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The winner is Millicent @ Just so Millie!

I love planning parties . . . all kinds of parties. Casual parties. Small intimate parties. And most of all, large functions where you can invite 300 of your closest friends! (That’s how much we had at both our girls’ birthday parties).

However, the hardest part for me was finding unique favors that the guests would actually like to take home. I wish I had known about Beau-coup back then.

From the site: “Beau-coup is a recognized leader in the wedding favor and bridal gifts industry. In recent years, we have also increased our offerings to include baby shower favors, baptism favors, birthday party favors, graduation party favors, anniversary party favors and the list grows and grows. We believe your favors should be meaningful and as unique as you are so we are dedicated to thinking outside the box to find gifts that will delight even the toughest critic.”

I received a sample pack of various favors and was thrilled at the styles and quality of these items. There was nothing generic or ordinary about any of them and I knew they would be the hit of any party. My favorite of the pack was the Crystal Baby Stroller Keepsake. It was just the most adorable trinket I’ve ever seen. I have it displayed with my crystal clock and they look beautiful together.

Here are some of my other favorites (and it was hard to choose!):

Win it!

Beau-coup has generously donated a $25 gift certificate to one lucky winner. To enter:

  • Stop by Beau-coup before midnight, Sept 2nd.
  • Then come back and mention in comments your favorite item. That’s it!
  • A random winner will be selected and notified on Sept 3rd.
  • The winner will then have 3 days to claim their prize.

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This giveaway is open to everyone world-wide! Good luck!

178 Responses to “Giveaway: Beau-coup”

  1. Grace FULL

    Those cupcake kits are such a clever idea! Love it!

  2. SANDY

    for weddings and parties these are neat chinese take out boxes

  3. Jo

    Gourmet cupcake baking mix

  4. Jo

    I’m a subscriber

  5. Marilyn Wons

    I love that mini gumball machine!

  6. melanie

    My favorite is the Turkey Place Card Holders.
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  7. melanie

    I subscribe to your feed.
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  8. melanie

    I have your button on my blog.
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  9. Carol

    I love the Gourmet Cupcake Baking Mix!!! Yummy!

  10. Danai

    I love the flip flop coasters. Thanks!

  11. Judith Rachmani

    My favorite item is the gourmet cupcake mixes.

  12. Leanne

    Flip flop cookies…too cute!!! My daughter is a flip flop junkie…this is right her her alley come birthday time!! Thanks for the heads up on the cool site!!

  13. Ingrid

    I really liked the eco-friendly favors, especially the little bamboo tree. I think thats a great idea.

  14. Millicent C.

    I do HUGE parties for my family go look on my blog for some pictures of cakes I made for some of them. I love that site! I really liked the eco friendly favors! They had so many cute ideas! Thanks for the chance to win

  15. Millicent C.

    I’m a subscriber! :)

  16. Millicent C.

    And I have your button on my blog :)

  17. susan varney

    mini gumball machine

  18. shannon Baas

    The gourmet cupcake mixes.

  19. Jenn S.

    I like the personalized holiday plantable seed card favors.

  20. Lori Barnes

    Gosh there’s so many favorites but i’ll pick just one. The sweet 16 photo mint tins. which they offered these for other things than sweet sixteen but that’s my oldest next birthday. I will definately look back at this site for my next party! please enter me in this contest! photoquest(at)bellsouth(dot)net

  21. Katie Lyons

    I love this site! Thanks for introducing me :) I really like the Custom Fortune Cookies, and the Personalized Tea Tins, and the Paper Wrapped Soap with the Heart Charm….there are so many awesome things :) Love it all! Thanks,
    babylyons *at* live *dot* com

  22. Cori Westphal

    I like the mini personalized candles. What a great idea. There would not be ONE of these leftover! Thanks for the great contest1

  23. Cori Westphal

    I’m also a subscriber. Thanks!

  24. Barbara Baker

    The mini oil and vinegar bottles with personalized labels
    are my favorite…I could see purchasing many of these sets for friends of mine as christmas gifts this year…

    PLease count me in!!!!

  25. debbie

    I love the holiday stuff. The personalized make-up bags are so cute.

  26. Michele

    I like the mini candy dispensers with scoop

  27. Michele

    I subscribe to your feed

  28. Diane

    The sweet 16 mints would be a must have, can my little one really be that big?

  29. Michelle

    Love the “Miniature Watering Cans”

  30. rebecca snodgrass

    I like the personalized baby shower candles.

  31. Go Amie

    I love the custom fortune cookies!

  32. Tisha

    I really like how everything is personalized… the cosmetic bags are great! =)

  33. Louise Brouillette

    the flip flop coasters are cute

  34. Rebecca C

    The mini cocktail shakers look like such a good idea for an adult party :D


  35. Rebecca C

    I am a subscriber


  36. Rebecca C

    I have your button on my blog: Here

  37. Rebecca C

    I also blogged about this giveaway: Here

  38. Rebekah C

    I love the specialized fortune cookies under the birthday favors. Yummy and cute!

    littleminx at cox dot net

  39. Rebekah C

    Oh, am subscribed to your blog too.
    littleminx at cox dot net

  40. Charlotte Winters

    I like the Holiday Cookie Platter. Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I enjoy gifts that make it special.

  41. Hil'Lesha

    I like the lucky bamboo place card holders.

  42. Maja

    bamboo tree is nice.

  43. Maja


  44. jennifer bowen

    wow thay so much nice things thatt well i can not pick so i’m going to say i like every thing and please enter me in to the give away thanks

  45. Elizabeth M.

    I like the monogrammed card holders!

  46. Elizabeth M.

    I’m a subscriber too.

  47. Adrienne Gordon

    Ilike the bulk cocktail flavored jelly beans

  48. Vicky Boackle

    i like the custom fortune cookies.

  49. Kara

    I like the wedding snowglobes. I wish I had goteen married in the winter and had those on the tables!

  50. Michaela R.

    since i love fortune cookies, i’m going to have to go with the custom fortune cookies!

  51. Tara R

    I love the personalized birthday chocolate bars

  52. Angie

    Oh my goodness, I can’t pick just one item. I love all the beach wedding/beach party favors. I would like one of each LOL

  53. Tracye

    I like the mini classic gumball machines! They are so cute!

    Thanks for letting me know where to get my boy’s birthday party favors!

  54. Hayley G.

    I love the personalized cosmetic bags and the mini gumball machines. Thanks for the heads up on this great site!

  55. Hayley G.

    I am also a subscriber!

  56. Natalie Jane

    How great are the holiday cookies! Love everything on the site!

  57. Natalie Jane

    I am a new subscriber! Loving this site….

  58. Cindi

    Hi, What a really fun site. I like to decorate for the holidays and part of this is favors for the table. I like the “Turkey Tea Light Holders” and “Customized Holiday Mint Tins!” Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks, Cindi

  59. Karen Gonyea

    Great Site !

  60. Queen-sized funny bone

    I like the mini cocktail shakers, they are great.

  61. Belinda A.

    I love the umbrella mint tins for baby shower favors, I’m planninga shower for a friend, how perfect this would be!

  62. Belinda A.

    I’m subscribed via email:

  63. Belinda A.

    Your new button is on my blog sidebar!

  64. Joan

    The birthday themed gourmet truffles are so cute! I would love to receive them myself.

  65. Terra Heck

    Wow, what unique and neat favors they offer! My favorite is the personalized birthday mint tins and the holiday themed mint tins.

  66. Michele

    I love so many things here, but one of my most favorites are the glass coasters….super cool!!!

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)

  67. Michele

    I’m a subscriber!

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)

  68. teresa

    Cute stuff,and affordable!! Love the custom fortune cookies,and the embossed favor boxes.

  69. dianne

    I love the gormet cupcake mixes.

  70. Susan C

    I like the polka dot favor boxes, I woould fill them with candy and trinkets for the children at our next family reunion!

  71. sally wess

    love the mini crystal christmas trees

  72. denyse

    I love the bamboo tree:)

  73. Lynn H

    My son would love the MINI GUMBALL MACHINE!

  74. Huguette E.

    My favorite is the sweet 16 party mint tins

  75. Huguette E.

    Subscribed :)

  76. Evelyn

    I really like the blue sailboat light holders

  77. Aspiring Soccer Mom

    Love the Teddy Bear personalized plantable seed card favors - they would be great for the next baby shower I’m planning!

  78. mannequin

    mmm.. I like the Square Monogram Cookies from the Birthday Dept. How elegant!

  79. mannequin

    I subscribed!

  80. mannequin


    I’ve put the NEW, IMPROVED button in my sidebar!

  81. Kate

    I love the idea of the custom fortune cookies ~ a taste of good fortune, what fun!

  82. Linda Lansford

    mini personalized candles

  83. Kathy Scott

    The sweet 16 mints.

  84. Monique Rizzo

    The mini gumball machine is adorable!

  85. beth shepherd

    Thank you for having this! There are so many wonderful things to choose from but I love the Custom Fortune Cookies. such a fantastic product! thank you!

  86. Gayle

    I love this site. My favorite right now is the mini gumball machine!! too cute!

  87. sarah

    i like the flip flop coasters

  88. Sharon Jones

    Mini Gumball Machine…love it!!!! :)

  89. Sharon Jones

    am a subscriber…thanks!

  90. Sharon Jones

    Also…have you on my sidebar at:
    THANK YOU again!

  91. kristi blackstone

    mini classic gumball machines are cute! This would be wonderful to hand out at my son’s next Bday party!

  92. Sylvia Belle

    gourmet cup cake mix is my choice

  93. djp

    something i can use!

  94. Becca

    My fave item is the Square Monogram Cookies with Sprinkles. I’m such a foodie, and these were so classy looking with the monogram, great for a birthday or a wedding.

  95. Desiree

    I like the Mini Crystal Christmas Trees ;)

  96. Kimberly

    My favourite item that Beau-coup carries are the personalized monogram stickers and personalized ribbons! I am getting married in May and think it would be nice to add such a personal touch!

  97. Donna Hunt

    I love the fall favors and was surprised at the selection. My favorites are the Fall Leaf Soap Favors and the Personalized Cocktail Mix Favors. If I ever get married again, I’ll definitely be back on their site! Thank you for the contest!

  98. Karen Gonyea

    I like the gourmet cupcake mix.

  99. Ashley

    my favorite thing really is the gourmet cupcake mix. My favorite treat is cupcakes and the more interesting the better.

  100. Molly Marchand

    custom fortune cookies

  101. Kirsten

    I am sending a link to the wedding favors page so my daughter can use it for bridesmaid gifts. I saw several wonderful things there like the personalized heart shaped compacts!

  102. Charlotte

    The next party we have coming up is for my stepdaughter’s 13th birthday. It’s a slumber party with a spa theme, so I picked the things I think she would like for that. The personalized lip butter, mini sparkling cider, and the personalized mini candy jars would all be perfect!

  103. Lisa Fosses

    personalized birthday cake cookies

  104. Jennifer M

    The custom fortune cookies, for all our FCC events.

  105. Jill L

    Hard choice. I love the personalized rice krispie treats, but also love the mini gumball machines. Great ideas for all sort of occassions.

  106. Belinda

    The mini crystal christmas trees are adorable.

  107. Cathy

    I love the monogrammed petit fours, but the gourmet cupcake mixes are awesome too.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  108. sandi smith

    The eco friendly favors would be a big hit with my crowd.

  109. Tammy

    Psst…don’t tell my husband this but I started planning my 12 year old daughter’s wedding at this site lol — no seriously the mini candy jar salt and pepper shakers are the cutest things ever~

  110. Brandy Holzapfel

    My favorite item is the individual present cheese cakes!!

  111. Patricia Sweetland

    The beach themed charms for wine glasses would be perfect for my daughter’s wedding next May. We live in RI and the ocean is pretty much everywhere. Thank you for finding this site.

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  113. stampedwithgrace

    mini gumball machine!

  114. stampedwithgrace

    subscriber :)

  115. stampedwithgrace

    buttoned up :)

  116. Megret

    I love the Personalized Birthday Hershey’s Chocolate nuggets! Would be perfect for our next occasion.
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  117. Vicki Wurgler

    I like the mini gumball machines

  118. judy brittle

    What wonderful birthday party favors. I couldn’t stop looking. I really love the mini classic gumball machines. They even come with real gumballs. Thank you so much!

  119. judy brittle

    I’m subscribed

  120. Carolsue

    The mini classic gumball machines would make a great party favor for kids! I also liked the fourmet cupcake mix.

  121. Jennifer Hedden

    gourmet cupcake mixes

  122. Shay

    Monogramed card holders are my favorite item.

  123. Shay

    I have your button.

  124. Jessica H

    I love the personalized mint tints, they’re something different than you usually see but something everyone can use

  125. Janna Johnson

    O I really like the personalized fleece blankets! How thoughtful! Thanks so much!

  126. tiff

    i love the personalized wedding candle favours.

  127. Elizabeth M.

    The flip flop coasters are so cute and a great idea!

  128. Elizabeth M.

    I subscribe too.

  129. Nanette Olson

    I like the Gourmet Cupcake Baking Mix.

  130. Erma Hurtt

    I love the mini gumball machine!

  131. Kathy Conley

    I would use the gift certificate to purchase the Ceramic Ornaments place card holders - I have been wanting these forever!

  132. Tiffanie W.

    I like the personalizable candles. Perfect for place setting!

  133. DENISE

    The MINI GUMBALL MACHINES are a novel idea. Love ‘em!

  134. Paula H

    I like the Custom Fortune Cookies and the crystal heart paperweight.

  135. Melissa V

    the Cupcake Tea Light Place Card Holders are so cute and the candybars would be yummy!

  136. Stephanie Kinchen

    I like the mini classic gumball machines. My son would love to have these @ his party.

  137. Clarissa

    I love the gourmet cupcake mixes.

  138. AmandaK

    I’m planning a birthday party for December, and the Personalized Cameras would be PERFECT for candid shots!

  139. Winning Startups

    I like the eco-friendly plantable customized favors. What a great idea.

  140. joanna smith

    My favorite item from Beau-coup are the glass wine bottle stoppers. I chose these because my sister is getting married and these would be perfect as part of her bridal shower favors!

  141. Sarah Cook

    I love the cupcake tea light cardholders. What a neat idea!

  142. Diana Corlett

    I love the jewelled snowflake votive holders.

  143. amandasue

    I love the “heart shaped drop tea” and the “heart shaped sugar drop” they have the cutest favors I’ve ever seen!

  144. Storm

    I think the Baby Bottle Votive candles are adorable!

  145. Storm

    I’m a subscriber!

  146. Michelle Hohertz

    My favorite were the butterfly and dragonfly holders- very cool

  147. Sand

    I like the mini bamboo steamers and chopsticks!

  148. Chrysa

    I like the personalized birthday candy bars.

  149. Jo

    The couture european ball gown sachets would be lovely as a table centrepiece.

  150. jen gersch

    Turkey Place Card Holders

  151. Frances Watson

    the bulk cocktail flavored jelly beans

  152. Veronica Garrett

    My favorite is the Personalized Baby Photo Rice Krispy Treats.

  153. Sherry R

    My favorite are the suede colored pencil sets!

  154. Heather C

    I just love the personalized iced tea infusers and the collapsible cup favors.

  155. Karen

    My favorite item is the personalized birthday chocolate bar.

  156. sarah b

    I LOVE the baby piggy banks. They are so cute!

  157. Janet

    I heart the personalized birthday chocolate bars!

  158. Melanie Miller

    I love the mini gumball slot machines- perfect for a game night!

  159. kathy pease

    i love the
    mini classic gumball machines

  160. Alissa

    What unique items! The site is very well organized. I really like the Sweet 16 favors, particularly the Monogrammed Petit Fours and the Custom Fortune Cookies.

  161. Ed Nemmers

    Custom Fortune Cookies!

  162. Kari Follett

    mini candy dispensers with scoop, very cute

  163. Jenny Gibbons

    I really loved the Bride and Groom chocolate caramel apples — they look like a marvelous treat!

  164. Michelle H.

    I like the personalized chocolate lollipops.

  165. audrey b

    great site, i’m going to order some baptism favors, i liked the seed cards and the crystal angels, different stuff

  166. Deb

    WOW!! I haven’t seen so many unique items in one place in a long time!! The blown glass pens are truly gorgeous!

  167. Chrissy

    I love the turkey tealights! My birthday is usually around Thanksgiving so turkeys have a special place in my heart and these are adorable.

  168. Erica G

    I love the custom baby shower cookies.

  169. Debbie B.

    I love lots of things in the Birthday section - especially the candy and cookies

  170. Debbie B.

    I’m subscribed in my google reader!

  171. Suanne Giddings

    I love the flip flop coasters! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  172. Susanne Troop

    round paper lanterns

  173. Donna Kozar

    I love the personalized photo cookie

  174. Donna Kozar

    I am a subscriber

  175. Donna Kozar

    I put your new button on my blog

  176. Lily Kwan

    I love the Personalized Barbecue Sauce!

  177. Lily Kwan

    I subscribed to your feed.

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