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I am glad the teacher indulged her. That is so much fun when they are that age.
The swimming - definitely more frequent lessons would let her learn faster…I would look for something more frequent.
I dislike Chuck-E-Cheese also. Get this - here in our town, Chuck-E-Cheese is applying for a license to SELL LIQUOR

March 20, 2007
12:06 am

Dana said:

I wasn’t finished…oops….our Chuck E Cheese is applying for a license to SELL LIQUOR at ours. I think personally that is a horrible and really bad idea. I am sure most parents would not abuse it..but can you image if you got a dad or mom who had a few too many in there. Would you want your kids exposed to THAT?? Anyway, I may write about it on my blog one of these days, if I ever get the time…anyway, Happy Monday!

Why does everything have to involve alchohol? It’s kind of sad. There’s a place for everything and I don’t think alcohol and Chuck E Cheese is a good match.

March 20, 2007
12:43 am

momto3cubs said:

Sounds like she had a lot of fun celebrating! I avoid Chuck E Cheese, too. Even McDonald’s playland. Too crazy.

The schools here in WI are also getting serious about EVERYTHING being healthy, which is good, but c’mon, you need cupcakes for a birthday :)

The best birthday party is anywhere but home, LOL. Somewhere the kids can burn off energy, such as playing sports, or swimming, etc.

As for swimming, yes, go everyday for 2 weeks straight or so.

To me, anyplace where I can just show up and leave without having to clean would be a perfect party place! LOL!

March 20, 2007
1:42 am

Angela (Robinson County) said:

Happy Birthday Girlie Girl! It sounds like a fun weekend. Love the pictures–especially of the “Rockstars in Training”.

As for fun parties…I don’t know if they have them where you live, but there is a place here called “My Party Palace” that specializes in princess, diva, and rockstar parties. They have the room all decorated fru-fru in pink and black. They offer dress up parties (complete with a run way for a fashion show and lots of photos), karaoke, and tea parties (for the younger girls).

We have several tea party and princess theme places. I know GG will definitely want to go there for one of her birthdays.

March 20, 2007
3:32 am

Renee said:

I knew that Kukka wouldn’t harm Lilly…she’s already said that while she hates most dogs she couldn’t hate Lilly.

Although if they met in person I don’t think that she would really not hate Lilly. Lilly isn’t a fan of cats…or maybe she is a fan of cats…to chase. Lilly likes fast moving objects.

March 20, 2007
4:07 am

Sparky Duck said:

I will never go to Chuck E Cheese EVER! But happy belated to GG

March 20, 2007
4:15 am

Michelle said:

They’re so cute, they have so much beautiful hair. Looks like they’re having fun. Not a fan of Chuck E. Cheese’s but my kids love it of course.

What is it with kids and Chuck E? It must be the games because it can’t be the food! LOL!

March 20, 2007
5:06 am

Scone said:

Happy birthday, GG! Looks like it was SO much fun. I can’t remember how often my swimming lessons were when I was young; I think it might have been a blitz of several times a week for a couple weeks. Not more than a couple hours at a time, certainly. But I had a dance class that was only half an hour once or twice a week for most of a summer and that worked fine, too. I think for young kids, you really need to consider the attention span factor. (Was that totally obvious? Sorry.)

Don’t apologize! Sometimes it’s the more obvious things that we tend to overlook. Thanks for the advice!

March 20, 2007
2:24 pm

wendy said:

Wow! You had a WAY better weekend than we did! Happy birthday to GG. She is too stinkin cute!
We are having issues with water in general so I don’t know how I will get him to swim. He hates water on his head. I think the blitz sounds like it would be more beneficial. Love that party theme. Very cute.

March 20, 2007
6:29 pm

Waya said:

Chuck E Cheesey, that’s what we call it. It’s a mad house there on the weekend. And you’re right there are parents out there who just let the kids loose. I hate that! Glad you GG had a nice time!

As for the swimming lessons, I put my 6 y/o son in a 45 minute lesson twice a week, and that seems to have worked. He graduated to 2 levels already and does feel confident being in the water.

I’m not sure about the every day for 10 days. My kids would be tired of that.

March 21, 2007
3:33 pm

Mary (mert) said:

Awwww! I am glad she had so much fun during her parties. That Hollywood birthday IS a good idea!

The birthday I was most impressed with was Baby Bug’s… I mean come on! You rocked it! :D

I had to scold a kid at Anna’s sock hop at school the other night (Thursday), this 8-9 yr old boy was calling a fellow classmate a sl#t and sl#tty. :O Can you believe that? After hearing it about 6 times and realizing I was the only adult around, I tried to get his attention… finally I had to say “Hey! Thats a really bad word!”

He turned bright red and mumbled “ok”. I was waiting for his parent to come and chew me out, but it never happened. Never the less, if my child is doing something like that while I am not around, I expect an adult to say something too.

That’s great that you said something. I think most people would probably just ignore it.

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