Join In On The Fun!

I’m always trying to find ways to interact more with the people who visit An Island Life. It helps to make blogging feel a little more personal and it’s a great way to get to know everyone better.

Here are some of the events that are hosted at An Island Life:

Comment Spotlight – On every personal post I will select one comment that stood out from the rest. Maybe it was well thought out, insightful, inspirational, or just plain funny. This comment will be highlighted at the end of the post with a link back to the commentor’s site.

Commentor of the Month – The person who leaves the most comments for the month (excluding giveaways) will received $10 to and a cute button to display on their site. It’s just a small way to thank you for stopping by.

Aloha Friday – The Aloha Friday Meme started back in September 2007 and at the time I had no idea how successful it would become. It’s a very simple idea . . . just ask a question on your blog for your readers to answer and then link up on the official Aloha Friday post which goes live every Friday at 6pm (HST). Then start bloghopping! It’s an easy and quick way to get to know others since most questions are pretty basic.

Monthly Writing & Photo Contests – My goal for 2010 is to host either a writing or photo contest each month where the winner will receive $20 to, Starbucks, or via PayPal.

Christmas Ornament Exchange – Every November we kick-off the annual Christmas Ornament Exchange. Participants sign up, receive a partner, and exchange ornaments during the first week of December. It’s a great way to make a new bloggy friend and you’ll receive a surprise ornament to hang on your tree!

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