Aloha Friday #75

March 26, 2009 by Kailani  
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Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link below. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

My question is:

What is your greatest strength?

About the Author: Kailani:
Owner of An Island Life. A flight attendant and mother to 3 beautiful girls. . . living a blessed life in Hawaii.
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80 Responses to “Aloha Friday #75”
  1. 51
    simply anonymom says:

    My perseverance. I never give up.

  2. 52
    Sues2u2 says:

    My empathy. I even did a blog about this type of thing today.

  3. 53
    Mandee says:

    I am the Listener in my group of friends, every one of them can come to me with their problems, so I think that is my greatest strength.

  4. 54
    Melissa says:

    I think my greatest strength is that I keep holding on and don’t give up nomatter how hard it gets.

  5. 55
    Pamela Kramer says:

    My intuition! It never fails me. It’s not normally good news but it is strong and correct.

  6. 56
    IE Mommy says:

    My greatest strength? I can organize anything! I can throw together and amazing party in a heart beat, straighten your pantry, closet and shelves within a blink of eye. YOu need it organized, charted and labeled! I’m your girl!
    Swing by the IE Mommy to read and answer my question!

  7. 57
    Lisa C. says:

    hehehehe my mom calls me the revolutionist… must be my perseverance? lol…

  8. 58
    Sarah Bean says:

    Put perseverance down for me too! I always see the light at the end of the might be a long tunnel, but I can see that light shining!

  9. 59
    MommyAmy says:

    I think my biggest strength is that I have a very compassionate heart. It also can be a weakness because I have a very hard time being exposed to “reality” that I’m not really a part of. I can’t watch the news anymore because it makes me too depressed.

  10. 60
    kelleythejewelrylady says:

    I have got a long…long… fuse. It really takes a lot to make me mad. It has come in handy many a time in the 20 years of marriage and 6 years being a mom.

  11. 61
    Tammy says:

    I happen to think it would be that I am a great childcare provider. I have a very successful business if I must say.

  12. 62
    Deborah at Coco Bonbons says:

    My spirit. As long as I listen to it and not the chaos around me, I am good to go!

  13. 63
    Michelle says:


  14. 64
    Julie says:


  15. 65
    Pamela says:

    mmmmmmmmm……….don’t know.

  16. 66
    Shelley K says:

    My greatest strength is my ability to stay positive NO matter what ;)

  17. 67
    Mike Infinito says:

    My greatest strength is to be able to analyze a problem and fix it, even when others give up.

  18. 68
    Jen says:

    My biggest strength is probably being able to focus on things that are most important (most of the time) and letting the unimportant slide the bottom of the list!

  19. 69
    otin says:

    my greatest strength is the ability to read people, and sometimes help them when they need advice.

  20. 70
    Jen E @ mommablogsalot says:

    Probably that I’m a hard worker and I always get things done.

  21. 71
    JamericanSpice says:

    I think my greatest strength is discernment. I watch people to get to know their hearts….

  22. 72
    Brandi says:

    My greatest strength is to be able to listen.

  23. 73
    Storm says:

    My greatest strength is I am a single mother.

  24. 74
    witchypoo says:

    Resilience. I can take a licking and keep on ticking.

  25. 75
    Grace @ Sandier Pastures says:

    My greatest strength I think, is my perseverance. I may not be the smartest but I can persevere to do the things I need to get done and to reach my goals.

    Great question. Deep one too. You should give your answer too every week Kailani, we want to know the answers to your Aloha Friday questions too. :-)

  26. 76
    wenbrenexplainsitall says:

    The way I can take on a task if I’m determined to do it:) Whatch out, here I come!!:) Check out my question!

  27. 77
    Michelle says:

    Honesty and it gets me in trouble all the time!

  28. 78
    Karen L says:

    I would say that my greatest strength is that I am happy and content with just the basics. I don’t get caught up in wanting stuff just for the sake of having it. No keeping up with the neighbors. I have my own standards and live a fairly simple life. All of these are a benefit in these tough times.

  29. 79
    Karen L says:

    I would say that my greatest strength is that I am content with the simple things of life and don’t get caught up in keeping up with the neighbors or wanting things beyond my means. I strive for an uncluttered life, with emphasis on the core values ….and the rest is frosting on the cake!

  30. 80
    Laura says:

    I think that one of my greatest strengths is my sense of humor.



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