A Night in the Emergency Room

September 28, 2008

Thank you to all my Twitter friends for keeping me company the night I sat in the emergency room waiting for DH to take his x-rays. Thankfully, nothing is broken but he still cannot move his right arm. We’re following up with his doctor today to find out what’s going on.

It all started when DH decided to ride his bicycle after dinner. Never mind that he hasn’t ridden it in 10 years or that it was pitch black outside. He said he wanted to do something different than go on his usual run.

About an hour later, he comes home and says, “Remember when you said you married me for better or for worse?” “Yes.” I cautiously replied. “Well, I think this is the “worse” part they were talking about.” he said.

He turned his right side to me and I almost fainted. He was bleeding from head to toe. Now, I have a very weak stomach. Once when Girlie Girl had a splinter in her toe, I had to make my sister take it out for me. So seeing him dripping blood all over the kitchen floor did not sit too well with me. He said he couldn’t lift his right arm up and thought that maybe he had broken his collar bone.

I rushed him to the emergency room and even the doctors there were a little thrown by the way he looked. “What happened to you?” they asked. “Do you want the real story or what I plan to tell everyone tomorrow?” he said. I have to say, I was impressed. Even in excruciating pain, he still had a sense of humor.

The x-rays did not show any broken bones but that maybe he had torn his rotator cuff instead. Even so, his right arm is in a sling and he has no use of it whatsoever. They prescribed him some Vicodin and sent us home.

For right now, he’s out of work for the next three weeks. *sigh* Pray for me.

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sagemom said:

OMG…so sorry to hear about the accident. But at least he’s okay–esp. since things could’ve been a lot worse! It’s difficult to see a loved one get hurt huh. Once DH went to go bike riding on Haleakala (I didn’t go) and he called me while still in OGG…”guess what…I crashed.” I already started crying after he said “guess what…” Thank goodness he was okay, just scrapes and bruises…

Well, hopefully your hubby will heal quickly and will be more careful the next time…will be thinking of you all…


Melissa said:

Oh no! I’m so sorry :( Hopefully it will be something easy to fix. Until then, wrap that guy in bubble wrap :)


Eryn said:

Oh dear!

Your husband must subscribe to the “You can laugh, or you can cry” philosophy :) Hope he is all fixed up soon!


Busymama Kellie said:

Poor guy! Did he hit something or has it been so long that he forgot how to use the brakes? :) Hope he’s feeling better soon!


happyathome said:

Life throws some curveballs every once in a while. Sounds like he would be the type to heal pretty quickly. And humor is always good! He is lucky he did not get hit by a car!


Maria said:

This is not a great way to spend the night. Sorry to hear about his injury. He is very lucky! I hope he feels better soon.


witchypoo said:

Oh, my, you have some home nursing to perform. Because man pain? It’s always the end of the world.


Sharon said:

Definite prayers.


Rach (Heart of Rachel) said:

I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s accident. I’m glad there were no broken bones. I hope he will recover from his injury. Take care.


Lisa C said:

Sorry to hear about your hubby. Hope he’ll have a speedy recovery.


Sheila said:

Hugs and prayers!


Amy @ The Q Family said:

OH.. No.. I’m so sorry to hear about your night. I will keep your DH and you in our prayer. Hopefully, he will get well quickly.


Summer said:

Oh no! I hope he heals quickly.


Qtpies7 said:

OH, ugh! How horrible! It is a good thing he isn’t too seriously hurt, though.
My husband got burned really badly and had to walk to the house to get me. He wouldn’t come inside because he didn’t want to frighten the kids! I thought he was dirty, but actually his skin was hanging off his body. He wouldn’t even hang out for the ambulance and had me drive him the 1/2 hour to the hospital and yelled at me for speeding. He laughed and joked it up in the ER, too. I’d have been screaming for Morphine. He even sent me home with our new baby. I wouldn’t have let him leave my side.

Now, give him the flu……….. he’s a big baby.


melanie said:

OMG! Thoughs and prayers are with you.


Jennifer said:

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry. I hope that things heal quickly!


Renee said:

oh my! I hope that the docs are able to give you more conclusive news today. And that you take away your DH’s bike.
I’m so sorry that he scared you like that. hugs.


Janet F said:

aaawwww I hope he heals quickly.


Muthering Heights said:

I hope he feels better soon! And good luck taking care of him…


anne said:

ouch, hope he heals fast


Cathi said:

So Kailani, what happened!!!
IF he has a torn rotator cuff or even if not, get him in to see a good orthopedic surgeon today. I’ve had rotator cuff surgery and NY has had it on both shoulders. Depending on the damage it heals perfectly and quite fast. Don’t delay, just take him to a good athletic surgeon. Ours is the best however, (http://pinkjagxj.blogspot.com/2008/09/blog-post.html) San Diego isn’t around the corner for you.


Kim @ What's That Smell? said:

Ouch, sorry to hear about his injury!

My husband accidentally shot himself in the hand with a nail gun (he lost his balance) about a year and a half ago. They had to do emergency surgery because it went all the way in and into the bone and there was an incredible chance of infection. They warned that he may lose the loss of his hand. He’s fine today, no problems as all.

Hope yours has a quick recovery!


AmyG said:

So glad that nothing is broken! It sounds awful, though. How did he get hurt so bad? I hope he heals quickly!


Desert Songbird said:

Ugh. And I’ll bet he’s right-handed, too, huh?


Alyson, the 3 P's Mama said:

Oh dear…I am not sure what to be the sorriest about - that DH was hurt, that you had to spend all that time in the ER or for you that he is off work for the next 3 weeks and HOME! Arrrrgh!!

I hope he heals quickly and you hang in there!!


Dee said:

OMG Kailani! I hope he get’s better soon.


Jamie said:

So glad he is OK! Whew…sending him heal quickly vibes so life can get back to normal for you all.


TheAngelForever said:

So glad that you made it through the night. I saw it on Twitter and wondered how you were doing. Please keep us posted on how he makes out with follow up visits to figure out what is going on.


Kelly said:

oh my goodness, that sounds painful! i hope he’s feeling better soon!


Krista said:

Oh dear! I hope it’s not torn and just dislocated or something. Torn is bad. :(
At least he’ll have a crazy story to tell… as it appears that ranks high in his book!
Good luck with the home thing…


Kristi said:

Oh no! You’re right when you say “pray for me” When my husband was injured a few years ago, it was so hard on everyone in the family…especially mommy/wife trying to pick up all the slack. I hope you guys have an answer soon.


Renee aka MekhisMomr said:

I am so sorry to here that he had such a terrible accident but it is great that he is in good spirits.


Holly Schwendiman said:

Oh no! I hope everyone’s ship shape real soon!



Angela said:

I’ll for sure be praying for him! (And you as he recovers!) My grandmother tore her rotator cuff a few years ago, and I remember how much she hated rehab! Hang in there, all of you!


topchamp said:

that’s not good! Get well soon to your DH.


diana said:

UGH, thats scary but at least it sounds like he’s entering all this with a good attitude which DEFINITELY helps a lot. Good luck and keep us updated!


Elizabeth M. said:

Oh my gosh, how scary that must have been. I’m glad that it wasn’t worse though.


Ginny said:

Oh wow that is crazy, hope he heals quickly!


Vader's Mom said:

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

You’ll need them as badly as he will!!! :)


Jenni said:



Kaitlyn said:

I’m so sorry to hear about this accident. If it is “just” a rotator cuff, it will not heal without surgery. Get him an MRI immediately to find out if it IS a rotator cuff, and if so, get him surgery immediately. He will be agony until it is fixed. I speak from first hand knowledge. It WILL NOT HEAL without surgery. Good luck.


diana/sunshine said:

oh my… i’m so sorry. i pray that whatever it is, that it’s not serious and that pain is at a minimum. and yah… 3 weeks! YOU have my prayers, too =D


Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said:

Prayers for you husband…and for YOU!


Naomi said:

Oh, boy. I hope you’ll survive!


Nikki said:

A torn rotator cuff is very painful and requires surgery - please get your primary care physician to order an MRI as soon as possible to verify if it is a torn rotator cuff or not. Good luck!


tracey said:

Oh no! Glad there’s no broken bones, but OW!

October 1, 2008
3:51 pm

Sheila said:

WOW! I don’t know who I feel sorry for most…you…or him! lol.

You poor thing! I know how they get when they have a cold….walking around like they are gonna die any minute. I can only imagine what a real injury may trigger!

Good luck! lol

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