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January 26, 2009 by Jamie  
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This week’s review blogger of the week is Jacqueline from Blessings Abound!  I had the opportunity to ask Jacqueline a few questions about her experiences as a review blogger.

Tell me a little about your blog and how you became a product reviewer.

I became a product reviewer after Kristin from A Ordinary Life had joined Mommies N’ Babies. I hadn’t heard about product reviewing before that and didn’t know much about blogging at that point. Several of the other members had started review blogging and it piqued my interest as I tend to look up reviews or ask for advice before making a purchase myself. I then had a strong desire to be that voice that helped others make wise decisions through my experience with their buying dollars and now it’s one of my biggest passions!

What types of products do you review?

I review a variety of products from baby items to apparel to electronics, etc. As long as it’s family oriented and friendly items or services, I’m open to review just about anything.

Do you normally contact companies or do they contact you?

I usually contact companies but I’ve had several that have approached me and have had quite a few repeat requests. I’d love it if the day ever arrived where I wouldn’t have to contact sponsors so much so that I can put my full effort into the reviews and giveaways and promoting them.

What’s your favorite product that you’ve reviewed and why?

Wow, that’s so hard as I have loved so many of the products I’ve reviewed, it’s hard to choose just one. Some of my favorite products that I’ve reviewed so far is the Keurig coffee maker, the Flip, Phil & Ted’s metoo chair, the Bumble Collection Jessica Messenger diaper bag. Really, the list could go on! If I had to choose just one, I’d say the Jessica Messenger diaper bag because it is a well rounded diaper bag that’s stylish, low maintenance, and versatile! Truly a mother’s dream!

Any advice to those who strive to become successful product reviewers?

I would still consider myself an amateur but I would say that being honest, sincere, and taking a thorough look at the product is a must. I believe companies and readers can sense whether a reviewer is being honest and forthright about a product.

Thank you to Jacqueline for sharing her story with us this week.  Be sure to head over to Jacqueline’s site, Blessings Abound, to read her great reviews!
If you’re a product review blogger and would like to possibly be featured here, please let us know by filling out the contact form above. We look forward to getting to know you!


6 Responses to “Blessings Abound”
  1. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us says:

    I love readings Jacqueline’s blog. Great pick for this week!

  2. Miranda @ Keeper of the Cheerios says:

    Blessings Abound is one of my favorite blogs. :) Really good choice for an interview.

  3. ryann says:

    Jacquie is AWESOME!!!!!

  4. trisha says:

    Jaqueline heads up my review team and I honestly think she is one of the most amazing and talented review bloggers out there. She does not give herself enough credit. She comes to me DAILY with awesome reviews and opportunities. She is a gem.


  5. Kailani says:

    Ooh, I would love to review The Flip! You lucky girl!


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