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September 20, 2008 by Kailani  
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This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your participation.
The winner is Sharon (MommySweeps).

Are you an organizing junkie like me? If so, you’re going to love ListPlanIt.

From the site: Access to gives you what you need to begin to organize your life and put your world in order! Membership includes these benefits:

  • your own password to give you 24/7 access to everything has to offer.
  • an unlimited number of downloads while you are a member
  • full access to a range of lists & planning pages covering many areas of life
  • full access to the growing List of the Month Newsletter archives.
  • members will receive a 20% discount on all products (except ePlanners) found on

I was given access to their site and all I can say is, “Wow!” There were lists for everything you could think of - babysitter’s checklist, chore charts, meal planners, calendars, birthday memories, travel plans, greeting card logs, and many more! I was in list heaven!

What’s even better is that membership is so affordable! It’s only $9.95 for 3 months or $29.95 for a whole year. And if you’re not 100% satisfied, you’ll receive a full refund. All lists are better viewed using Acrobat Reader and they provide you with a handy link to download this free program to your computer.

So, if you like to keep organized, stop by ListPlanIt and start creating your lists today!

Win it!

ListPlanIt has generously donated a Quarter Membership to one lucky winner! To enter:

  • Stop by ListPlanIt before midnight, Sept 26th and take a look at all the lists they have available.
  • Then come back and mention in comments which one you would find most helpful. That’s it!
  • A random winner will be selected and notified on Sept 27th.
  • The winner will then have 3 days to claim their prize.
  • Don’t forget to leave a way to contact you in case you win.

To earn more entries, you may do one or all of the following. Each one counts as an extra ticket. Please leave a separate comment for each extra entry.

  • Subscribe to my feed.
  • Mention this giveaway on your blog with a link back here and to ListPlanIt.
  • Place my button in your sidebar.

This giveaway is open to everyone world-wide! Good luck!


79 Responses to “Get Organized with ListPlanIt”
  1. Angie says:

    The blog post planner would probably most helpful to me. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  2. Angie says:

    I’m subscribed via RSS/Google Reader

  3. Angie says:

    Your button is in my sidebar.

  4. susan varney says:

    the blog post planner

  5. Camilla says:

    I thought the 21 meal planner looked nice.

  6. James Jenkins says:

    meal planner

  7. shannon Baas says:

    the 21 meal planner would come in handy.

  8. RebekahC says:

    I’d say I’d probably get the most use out of the family chore chart or the 21 meal planner. Though I’m sure if I had access to the site as a whole I’d be downloading like crazy and relisting everything in my life. LOL

    Thanks for the entry!
    littleminx at cox dot net

  9. RebekahC says:

    Also, I’m a subscriber.
    littleminx at cox dot net

  10. Genevieve Larson says:

    With 4 kids the family planner would be an asset to our family and my sanity.

  11. Genevieve Larson says:

    I also just subscribed

  12. Linda says:

    The Family Planner would be most beneficial to our family.

  13. Jenn S. says:

    Probably the Saturday morning chores list.

  14. Rebecca C says:

    SHOPPING AT WAL-MART list, because Walmart is over spending WAITING to happen :P


  15. Rebecca C says:

    I blogged about this giveaway:Here


  16. Rebecca C says:

    I am a subscriber!


  17. Rebecca C says:

    I have your button on my blog:Here


  18. Gabreial says:

    I love the Saturday Morning Chores list and weekly responsibilities list.

  19. Ginny says:

    I just got a 3 month membership, aren’t the lists amazing! My favorite list so far are actually in the business section. The ebay list is great & so is the list for blog ideas!

  20. Michele says:

    I am a subscriber

  21. Michele says:

    I would love the HOMETOWN TOURIST and the packing lists

  22. marybeth i. says:

    The first thing I would print off is the responsibility chart!

  23. marybeth i. says:

    I subscribed!

  24. marybeth i. says:

    added your button to my sidebar

  25. djp says:

    this is a good contest

  26. Jennifer S. says:

    The meal planner and the daily time planning charts would be so great!

  27. tiffany pettey says:

    meal planner

  28. tiffany pettey says:

    subscribed via google

  29. stampedwithgrace says:

    I like the family planner and the 21 meal planner!

  30. stampedwithgrace says:

    subscriber :)

  31. Julie says:

    I think the cleaning schedules would be very helpful. I’m a list freak and this site really interests me - thanks for introducing it to me!

  32. Elizabeth M. says:

    I really think the seasonal project lists would be incredibly helpful to me! I absolutely love that site!

  33. Elizabeth M. says:

    I am subscribed too

  34. Jenna says:

    All of them would help out soo much! I love the daily time planning as well as it would definitely be useful for me to use the blog idea lists!

  35. Jenny says:

    SHOPPING AT WAL-MART list, because Walmart is over spending WAITING to happen…….I’d have to agree with Rebecca, and I am also wanting to try meal planning, so that too would be useful.

  36. Marjorie says:

    I really like the Holiday Budget Planner. I always wait until the last minute to plan for the holidays.

  37. Channah @ Get a Grip, Mom! says:

    I love the birthday party planner lists - those are neat!

  38. Mary McCarthy says:

    I think the Target shopping list would be great!!

  39. Elaine Collamer says:

    The meal planner list would be awesome for me. I do a homecook meal EVERY night, but still have to dash home from work and decide what I’m pulling out of the freezer, then we don’t eat till 7pm. I would LOVE an easy way to organize in this area of my life!!!

  40. Kari Follett says:

    daily time planning would be very useful!!

  41. Shiloh says:

    The birthday party planner lists are such a great idea!


  42. Lydia says:

    Wow i love the list plan it website. I am newly married, new to couponing, and very badly needing to oraganize!! I think all of these lists would be helpful especially the home managment ones.!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  43. Lydia says:

    Im subscribed to your blog!

  44. Angie says:

    There are so many things on that site that I could utilize, but I’m most interested in the holiday/special occasion lists. Those would be AWESOME!

  45. Angie says:

    And I am subscribed to your blog through Google Reader.

  46. Ilissa H. says:

    I’d love to try the menu planning one.

  47. Ilissa H. says:

    I am a subscriber.

  48. Ilissa H. says:

    Your button is on my sidebar.

  49. Ilissa H. says:

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

  50. Christina says:

    Any and every list under Home Management.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. Christina says:

    I signed up for your emails!


  52. Briana @ Bargain Briana says:

    Any of them would be helpful but I think I would enjoy the blog post planner the best!

  53. Karen Gonyea says:

    Wow, they all sound great :)

  54. Robyns Online World says:

    I love the Cards to Send list. I’m always jotting down a list like this on scrap paper. The ListPlanIt version would be much more useful I think.

  55. Robyns Online World says:

    I’ve also blogged about your giveaway here:

  56. Jas Hogue says:

    Student planning, is what we need!

  57. Chrysa says:

    The meal planner list would be super helpful.

  58. Natalija says:

    I am subscribed via google reader.

  59. Natalija says:

    I think I’d love the family chore chart.

  60. Erma Hurtt says:

    The Family Planner would be most helpful to our family.

  61. Lori says:

    family planner sounds wonderful

  62. Rachel says:

    I’ve been subscribed via Google Reader for several months now!

  63. Rachel says:

    And……..I think the most helpful would be the time management lists, I need help in that area for sure! Runner up would be the financial lists.

  64. Roseann Kies says:

    I’d use it for grocery shopping! Thanks!

  65. Carissa D. says:

    Cards to send.

  66. Carissa D. says:


  67. Cindy says:

    Oh my…I am not sure which would be the best. I LOVE list, so I was simply overwhelmed just by looking at all the different type list. I want them all. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  68. Cindy says:

    I wanted to let you know that I have you in my RSS and Google reader. Love your site.

  69. sharon says:

    meal planner looks great, esp. to be more organized and save money by shopping less often

  70. Kimberly says:

    I think I’d go for one of the menu planning assistants… maybe the grocery shopping list??!?? That one said “minimal writing” and you can “check things off” ~ LOVE IT! :)

  71. Kimberly says:

    I also subscribed to your RSS feed! yay!

  72. Donna Kozar says:

    I would like to try the GROCERY LIST (BY CATEGORY)

  73. Donna Kozar says:

    I subscribed.

  74. Donna Kozar says:

    I put your button on my blog.

  75. Jen @ Mommay's Mayhem says:

    I think one of the meal planner lists would help me ALOT! =)


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