Then Along Came an Angel: Messengers of Deliverance

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I have to say that I’ve never been a big believer in the supernatural, let alone angels. I do believe in God and all His devine power but I just could never grasp the idea of guardian angels.

However, after reading Then Along Came An Angel compiled by Julie Bonn Heath, I have to say that I’m having second thoughts.

From the book: “Then Along Came an Angel: Messengers of Deliverance is the first book of true angel intervention stories contributed to by authors all over the world who recognize the circumstances as the hand of God at work. Life changing stories include accounts of an abducted child miraculously returned, a van of youth pulled from crashing over a cliff by an unseen hand, thwarted suicide attempts , helpers who changed lives and then disappeared, victims saved from serious injury, and more.”

These stories of miracles happening every day to ordinary people really makes you stop to think about the forces behind them. How does one explain a father who opens a locked door to come to the aid of his daughter? Or how pieces from a broken light bulb formed a semi-circle around a little girl? Coincidence or  something more?

Being a very busy person, I really appreciated how this book was written in short chapters. Whenever I had a spare few minutes, I just picked up the book and read a couple of stories. Of course, every time I finished one story, I just had to read another and another and another.

Then Along Came an Angel will force you to re-examine your beliefs and expand your horizons. And isn’t that always a good thing?

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I have a copy of Then Along Came an Angel to give away to one lucky winner. To enter:

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157 Responses to “Then Along Came an Angel: Messengers of Deliverance”

  1. Lisa said:

    Yes, I believe in Angels.

  2. susan varney said:

    of course i believe in angels

  3. Rozz said:

    Definitely, 100% yes I know they are with us.

  4. Elaine R said:

    I do believe in guardian angels!

  5. Elaine R said:

    I am a subscriber.

  6. Sandy said:


  7. Sandy said:


  8. Melissa (ForstRose) said:

    Trying to drop by and leave a quick greeting for my fellow hosts along the tour.

    I do believe in Angels. I also believe God’s hand is at work in my life through the little things too like good friends who might be an “angel” to me in a specific circumstance or things that get my attention when I am being stubborn and serve as a “disciplinary” or “preventive” measure to keep me out of trouble. I’m enjoying reading what the others are saying about the book and stories too.

  9. rebecca snodgrass said:

    Yes, i definetly believe in angels.

  10. rebecca snodgrass said:

    I subscribe.

  11. Jill L said:

    I have no doubt that angels are real.

  12. mindy said:

    i absolutely do

  13. Baba said:

    Yes, I do belive in Angels!

  14. Anne said:

    Most definitely

    I believe in Angels


    This book looks beautiful btw

  15. Anne said:

    I am a subscriber!


  16. Thomas Semesky said:


  17. Stacie said:

    I definitely believe in angels. In fact I do angel readings!

  18. Stacie said:

    I’m a subscriber.

  19. Linda Pinto said:

    I do believe in Angels. Life would be too difficult without believing in something belong myself.

  20. christopher h said:

    sure, i do

  21. Katherine Frazier said:

    I believe in angels.

  22. Roseann K. said:

    Yes, there has to be angels, because my life has been so wonderful!

  23. Leann S said:

    I don’t believe.

  24. Ellen Lopes said:

    I not only believe in them, I have felt their shove, their whisper and their knowledge. :-)

  25. Linda said:

    I am a subscriber.

  26. Jennifer said:

    I do believe in Angels!!

  27. Lisa Murphy said:

    I beleive

  28. roosmom said:

    Yes, I do belive in Angels~

  29. Mia J. said:

    Yes, I believe in angels.

  30. Julie Bonn Heath said:

    Leann S, please let me know if you would like a book. I will send you one. Thank you all for reading this post and for believing. The book is on sale right now at Amazon for only $11.55 and it makes a wonderful gift. I have heard from numerous people that in our current economic status, it is a huge encouragement to read these stories. Happy holidays, all. -Julie

  31. Janet F said:

    I believe in Angels!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  32. Janet F said:

    I am subscribed.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  33. Janet F said:

    Your button is on my sidebar:

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  34. pamela scott said:

    I so am a believer I know I had one when I was in a terrible car wreck Dec. 23rd 2002, the other driver was killed

  35. pamela scott said:

    I am a subscriber

  36. MaryAnne said:

    I beleive in angels for the following reasons:

    1-when I had run out of gas, two men came out of nowhere and pushed my car to the nearest station
    2-when my son had his first convulsion, NO ONE stopped to help this hysterical mother, but a biker dude in a scarey car AND I had left my wallet in his car when I ran into the hospital AND he prayed for my son when he went into that after coma they go in to AND he returned my wallet/diaper bag to my husband at work AND sent a card later on
    3-when I broke my finger at a laundramat, a man was standing at a pay phone, without saying a word and lent me a quarter and then another so I could call for help

    and they ALL dissappeared right afterwards

    so, seeing as I dont beleive any longer in coincidences, these examples tell ME that God surely sent them to help me (in the dark, all alone–so histerical I would have crashed my car–in shock from the pain I was in)

  37. Nora Scott-Platt said:

    I believe in angels and believe that one watches over me.I have read books about angels and Know some protectyou from all the spirtual warfare that sometimes I should have been injured and came out of situations with minor wounds.

  38. Judith said:

    I don’t believe in angels. I won’t believe in angels until I actually meet one.

  39. Colleen said:

    yes I do. Reading some of the comments here gives me goose bumps and makes me want to get this book today.

  40. Colleen said:

    I subscribe

  41. Shari D said:

    Of Course I believe in angels. One has been watched over me all my life.

  42. Cheryl W said:

    Yes, I believe in angels. Thanks!

  43. Deedles said:

    Yes! I do believe in angels.

  44. Susan C said:

    I’m a sceptic, but I would love to read this book and be proven wrong!

  45. Susan C said:

    I’m subscribed to your feed!

  46. toni jensen said:

    i definitely believe in angels my 4yr old would not be here without her guardian angel

  47. Shelley K said:

    Angels are real. They are mentioned in the bible hundreds of times. St. Padre Pio says that our guardian angels are always with us and I know that mine have saved me from LOTS of near misses :) I have a section about angels on my website. Please visit :)

  48. Shelley K said:

    I am a subscriber :)

  49. Valerie Mitchell said:

    not sure

  50. Valerie Mitchell said:

    subscriber :)

  51. david basile said:

    why yes yes i do

  52. Sherry said:

    I most definitely believe! I can name several instances where the Lord has sent an angel to help me.

  53. Sherry said:

    I’m a subscriber, thanks.

    slcremer at gmail dot com

  54. Zoly said:

    I do believe in angels.

  55. keywestbiscuit said:

    I subscribed! You have great taste!

  56. keywestbiscuit said:

    I just watched a show yesterday about elementary school children in Cokeville being held hostage by a bomber in 1986 and they all told counts of being saved by angels. The bombers were the only ones killed. I believe!

  57. veronica sandberg said:

    yes, I do

  58. phyllis said:

    I do believe in Angels

  59. pag said:

    I am a subscriber

  60. yelowflower mo said:

    wow, this would make such an awesome gift for my sister in law for Christmas!

  61. yelowflower mo said:

    I am a subscriber already

  62. Diane S said:

    I do believe in them.

  63. Donna R. said:

    YES, I believe in angels. Thanks for the great contest, I would love to win.

  64. MJ said:

    I know there are angels. It’s a llloooonnnggggg story but that is why my 19yo is alive and walking today - a year aftere cleaning his “not” loaded shotgun!

  65. MJ said:

    I know there are angels. It’s a long story but that is why my 19yo is alive and walking today - a year aftere cleaning his “not” loaded shotgun!

  66. Jovan said:

    Yes, I believe in Angels.

  67. Hannah B. said:

    Yes, I believe in angels.

  68. Hannah B. said:

    I just subscribed to your feed.

  69. Diane S said:

    I believe in angels..

  70. Kathy Scott said:

    I believe. I have felt my mother on many occasions.

  71. Diane S said:

    i subscribed

  72. ky2here said:

    Not when I’m taking my meds.

  73. Terri D said:

    Yes, I think that I do.

  74. Jenn S. said:

    Most definitely!

  75. Carolyn s said:

    I believe there are angels among us, and have many reasons to believe.

    thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com

  76. Carolyn s said:

    I am a subscriber.

    thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com

  77. David Bertolo said:

    Of course I believe in Angels, who doesn’t?

  78. Cathie said:

    I do believe in angels. Mine was with me when I was stabbed and thrown over an 80 foot bluff and left there to die at age 18. I’m 54 yrs old today and a very proud grandmother. I would love to get and read this book and share it with others.

  79. Cathie said:

    I subscribe to your feed by e-mail

  80. Sandra Brodeur said:

    Oh yes, I KNOW there are angels!

  81. betty rood said:

    yes,i do believe they are messangers and also strength at times.

  82. betty rood said:

    subscribe also

  83. sandra kao said:

    i’d not sure if i believe in angels or not

  84. Brandlyn said:

    Yes I believe everyone has a guardian angel watching over you.

  85. beth shepherd said:

    ABsolutely! Thank you

  86. janeh said:

    yes, I do……

  87. Leslie D. said:

    Yes, I believe that the Lord sends them to watch over us all. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  88. Marla said:

    I do believe in angels and a supernatural world around us. Thank you for the entry.

  89. Marla said:

    I’m also a subscriber by email. thanks!

  90. Gloria Dornin said:

    i believe

  91. 5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere - Week 62 said:

    [...] An Island Review - Then Along Came An Angel (Dec 14/All) [...]

  92. Heather Weber said:

    I definitely believe in angels!

  93. Mary Casper said:

    I’m catholic I believe in angels

  94. Valerie Mabrey said:

    of course

  95. Rachel O. said:

    I believe in angels. :)

  96. Rachel O. said:

    I subscribe.

  97. cheryl pasquier said:

    not really … but I’d like to !!!

  98. cheryl pasquier said:

    I’m a subscriber too :-)

  99. Rhonda Struthers said:

    I Believe!!

  100. Lisa said:

    I believe in angels! They are definitely exist..I have had some experiences myself in life that have shown this to be true.
    I would LOVE to win this book..I really love reading about real life angelic encounters! Thanks for a truly wonderful giveaway!

  101. Charlotte said:

    Yes! I definitely believe in angels.

  102. Charlotte said:

    Your button is on my sidebar.

  103. Joan said:

    I used to but now I am not sure anymore… and I don’t know why…I wish I could again.

  104. Dave said:

    When my mother was a little girl, she was crossing the street and slipped on the ice. She lay helpless in the street as a car was heading straight for her. Suddenly she felt as if someone lifted her up and pushed her out of the way, and the car just missed her. But there was no one there. To this day she believes it was her guardian angel. Thank you for the great give-away.

  105. sandi smith said:

    Based on my personal life, I have to believe in angels.

  106. jan koontz said:

    yes i do

  107. Kari Follett said:

    Im agnostic but I do believe in angels..

  108. Kari Follett said:

    Im also a subscriber!

  109. amy sass said:

    we al have guardian angels

  110. amy sass said:

    we al have guardian angels

  111. Terra Heck said:

    Yes, I do believe in angels.

  112. Carolyn D. said:

    My mother passed away when I was a child. My twelve year old has always believed that her Grandma, who she shares a name with, is her special angel!

  113. Carolyn D. said:

    I subscribe! It is nice to read about warm places from where I sit, so cold!

  114. Carolyn D. said:

    I have your button on my blog!

  115. Lisa Fosses said:

    I believe in God, Jesus and Angels

  116. Sheila Pepe said:

    Yes, I believe in angels! If it weren’t for my daughter’s guardian angel she wouldn’t be here now! She was laying on her umbilical cord in the womb and was born blue! She was born with a birthmark called an Angel’s Kiss! I believe her guardian angel kissed her inside of me and protected her until they did an emergency C-section and delivered her! She is mentally handicapped due in part to oxygen depravation, but she’s her and that’s all that counts! So yeah I believe in angels!!!

  117. Rosanne M said:

    Yes I believein angels. They are in the Bible and have been part of my life for decades. I would love to read this book. I am very spiritual

  118. Rosanne M said:

    I’m a subscriber

  119. Brenda S. said:

    I do believe in guardian angels!

  120. REBECCA TOWNER said:


  121. Doreen Riopel said:

    Of course, I believe in angels. I have seen them…and the other side too.

  122. prplrush said:

    I absolutely believe in Angels, without a single doubt in my mind! Thanks for the great contest;)

  123. Deb K said:

    I believe in angels. Their presence comforts me when the darkness falls upon my life.

  124. Christina E said:

    I believe in angels

  125. Carla Pullum said:

    I do believe in Angels!

  126. Sue Farrell said:

    No, I can’t say I believe in angels–maybe this book would change my mind.

  127. jayne said:

    I beileve in angels. Thank you so much for this!!

  128. Susan Ledet said:

    Yes, I do believe in angels. When a dear friend of mine was dying, I asked her if she would be my angel in heaven and would she send me a sign. She passed away about a hour later and has sent me several signs over the years and I know that they are from her. I’m in my 44th week of interferon (chemo) treatment and know that she is watching over me.
    I keep an angel with a broken wing in my garden in memory of her.
    Thanks for the inspiring giveaway.

  129. Susan Ledet said:

    I’m also a subscriber.

  130. Peggy Gorman said:

    I believe in Angels

  131. Peggy Gorman said:

    I subscribe

  132. Hesper F said:

    I believe in angels.

  133. Chrysa said:

    Yes I do!

  134. Chrysa said:

    I’m also subscribed to your RSS feed!

  135. Jaye said:

    I definitely believe in Angels! There’s just too many “close calls” and miracles in my life to think otherwise!

  136. Jaye said:

    I a subscriber! Thank you and Happy Holidays!!!

  137. sharon said:

    I believe in angels

  138. Amy said:

    I do, some call them guides, some angels. I love to think of them as Angels.

  139. sarah b said:

    i believe in angels!

  140. kathy pease said:

    DEFINATELY my daughter ashley and my son justin are angels and they guide me everyday and keep me strong

  141. Pamela White said:

    I know there are angels because when my brother fell off a cliff a “retired” fireman found me trying to wave cars down to help me, called it in on his radio, saw my brother first who had fallen over 100 ft drove me to get my father and then disappeared. When I asked about the man the firemen said they had seen only me on their way back from another call.

  142. Heather C said:

    I believe in them. :-)

  143. Heather C said:

    I subscribe to your feed.

  144. Shae said:

    I do believe in angels. I am married to one.

  145. Shae said:

    Your button is on my sidebar.

  146. Shae said:

    I subscribe to your feed.

  147. Becky said:

    I believe in Angels and guardian Angels..and I love the new design.

  148. Catherine KingChuparkoff said:

    Angels have kept me on earth to this day!

  149. Hazel Porter said:

    Yes, I believe the Bible, so I most certainly believe in angels.

  150. Maja said:


  151. Maja said:


  152. Charlene Kuser said:

    Yes I absolutely believe in angels

  153. kerri said:

    Sometimes I do and sometimes I dont

  154. Kimberly said:

    I strongly believe in angels. I’ve had one in my life after having a wreck when I was 16

  155. Kimberly said:

    I subscribe to your feed

  156. Kimberly said:

    button is in my sidebar

  157. Janet said:

    I strongly believe in angels:)

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