A Day At The Park

February 12, 2008

As you may have noticed, I’ve added a couple of new things to my Etsy shop - a nursing cover and a diaper pouch/changing pad. Believe it or not, I’ve actually gotten a few orders already! This has been keeping me so busy these past few days that DH has started calling me a one woman sweat shop!

I still had a few more to complete but the kids were starting to get stir crazy couped up in the house so I decided to take a break and we all headed to a nearby park. I think we all needed a little fresh air!

What was your day like?

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yoshi said:

I know I could use some fresh air that didn’t come with rain. LOL

today i went and passed my citizenship test/interview.

So i just have to wait to get a letter telling me to go take my oath and become a citizen. yay! :D

You’ve gotta check out my craig ferguson post when he did his test.. LOL

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Carey said:

Oh How I would love to be wearing shorts and to be at the park.
We had a play date yesterday with some friends, and the rest of the afternoon consisted of staying warm indoors, we had a high of 11. and some pretty yucky wind temp. which brought it below zero.
Im glad you had a fun time outdoors.

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Write From Karen said:

My goodness Baby Bug is the cutest little bug I’ve ever seen. (What, you think I’m kidding??) And Girlie Girl … Kailani, she is beautiful now, she is going to be a knockout when she’s a teenager.

They look they are having fun. What a good mommy you are. And congrats on your growing business, GF! If there is any one person who deserves it more, it’s you.

We were just buried under two inches of ice. We heard trees snapping and transformers blowing all night. Thank God we didn’t lose our electricity - yet. Your pictures are like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for posting them.


Jacki said:

Mondays are my cleaning day….so it was spent cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning! Plus we are in a cold snap right now….temps below 30-degrees….so not a good time to go outside.

And yes, you will have to invest in a Very Big Stick to beat the boys away when GG grows up.

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Melissa Markham said:

It looks like you all had a wonderful time! We spent our day yesterday doing school work in the morning and then going to piano lessons in the afternoon. The kids go one at a time for an hour, so while one was in a lesson, the other one and I went and bought Valentine’s items (we are having a homeschool Valentine party on Thursday). Then we went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks and had dinner at CiCi’s piza. A fund day indeed!

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Melissa Markham said:

It looks like you had a wonderful day! We did schoolwork in the morning, then off to town for piano lessons, Valentine’s Day shopping (we have a homeschool party planned on Thursday) and then we went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. We finished up the fun with dinner at Cici’s Piza. A very fun day!

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Joanne said:

Great pictures and great fun!

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Tara said:

well… we certainly didn’t go to the park! WE did walk to school though dressed in full snowsuits, mittens, hats, and boots so that we didn’t freeze to death in the -51 degree wind chill….

wanna trade?

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Holly Schwendiman said:

Oh they are SO adorable and it looks like so much fun I’m ready to join you! We enjoyed some outside time yesterday too. I so love being able to do that this time of year. :)



Not the Queen said:

It’s so weird seeing kids in shorts this time of year! Makes me shiver.

Not the Queen’s last blog post..Make Me Laugh Monday–Human Tetris


Jeannie said:

Cute pictures, great weather….looks like yall have FUN!!!! =)

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Qtpies7~ said:

I can’t even visualize being able to wear shorts. We are still freezing in our house with socks, sweatshirts, jeans and blankets!
You are truly blessed!

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Jen said:

Ahhh, that looks so nice compared to our snow and freezing rain today… I’m going to live vicariously through you for a bit…..

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Jennifer said:


Wind chills overnight in the low teens, had snow this morning, now we have ice, freezing rain, switching to rain.

I wouldn’t mind some of that sunshine, and shorts & T’s!! I seriously dream of seeing Hawaii someday. *sigh*

Jennifer’s last blog post..AAAAAAAAAACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!


Cathi said:

Yesterday I while doing some house cleaning I was trying to decide if I really like having a large house. I do because I like having a guest bedroom and bedrooms for the grandbabies, (which they don’t use because they sleep with us) but…it’s a really big pain in the waazoo to clean. So, my day was spent hemming two pairs of pants for a friend and dusting and vacuuming the loft and stairs. I think it was moving the furniture that got me.

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Jessica K said:

That looks like a lot of fun! We actually had warm weather yesterday, so my boys got to go outside. I let them play hard and get totally filthy. Little boys have a dirt quota to fill on sunny days, you know. ;)


TheAngelForever said:

So jealous that you were able to go outside without crying, no less with shorts and t-shirts on.

*sigh* With the wind chill factored in it was well below zero. My almost nine month old was crying it hurt so bad outside, even with a blanket wrapped over his entire body and face. I spent yesterday afternoon inside with the boys using Play Doh toys with the big guy and knitting a Homer Simpson wash cloth while the little guy napped. Hoping for signs of spring soon, but know the storm tonight will not being it.

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Renee said:

It’s too cold for a day at the park here now…but yesterday we went to a totally AWESOME Webkinz party! The kids all got to play Webkinz style games and then we all got to exchange new Webkinz. it was so much fun that I played too.

The webkinz that I opened was the alley cat…but a girl traded me that for the black & white cat…but another girl traded me the cat for a polar bear and then my own child traded me the polar bear for a leopard (the leopard that I bought! LOL!) But it was all fun. There was a Collie that I really wanted but the kid who got it did not want to trade it for anything. I kept asking if he would trade for each of the other “kinz” that I had, but he was like “nope!” LOL! I guess I have to go buy my own Collie.

Great park pictures of your girls! Wish it was that warm here, but we’re expecting more snow…burr!

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Jamie said:

Love the pictures! It’s cloudy and 48 degrees here. Blech.

I had no idea you were sewing…cool! I love it.


Lulu said:

My your girls are growing! What nice summery pictures on a dreary winter day. You are so fortunate to live in paradise!

Lulu’s last blog post..Because Your Kiss is on My List


feefifoto said:

Umm — yeah — my day was every bit as sunny and warm as yours (dripping with good-natured sarcasm)

feefifoto’s last blog post..I’ll Be Darned If She Didn’t Do It Again…


feefifoto said:

Just to be clear — I meant ENVIOUS sarcasm.

feefifoto’s last blog post..I’ll Be Darned If She Didn’t Do It Again…


Sher :) said:

Not as fun as yours looks!! Fresh air always does a body good. Glad you had some fun. :)
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Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said:

Two words - cold and snow… Sigh. I love seeing the blue sky and green grass in your photos - makes me feel like spring will actually come at some point! LOL

The girls look like they are having so much fun at the park! Baby Bug is such a little cutie and your Girlie Girl is going to be turning some heads… :)
Deb - Mom of 3 Girls’s last blog post..Heads or Tails #22 - Love


Melissa said:

Your girls are so cute! We are getting ready for Disneyland! Trying to decide if we will bring snacks and what rides we want to go on… so much fun!!


Arizona said:

Your girls are beautiful! Congrats on your Etsy shop, too!


Rach (Heart of Rachel) said:

That’s wonderful Kailani. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful and carefree photos of the kids at the park. We were at the park yesterday and took some photos too. :)

If you have time, I’d like to share our photos taken during the Hot Air Balloon fiesta we attended.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)’s last blog post..Worldless Wednesday #11


Grace said:

wow! a whole bunch of kiddos’ photos! Where’s mom? What a beautiful day in Hawaii.

Grace’s last blog post..bummed at the internet cafe


momto3cubs said:

Wow, sunshine and short sleeves! What was my day like? Not like that, LOL. Cold, and it snowed all day. I wasn’t outside more than 2-3 minutes total all day.

Glad you had fun outside! And congrats on your orders!

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Angela said:

We’ve been walking to the park every day for the past 2 weeks. I’m so thankful the weather’s warming back up!

LOVE the new nursing covers in your store…great job!

Angela’s last blog post..Update on the Kiddies


Twisted Cinderella said:

Looks like a fun day!

Twisted Cinderella’s last blog post..Looking forward


Desert Songbird said:

I can assure you, my day was nothing like this! The girls look like they had tons of fun. Bet you did, too.

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