Littlest Pet Shop

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The winner is comment #252: Jayme.

We’re big fans of The Littlest Pet Shop. I’m not sure if it’s the adorable animals, colorful playsets, or lovable plushies . . . we love them all. In fact, all that Baby Bug wanted for her birthday were tons and tons of Littlest Pet Shop toys.


Littlest Pet Shop VIP (Virtual Interactive Pets) are cute plush animals that will give your child hours of cuddly fun. With its own online world full of games, activities, and lots of other fun surprises that your child can access, this VIP will quickly become your child’s favorite playmate.

With large heads, giant curious eyes peering at you, bright colors, and a super-soft plush body, the cute Littlest Pet Shop VIPs will quickly be vying as your child’s favorite playmate. The VIPs measure about 7 x 10 x 4 (WxHxD) inches and are weighted at the bottom so they can stand on their own.

The fun doesn’t end with this plush animal, however. Each pet includes a code on its tag that lets you play online at LittlestPetShop. com for a year. To play with the online component, you will need an Internet connection and sign up for a new account at www. littlestpetshop. com. There is no software to download as the game is completely Web-based and only uses a Web browser.


We received the Turtle & Panda Virtual Interactive Pets (VIPs) and found them to be cuddly and adorable. In their collars was a secret code assigned to that pet which we used to unlock a wide variety of games, activities, and stories online. Girlie Girl favorite online activity was being able to dress up her pets in cool outfits and accessories. It really helped to make her plushie more real and lovable. When you view them online, you’ll be able to experience each pet’s unique personality which helps to bring them to life.

Littlest Pet Shop VIPs are not just plushies. They are a part of Girlie Girl’s life.


The Littlest Pet Shop VIPs and all their other toys and games can be purchased at your local toy store or


I have a Littlest Pet Shop Pet Pair to give away to one lucky winner. In it includes #650 Shepard & #651 Iguana. This set also includes a collar and roller skates. To enter:

  • Stop by Littlest Pet Shop before midnight, Jan 11th and check out their cute animals.
  • Then come back and mention in comments which one is your favorite. That’s it!
  • A random winner will be selected and notified on Jan 12th.
  • The winner will then have 3 days to claim their prize.

To earn extra entries, you may do one or all of the following. Each one counts as an extra ticket but you must leave a separate comment for each one.

  • Subscribe to my feed.
  • Mention this giveaway on your blog with a link back here and to Littlest Pet Shop.
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This giveaway is open to US addresses. Good luck!

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381 Responses to “Littlest Pet Shop”

  1. Sue S. said:

    The digital pet “iguana” is fantastic. I’m an elementary teacher and the kids love these gadgets. They attach them to their book bags.

  2. Sue S. said:

    I Blogged about this adorable giveaway at I added a cute pic, too. Love these toys.

  3. Sue S. said:

    I already subscribe to your feed.

  4. HilLesha said:

    I love the Koala. :)

  5. HilLesha said:

    I posted the giveaway at

  6. susan varney said:

    the koala is great my grandson would love him

  7. Laurie said:

    My daughter really wants the flamingo one right now. It is cute.

  8. Charlotte Winters said:

    I think the cat is cute! Thanks.

  9. Melissa P said:

    I like the turtle.

  10. melanie said:

    Love the fish & octopus.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  11. melanie said:

    i’m a subscriber

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  12. melanie said:

    i have your button on my blog

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  13. Mama Zen said:

    I love the koala!

  14. M.A. said:

    I like the giraffe.

  15. maria said:

    I have always collected horses and have tried to install that love in my children. I think the horse is adorable

  16. maria said:

    Kailani, I have your button on my side bar.

  17. maria said:

    I subscribe to your email feed.

  18. Sara A said:

    I love the VIP Panda!

  19. Jo said:

    the special edition koala

  20. Jo said:

    I subscribe

  21. Kelly said:

    It’s between the ladybug and the spider. Love that you can have them for pets!

  22. Denise said:

    I like the kitten best.

  23. Sonya Sparks said:

    I like the VIP ladybug best. Thanks!

  24. Sonya Sparks said:

    I’m a subscriber. Thanks!

  25. Sonya Sparks said:

    Your button is on my sidebar. Thanks!

  26. Michael Capp said:


  27. Marci said:

    My daughter got a hamster for Christmas so she would be thrilled to have the hamster.

  28. Sheila said:

    I like the bumblebee! My daughter loves littest pet shop, thanks for the chance!

  29. Sheila said:

    Im a subscriber!

  30. Stephanie Jeanne said:

    I like the mouse!It’s so cute!

  31. Jaque said:

    Kitty, but the special edition Koala is adorable! Thank you.

  32. Ann Fantom said:

    My daughter loves the Littlest Pet hamsters.

  33. mindy said:

    koala is adorable thanks for the contest

  34. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us said:

    The flamingo pet is adorable.
    cat at 3kidsandus dot com

  35. Angie Brady said:


  36. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us said:

    I’m a subscriber.
    cat at 3kidsandus dot com

  37. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us said:

    Button up here

  38. marilyn said:

    I love the ladybug, how cute!

  39. Mia J. said:

    My favorite is the turtle and my daughters favorite is the iguana.

  40. connie said:

    i really want it because i like dolls so much

  41. lorene said:

    my daughter loves the cat

  42. Denise said:

    I love the turtles. Thanks!

  43. judy brittle said:

    That was hard! They are all so cute. The horse is really darling. Thank you so much!

  44. judy brittle said:

    I’m a subscriber.

  45. Mae B said:

    I like the VIP panda bear

  46. Jessica H. said:

    I love the turtle!

  47. Peggy Gorman said:

    My favorite is LITTLEST PET SHOP VIP Gray Kitty, its so cute
    Thanks so much

  48. Peggy Gorman said:

    I’m a subscriber.

  49. AmandaK said:

    The LITTLEST PET SHOP VIPs (Raccoon) is too adorable for words! I want one of my own!


  50. Kathy Scott said:

    Lady Bug

  51. Jennifer said:

    The giraffe is too cute!! My daughters would love these!

  52. Kelly said:

    I like the Kitty Cat.

  53. Kaycee said:

    I LOVE the snails and their big eyes! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  54. Maggie M said:

    I just love the Littlest Pet Shop VIP’s Chinchilla, with it’s large ears and eyes. Just too cute! My granddaughter would have a ball with your giveaway!

  55. Maggie M said:

    I subscribe to your feed by email :)

  56. Margaret Smith said:

    Thank you so much for this giveaway. My daughter love the Little Pet shop toys. My favorite is the LITTLEST PET SHOP VIPs (Gray Kitty), looks like our cat. Thanks so much.

  57. zerskat said:

    oh my this is my daughters favorite toy! i really hope to win.
    we love the panda.

  58. Leann S said:

    I just bought my dd a bat. I am saving it for her bday. Her favorite pet so far is the polar bear.

  59. Misty said:

    sounds like a great giveaway! thanks.
    we love the iguana.
    we have our fingers crossed. LOVE LPS!!

  60. Kelsey said:

    Great giveaway!

    We love the polar bear!

    Thanks so much!!

  61. Baba said:

    That fish is just adorable!

  62. Baba said:

    I subscribe.

  63. Baba said:

    I have your button.

  64. Mechelle said:

    We love these little guys around our house~ My favorite at the moment is the Little Armadillo ~ But I also just love the pig and butterfly set.

  65. Mechelle said:

    I’m subscribed to your RSS feed.

  66. Mechelle said:

    I’ve put your button on my side bar ~
    You can view it here Http://

  67. Dallan Elk said:

    That iguana is way too cute.

  68. Misty said:


  69. Misty said:

    following you.

  70. Misty said:

    got your button.

  71. Vickie Couturier said:

    the koala is very cute but my grandaughter loves them all,thanks

  72. Vickie Couturier said:

    I am a subscriber

  73. Eloise C said:

    My favorite is the Littlest Pet Shop Vip Bunny, too cute! Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway, my daughter would love this!


  74. Eloise C said:

    I am also subscribed, thanks again!


  75. Gina Stratos said:

    The cat would be my pick

  76. Gina Stratos said:

    I subscribe.

  77. Debbie B, said:

    i think that the bunny is really cute!

  78. Debbie B, said:

    your button is on my blog

  79. Debbie B, said:

    i subscribe

  80. catherine copeland said:

    the giraffe for sure. what a cute toy.

  81. Brent said:

    I think the duck has to be the cutest one out there. I might be biased, my kids always loved ducks over any other animals! LOL

  82. Vanessa said:


  83. Kristie said:

    I love the LITTLEST PET SHOP VIPs Cow-too cute!

  84. Kristie said:

    Your button is on my sidebar.

  85. Susan Smith said:

    I love the koala

  86. nancy said:

    I like the bumblebee..

  87. Jennifer G said:

    I like the hamsters.

  88. Nadia said:

    My favorite one is the Chinchilla.

  89. Nadia said:

    I’m a suscriber.

  90. SaraLee Earegood said:

    I love the ladybug

  91. Candie L said:

    I like the Butterfly

  92. Candie L said:

    I subscribed

  93. christopher h said:

    the giraffe

  94. Barbara said:

    I liked the ladybug, but they were all cute.

  95. Laurie Penman said:

    I just love the horse!

  96. Shelley K said:

    My fave is the gray kitty :) Too cute. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  97. Shelley K said:

    I am a subscriber :)

  98. Brenda C said:


  99. Brenda C said:

    i subscribe

  100. Karen Gonyea said:

    Love the monkey :)

  101. nikki schellhas said:

    we love little pet shops. my girls love the dogs and cats.. i really like the fish and the dragon fly. SO cute..

  102. Kelly L said:

    My daughter loves the cats. LPS are her favorite toys. Thanks!

  103. Kathleen said:

    I love the Koala. Thanks for the giveaway!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  104. Stacy said:

    I really could not tell you because this would be for my granddaughter and she loves them all. Thanks!

  105. Kathy Amos said:

    I love the horse.

  106. Suzanne Denys said:

    I like the octopus and the bird.

  107. sito said:

    I like the ferret.

  108. sito said:

    I subscribe.

  109. ellen cunningham said:

    I think the spider is very cute. Thanks for the chance.

  110. Jennifer said:

    My daughter loves the Littlest Pet Shop. She loves the little play figures and sets that you can get too. For the stuffed animals, I like the Littlest Pet Shop VIP Monkey #64062.

  111. Jennifer said:

    I subscribe.

  112. valerie m said:

    I like the iguana

  113. valerie m said:

    email subscriber

  114. valerie m said:

    button here:

  115. Nora Scott-Platt said:

    I have to say the Kitten.

  116. Ellen Ring said:

    My grandaughter has several of these sets & love them. I really liked the Ladybug.

  117. ellen cunningham said:

    I am a subscriber.

  118. Brenda said:

    LITTLEST PET SHOP Extreme Pets: Mod Series – Walrus, these are colorful and different, thanks for the giveaway

  119. sandy said:

    koala is my favorite

  120. sandy said:


  121. Lorri S said:

    The monkey is our favorite, but they are all adorable!

  122. Lorri S said:

    I subscribed!

  123. Lorri S said:

    I have your banner on my blog….

  124. Vicky H. said:

    I like the VIP Panda (the one by itself).

  125. Angie Prater said:

    Since my 8 year old is obsessed with Littlest Pet Shops, it’s hard to pick one. So I would have to say the koala is my favorite right now, since it’s a limited edition (which my daughter would say was so cool).

  126. Paige Gyldersleve said:

    I like the VIP Spider.

  127. Jackie said:

    Oh my goodness…it was hard to choose a favorite. They are all so cute. But I absolutely loved the Hermit Crab…what a face!

  128. Jackie said:

    I subscribed

  129. Estelle said:

    My girls live for LPS toys. My favorite is the VIP monkey. It’s cute and cuddly.

  130. Raspberry Lightbulb said:

    My daughter has a webkinz cat that our real cat just chewed the ears off of. The LITTLEST PET SHOP VIPs (Yellow Kitty) would be real handy right now. However I think the giveaway prize may be a wiser option to help often the blow with. No other cat=no jealousy potential? LOL

  131. Brianne said:

    The Monkey is the best!

  132. Kelly Ann T. said:

    LITTLEST PET SHOP VIPs (Dog) is adorable, Alison the dog lover would love it.

  133. Raspberry Lightbulb said:

    oops in the last comment I meant “soften the blow” not “often the blow.” lol

    Anyway, blogged ya here!


  134. Raspberry Lightbulb said:

    You know I love ya Kailani! I keep your buttons on both my blogs. here and here. :)

  135. Zoe Lee said:

    The sheepdog is so cute, but how do you pick just one?? Fabulous… thanks for another great contest.

  136. Zoe Lee said:

    I am a subscriber.

  137. Zoe Lee said:

    I have your button on my blog.

  138. Cheryl F said:

    My favorite is the flamingo.

  139. silverfox said:


  140. Noreen said:

    the ladybug as my daughters love ladybugs

  141. Brian said:

    The digital pet iguana is keeping my little one busy with the feeding and the playing and the poop-scooping (really!)

  142. crystle tellerday said:

    the hamsters

  143. Donnie said:

    I love the turtle

  144. Janet F said:

    I like the Penguin.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  145. Janet F said:


    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  146. Janet F said:

    Banner is on my sidebar:

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  147. J Pohlot said:

    The Cat or Monkey, but will say the Cat, ty. bbrrterrace(at)

  148. Karen W said:

    Our favorite is the Peguin. Both my girls love the Littlest Pet Shop and they would love this!!


  149. Karen W said:

    Your button has been added to my site. You can find it here:

  150. Susan C said:

    I love the cute little Koala!

  151. Susan C said:

    I’m subscribed!

  152. Tracey Byram said:

    It’s a tossup between the turtle and the iguana.

  153. Betsy said:

    My daughter loves these! The Snail and Ladybug are my fav!

  154. Betsy said:

    I am a subscriber.

  155. Betsy said:

    I have the button on my blog.

  156. denyse said:

    The VIp panda is cute. MY daughter loves these:)

  157. Bettina said:

    The frog is too cute!

  158. Elena said:

    My daughter loves LPS! We like the Slope Ridin’ pets, the chinchilla and the penguin with earmuffs and a snowmobile! Thanks for the contest!

  159. carol said:

    my granddaughter loves them all but especially the little turtle…she is so into all the sets…I hope to win this for her..thanks for the great giveaway

  160. Roseann K. said:

    Turtle for me. thanks!

  161. david basile said:

    LITTLEST PET SHOP Extreme Pets: Grooviest Series Owl

  162. Vicky Boackle said:

    i like the koala.

  163. Adrienne Gordon said:

    I like Koala

  164. veronica sandberg said:

    the koala

  165. Jessica C said:

    I like the turtle.

  166. Marilyn Higgins said:

    I love the dogs

  167. c. clemens said:

    the cat

  168. angela said:

    I love the little frog

  169. angela said:

    subscribed via google reader

  170. angela said:

    blogged about giveaway here

  171. angela said:

    button up on blog

  172. thompmalice said:

    I love the koala.

  173. gahome2mom said:

    I like the LITTLEST PET SHOP VIPs (Cat). Thanks. I didn’t know they had plush toys. Great!

  174. gahome2mom said:

    Button on blog.

  175. gahome2mom said:


  176. Tiffany said:

    My daughter loves the koala!

  177. Tiffany said:

    I subscribe

  178. Denise B. said:

    I like the bunny.

  179. Cindy O said:

    My daughter says the horse is her favorite but she doesn’t have it.

  180. Marianne said:

    I like the turtle best!


  181. Marianne said:

    I’m a subscriber!


  182. Marianne said:

    I have your button on my blog!


  183. Brandy said:

    My favorite is the peacock!

  184. Valerie Mabrey said:

    I like the turtle

  185. Vicki wurgler said:

    I like the Bulldog

  186. Michael said:

    The iguana :)

  187. Kim said:

    I’m loving the giraffe! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  188. Cathie said:

    They are all so adorable but I think the Yellow cat is my absolute favorite though I would love any one i get and I might even really give it to my grandaughter lol

  189. Cathie said:

    I am a subscriber to your feed

  190. Tara said:

    My favorite is the poodle. I love poodles.

  191. Tami said:

    The turtle is cute! It’s my favorite

  192. Tami said:

    The link to my blog post about your contest is above.

  193. Tami said:

    I’ve updated your button in my sidebar. I like the new button, btw!

  194. Monique Rizzo said:

    The Snail is my very favorite!!!

  195. Nicole Billey said:

    It’s so hard to choose, I love Littlest Pet Shop. But out of all of them, the seahorse is probably my favorite.

  196. martha said:

    My favorite is the panda.

  197. Cori W said:

    My daughter has a really cute lizard one. It’s adorable, but I guess they all are! Thanks!

  198. Cori W said:

    I’m also a subscriber.

  199. Deidre said:

    The Punkiest Series Caterpillar is too cute!


  200. angela c said:

    the kitty

  201. Holly Norris said:

    I love the VIP Monkey. They are also cute though. Thanks for the chance to win.

  202. Holly Norris said:

    Email subscriber.

  203. Julie said:


  204. Julie said:

    I have your button.

  205. AJacobsen said:

    #802 Seahorse is adorable!

  206. AJacobsen said:

    I have your button!

  207. Amanda Chapman said:

    My girls would love this! My favorite is the pony. Thanks for the giveaway!

  208. Carla Pullum said:

    My daughter loves the turtle!

  209. Donna M. Clark said:

    My favorite item from the website is LITTLEST PET SHOP VIPs (Pig).

  210. Terra Heck said:

    My favorite is the LITTLEST PET SHOP VIPs (Hermit Crab).

  211. stampedwithgrace said:

    my girls LOVE Littlest Pet Shop!! they like all the animals, but one of their favs is the horses.

  212. stampedwithgrace said:

    subscriber :)

  213. stampedwithgrace said:

    your button’s on my blog!

  214. jayne said:

    The Koala is our favorite! Thank you!

  215. Evelyn said:

    my son loves cats but we can’t have one because of my allergies

  216. Carey said:

    I like the frog, but i daughter says the skunk is the best.

  217. Carey said:

    Oh..I have your button on my blog.

  218. Kristen said:

    I think the hamster is the best

  219. Aimee said:

    I purchased a LPS VIP for my son but didn’t realize it did NOT come with the code. Someone must have stolen it. He already took off all the tags. Is there a way to get a secret code from the company?

  220. Rebecca C said:

    My daughter wants the Butterfly.

  221. Rebecca C said:

    I have your button on my blog: Here


  222. Rebecca C said:

    I am a subscriber!


  223. Rebecca C said:

    I blogged about this giveaway: Here


  224. Paula H said:

    I like the Hermit Crab. The Ladybug is cute, too.

  225. Karen A. said:

    The basset hound is a little cutie.

  226. Carolsue said:

    Being a cat person, I like the cats!

  227. Carolsue said:

    Your button is on my blog

  228. Carolsue said:

    I subscribe via Yahoo Reader

  229. Kimberly Emerson said:

    I love the ferret, of course! Adorable!

  230. angie said:

    My daughter LOVES The Littlest Pet Shop! She really wants the Koala! So cute!


  231. angie said:

    I am a subscriber!

  232. angie said:

    Your button is on my blog!

    Thanks again!

  233. Michelle C said:

    Gray kitty is the favorite at my house. Thanks for the chance to win!

  234. jessica price said:

    I love that koala! We don’t have him yet!

  235. Rachel said:

    My daughter is pet shop obsessed! The fitness club is the cutest! What a fun giveaway!!!

  236. amir said:

    The koala

  237. Rhonda Mason said:

    I think the Ladybug is the cutest thing! My grandaughter would love to own one of these! Thanks!

  238. Rhonda Mason said:

    I have your button:

  239. Rhonda Mason said:

    and I’m an email subscriber

  240. Jesica said:

    I love the panda with the tricycle - so cute!

  241. Jingle said:

    The parrot is my favorite followed very closely by the monkey and the beagle! LOL! These are so adorable!
    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  242. Jennifer M said:

    My favorite is the Bumblebee.

  243. Linda Moeller said:

    The hamsters.

  244. Andria said:

    I love the LITTLEST PET SHOP VIPs (Pig)

  245. Andria said:

    Im a subscriber

  246. Sage Phoenix said:

    The Chinchilla is my favorite

  247. Candace McCarthy said:

    our favorite petshops are the giraffe and the polar bears.
    great giveaway!

  248. Jen (meddlingkidd) said:

    I think the skunk is my favorite! Thanks for the chance to win!

    meddlingkidd [at]

  249. jenna said:

    My favorite is the Skunk for sure!

  250. Tonya said:

    My daughter would love the koala or the horse either way.She has a thing for horses and bears:)

  251. Katherine Frazier said:

    I like the LITTLEST PET SHOP VIPs (Cat). They are so cute!

  252. Jayme said:

    the giraffe is really cute!!

  253. Brenda said:

    I think that horse is so cute.

  254. Kelly Raudenbush said:

    Definitely the turtle!

  255. Christine said:

    They are all so cute, but I think my favorite is the hermit crab.

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  257. Kari Follett said:

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    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


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