Find Hope at Twisted Silver

Hey everyone. Sorry for this late notice but I wanted to let you know that they’re having an amazing sale over at Twisted Silver. Until tomorrow, you can get any piece of the Hope jewelry line for 50% off! Just use the code HOPE at checkout.

In addition, their beautiful Rome earrings are now also 50% off! This antiqued lightweight brass earrings weighs less than 1oz. It would make a beautiful addition to any wardrobe.

Stop by today!

Win it!

How would you like to win a beautiful Hope bracelet? To enter:

  • Stop by Twisted Silver before midnight Oct 28th and check out all their beautiful designs.
  • Then come back and mention in which design is your favorite. That’s it!
  • A random winner will be selected and notified on Oct 29th.
  • The winner will then have 3 days to claim their prize.

To earn extra entries, you may do any or all of the following. Just make sure you leave a separate comment for each one.

  • Subscribe to my feed.
  • Mention this giveaway on your blog with a link back here and to Twisted Silver.
  • Put my button in your sidebar.

This giveaway is open to US addresses. Good luck!

251 Responses to “Find Hope at Twisted Silver”

  1. Mary Jenkins

    I love the Athena Bracelet!!!

  2. debbie

    Love the Bubbles in Silver bracelet.

  3. Baba

    Oh wow so many great bracelets to chose from: I love the chain mail, the stage, the nautical, and the romance. They are all so beautiful! If I only have to chose one….the chain mail.

  4. Pam

    The classic bracelet is so cool! Classic with a twist!

  5. Pam

    I subscribe, thanks!

  6. Elizabeth M.

    I absolutely love Twisted Silver jewelry. They’re right on trend and so much fun. I am coveting the beatnik bracelet at the moment!

  7. Joan

    The Nautical Bracelet is awesome!

  8. Elizabeth M.

    I added your button

  9. Elizabeth M.

    I blogged

  10. Glenda Kiesewetter

    The horse bit belt. It is an item my wardrobe sorely needs.

  11. Elizabeth M.

    I’m subscribed too.

  12. Michele

    I am a subscriber

  13. Michele

    I love the Diva necklace

  14. LeeAnn P.

    I like the beatnik necklace.

  15. Tanya Moyer

    I like the Diva Choker and the Pulse Convertible Necklace. Cute jewelry! Great giveaway - thanks for offering!

  16. Tanya Moyer

    I am a subscriber! :o)

  17. Sandy gogo opera

  18. Sandy


  19. Sally B

    My favorite item is the Patchwork Convertable Necklace with Char. I am a huge fan of Twisted Silver.

  20. Sally B

    I am also a subcriber.

  21. Michele Cook

    I like the Crazy Bubbles in Silver bracelet. They have some really nice items.


  22. mannequin

    Oh you didn’t think I’d miss a TS giveaway, did you?
    My current ta die for is the Attitude necklace.
    Twisted Silver has been my great discovery find of 2008 and I do intend on acquiring every piece! But wait! How can I do that when they release a new one every month or so?
    They are just incredible! If I could have only one thing for Christmas; it’s Twisted Silver.

  23. mannequin

    And why yes, I am a subscriber to you also!

  24. Tanya Wilson

    I love the Flower Dome ring and the Funky Silver bracelet.Thanks for the entry!

  25. Ali

    I love the chic necklace!

  26. Deci Worland

    I like the Athena bracelet.

  27. Jenn S.

    I really like hte Flower Bracelet.

  28. Jen

    I like the nautical bracelet best!

  29. Carol

    Bongo earrings. I adore the intricate design and style. Creativity abounds on this site.

  30. Mama Zen

    The Tangle Bangle is stunning!

  31. Teresa

    I like the beatnik necklace! It’s awesome!! :)

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  32. Kirby McCauley

    Love the Love bracelet!

  33. Susan

    I love the Chain Maille Bracelet it’s simple but very pretty. Says a statement without being overdone.

  34. Sonya Sparks

    I like the beatnik bracelet. Thanks!

  35. Sonya Sparks

    Your button is on my sidebar.

  36. Sonya Sparks

    I’m a subscriber. Thanks.

  37. rebecca snodgrass

    I love the Athena.

  38. Marilyn Wons

    The Hope necklace is my favorite design!

  39. susan lee wiener

    My fav. is your cotton pod earrings. Everything is great!

  40. Ashleigh

    My favorite piece is the Hope earring set. They are all so beautiful though!

  41. Charlotte Winters

    I like the Medallion Necklace the best. Thanks.

  42. Roseann K.

    I like the Diva Necklace! Thanks!

  43. dixie

    The Motif earrings have long been my favorite.

  44. Melissa B.

    I have two faves, the Diva Necklace and the Athena Bracelet.

  45. Sito

    Gotta be the attitude bracelet!



  47. Vicky H.

    I love the Athena bracelet.

  48. Michelle W

    The Tattoo Ring is my favorite.

  49. Chelsea C.

    I love love love the flower ring! It would look great with my butterfly ring I wear everyday.

  50. jennifer

    Ilove everything,I am really into the beatnik belt!!!

  51. hazel hunt

    The horse bit belt. It is an item my wardrobe sorely needs.

  52. margie ogle

    i think the athena bracelet would make me feel like a goddess!

  53. Rebecca C

    The Athena Bracelet is hands down my favorite!

  54. Rebecca C

    I blogged about your giveaway: Here


  55. Rebecca C

    I am a subscriber!


  56. Rebecca C

    I have your button on my blog:Here

  57. lace

    The Athena bracelet if my favorite. Very cute.

  58. Christine

    My favorite is the Beatnik bracelet, love it! Thank you!

  59. sweetscove

    I love the Hardware bracelet. Polished silver is always my favorite.

  60. Katherine Frazier

    I love the Nautical Bracelet.

  61. melanie

    One of my favorites is the love bracelet.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  62. melanie

    I am a subscriber.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  63. melanie

    I have your button on my blog.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  64. susan varney

    love the Pulse Convertible Necklace/Bracelet

  65. Jaque

    I love all the designs Twisted Silver creates…but my favorite is the Medallion Necklace. It absolutely drips of class!

    Thank you. :-)

  66. C Gibbs

    I like the tangle bangle!

  67. Lauren C

    I like the diva necklace!

  68. Viv

    I really like the gypsy necklace.

  69. kendra

    Bubbles in Silver bracelet is awesome ! thanks for the opp!

  70. Zoe Lee

    I love the starfish earrings..very cute..thanks for the contest.

  71. gloria padilla

    yea jewelry!!!!

  72. Tonya Froemel

    I love the Go-Go Opera Convertible Necklace/Belt.

  73. Krystal deBlasio

    My favorite bracelet design is Romance.

  74. Chrissy

    My favorite is the love charm. Thanks!

  75. Vicki Andrew

    love the betnick bracelet, twisted silver has some of the best looks

  76. Sandra

    I like the deco earrings.


    i love the classic necklace.

  78. Terra Heck

    In addition to the bracelet being given away, I also like the Coil Ring.

  79. Autumn H.

    bubbles bracelet here!!

    autumn398 (at)

  80. Kathryn Bakken

    I just love the Flower bracelet. It’s so me. I also love the necklace and the ring with the same big flower. So very cute!

  81. Jessica A

    I like the funky silver bracelet. thanks for the giveaway:)

  82. Jessica Verdin

    I love the Infinity necklace. All of the designs are innovative and authentic.

  83. Jean F

    I love the tangle bracelet.

  84. Pat Connors

    The silver crazy bubbles bracelet is my choice.

  85. Connie Houghtby


  86. debbie schmidt

    The twisted jewelry pieces are pretty

  87. Deanna

    Funky Silver earrings are my favorite.

  88. Deanna

    I am a subscriber :)

  89. Tony

    I like the chic necklace.

  90. david basile


  91. Cherie J

    I love the Flower Earrings.

  92. Cherie J

    I am a subscriber.

  93. Susan H

    I love the deco earrings!

  94. Kathleen L

    My favorite is the Chichi Bracelet. Thank you.

  95. Deedles

    I love the Track bracelet.

  96. Elena

    I really like the Infinity necklace. Thanks for the contest!

  97. Hil'Lesha

    I love the Life ring. :)

  98. Vickie Couturier

    I am a subscriber

  99. Monique Rizzo

    Love the Tangle Bangle! Great stuff.

  100. Vickie Couturier

    My teenage daughter would like the,Lithe Long Silver earrings,thanks

  101. maquel

    The Chic Necklace.

  102. Evelyn

    Nice - Hardware bracelet

  103. Kellie

    I really think the tangle bangle is great! Very pretty and i love the multiple chains!

  104. Kellie

    I also subscribe!

  105. Kellie

    And I have your button on my sidebar! Thanks!

  106. charline s

    The Romance bracelet

  107. beth shepherd

    Thank you for having this. I really like the Tre necklace as well. Thank you!

  108. janeh

    Starfish Earrings!

  109. Kathy Scott

    I love the Athena Bracelet.

  110. andrea

    I like the Athena bracelet and the Hope earring set. Thanks.

  111. andrea

    I have your button’s on my blog. Thanks again. I really like Twisted Silver.

  112. dee

    I’m all about the texture ring!

  113. Eloise

    I really love the Beatnik necklace, so pretty! Thanks so much for such a fantastic giveaway!


  114. Molly Capel

    The Luxe necklace is so pretty.

  115. Keeling

    I like their scroll ring!

  116. Keeling

    Your button is in my sidebar!

  117. Sharon H

    I love so many but the Hope bracelet and the Tangle Bangle are my favorites!

  118. Patti Sherman

    The swirl ring is my favorite, although there are numerous pieces that are my style.

  119. kristi blackstone

    Crazy bubbles bracelet in silver is my fav

  120. Jennifer Reda

    i like the Tre necklace

  121. Valerie Mitchell

    the tangle bracelet is fun!

  122. Ashley

    this is beautiful!! i also love the patchwork convertible necklace w/charm

  123. Janet F

    I like Beatnik Bracelet in Gold.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  124. Janet F

    I am subscribed.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  125. Janet F

    I blogged your giveaway here:

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  126. Janet F

    Your button is on my sidebar:

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  127. Douglas W

    Everyone needs a little hope. I’m hoping there won’t be a “change” for the worse.

  128. Kate

    I love the gypsy necklace and the key necklace

  129. M.A.

    I like the Funky Earrings!

  130. Tina Mitchell

    I love the bubbles in silver bracelet. Thanks:)

  131. Paula H

    I love the Bracelet Flower the best.

  132. kellybelle

    I love the stage bracelet

  133. carly

    I love the funky silver and the chichi bracelets. So fun and stylish! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  134. Sylvia Belle

    The Bubles silver bracelet for me.

  135. Yvonne Butler

    Zone earrings are so different from anything I have ever seen. I love them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  136. Michelle

    Love the “Clink” bracelet

  137. Nancy Straka

    Beatnik Necklace

  138. ky2here

    Let’s go with the Crooked Bubbles Bracelet in Gold.

  139. sandra kao

    my favorite is the tag necklace since i’m looking for something to wear my wedding ring on (my fingers are still fat from my second pregnancy)

  140. sandra kao


  141. Penny

    I love the Romance bracelet.

  142. Penny

    I’ve mentioned your give away at my blog at
    Live, Learn, Laugh and get Luvs

  143. Kirsten

    The flower earrings are gorgeous.

  144. Lisa Fosses

    Gypsy necklace

  145. Kari Follett

    The Infinity necklace is my favorite piece!

  146. Kari Follett

    Im also a subscriber!

  147. jan koontz

    love any thing in silver

  148. Ginny

    I love the diva necklace!

  149. Ginny

    I’m a subscriber!

  150. Alice C


  151. Bertie Ranger

    I love the key necklace! It is so cool:) Great site! Thanks for sharing.

  152. Deidre

    I love the XO belt.


  153. Lori

    I pick the gypsy! So cool, I wish it were on my wrist as I type!!

  154. Ellen

    I love the Luxe necklace!

  155. holly

    I like the Chain Maille Convertible Necklace/Bracelet

  156. K. Cleaver

    My favorite design is 7 Bracelet.

  157. Kendra Cleavenger

    Your button is in my sidebar.

  158. K. Cleaver

    I’m a subscriber

  159. stampedwithgrace

    subscriber :)

  160. stampedwithgrace

    I like the Diva earrings~ cute :)

  161. stampedwithgrace

    your button’s on my blog :)

  162. Linda Moeller

    I like the bandwidth ring.

  163. Jennifer hedden

    Diva necklace

  164. rebecca

    I loved their belt selection, my fave is the horsebit belt. thank you very much.

  165. Tina Rath

    I love the Diva Necklace.

  166. Storm

    I love the Key necklace - it’s very pretty!

  167. Storm

    I’m a subscriber to your feed as well!

  168. Sarah Z

    I love the Edge bracelet!

  169. Becca

    I really like the coil ring. Thanks!

  170. Miss Heidi

    Such gorgeous stuff. I like the Hope Necklace the most. Thanks.

  171. Aimee M K

    Love the Medallion Necklace! :)

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  173. Susan Piluk

    Love the chic necklace

  174. Susan Piluk

    sorry posted the wrong website addy here’s mine

  175. Jennifer M

    My favorite is the Firefly necklace.

  176. Heather B

    i really like the crazy bubbles in silver

  177. karen c.

    I love the Jade earrings.

  178. Christina Coleman

    I love the Beatnik Bracelet in Silver- beautiful jewelry!!

  179. Sarah at themommylogues

    The vintage bling necklace is gorgeous!!

  180. Rosanne Morrison

    I like the Hope necklace

  181. micaela6955 (Michele P)

    my favorite is the Beatnik necklace, I’ve been drooling over that one for a long time!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  182. micaela6955 (Michele P)

    I am a subscriber!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  183. Kim Peterson

    I like the hip hoops in silver. I wear hoop earrings all the time, but these are more stylish–a step above a simple hoop earring.

  184. Gaye McGill

    The Attitude Necklace is my favorite, but I think all the pieces at Twisted Silver are marvelous.

  185. Chrysa

    I love the flower bracelet. So cute!

  186. Rosalynn

    I love the Diva necklace, awesome stuff!

  187. Crystal

    I love the “beatnik” bracelet. :)
    Thank you very much for the giveaway :)
    Twisted Silver make very cool looking jewelry!

  188. Erma

    Bubbles in Silver bracelet is awesome !

  189. Bonnie Day

    I love the LOVE charm beautiful

    Bonnie in Fl

  190. g. l. penrod

    the love bracelet

  191. Leanne

    I really like the Gypsy necklace.
    Thanks for an amazing giveaway!!!

  192. Kathy Conley

    I think the Diva Necklace is fabulous!

  193. Becky

    I love the chic necklace…so very pretty

  194. Vicki Wurgler

    I like the Cotton Pod earrings

  195. Christine

    I really like the Gypsy necklace.

  196. Carolyn D.

    I love the Athena Cuff!

  197. MomDot » Contest Monday

    [...] couple of great giveaways right now. Enter here to win a groovy ruby CD(Contest ends October 29). Here to win a hope bracelet from Twisted Silver(Contest ends October [...]

  198. Jaime Cummings

    I love the funky silver bracelet!

  199. Julie Smith

    Necklaces are my favorite accessory - the more unusual, but tasteful, the better. The Cameo Trio at Twisted Sister fits both; I love it!

  200. Justyn

    Love that “tangle bracelet” -very cool.

  201. Sherri Siler

    I like the Medallion Necklace.

  202. Sand

    I love the Flower Dome Ring.

  203. Brenda S.

    The Nautical Bracelet is cool! Thanks!!

  204. Samantha Pruitt

    the diva necklace is my favorite!

  205. Samantha Pruitt

    also a subscriber!

  206. Sylvia Porter

    the trinket necklace is really cool looking!

  207. Sylvia Porter

    i’m a subscriber

  208. Peggy Gorman

    My favorite is the Sleek Necklace,its so lovely

  209. Peggy Gorman

    I subscribe

  210. Lindsay

    I like the horse bit bracelet

  211. marcey crisan

    I absolutely love the tangle bangle!!

  212. Ginger

    The “Tattoo” ring is unique and very stylish.

  213. sheila k.

    I really like the infinity necklace. The message of infinity packs so much power.

  214. Jennifer G

    I like the athena bracelet!

  215. Audrey

    I like the beatnik bracelet. Thanks!!

  216. Renée aka Mekhismom

    I really like the patchwork convertible necklace with charm.

  217. Renée aka Mekhismom

    I subscribed to your feed.

  218. Karen Gonyea

    Love the infinity necklace :)

  219. djgroz

    Crazy Bubbles in Silver Bracelet

  220. Nanette Olson

    I like the Athena Bracelet.

  221. Christine W

    I love the funky silver earrings!

  222. Christine W


  223. sharon johnson

    I love the Lithe Silver earrings!!

  224. Brooke

    I like the Horse Bit Belt!

  225. kathy pease

    i love the hardware necklace :)

  226. Angela Young

    I love the “Crazy Bubbles in Silver”.

  227. Veronica Garrett

    The Chic necklace is my favorite.

  228. Laura G

    love the Athena Bracelet

  229. Becky Grady

    I like the beatnik necklace the best.

    rlgrady [at] yahoo [dot] com

  230. Stephanie Jeanne

    I love the flower bracelet design!!! It is so pretty.

  231. Carol M

    Love it all, but especially the Diva necklace.

  232. Jennifer Jozwiak

    I really like the patchwork necklace, i could wear it with many different things.

  233. Steph

    The Beatnik bracelet is my favorite!

  234. Jennifer

    “Snap” is awesome. I like the casual look.

  235. dani

    I love the hepburn earrings.

  236. joanna smith

    I am loving the Infinity Necklace! It is absolutely stunning! I think Twisted Silver has some of the nicest jewelry!

  237. Karen

    Nice Jewelry, I like the Pulse Convertible Necklace/Bracelet Thank you for holding such a nice contest.

  238. Sue

    Hi- I like the “chic necklace”. I’ve been looking for something like that.

  239. Aimee C

    I love the tangle bangle bracelet!

  240. kitty

    i love the athena bracelet

  241. Phyllis Jenkins

    Guilt Necklace

  242. Charlene Kuser

    I love the Tag Convertible necklace.Thanks for the
    giveaway.Twisted Silver is fantastic

  243. sharon johnson

    I still love the Athena necklace best of all!!

  244. Catherine KingChuparkoff

    the crooked bubbles bracelet in gold was so unique…they have a really fantastic selection.

  245. kerri

    love the diva necklace

  246. kerri

    im already a subscriber

  247. Suanne Giddings

    My favorite is the Classic Necklace. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  248. vanessa hunter

    I think the Crazy Bubbles in Silver bracelet is sweet!

  249. Kristen Hendricks

    I really like the Attitude Necklace and the Diva Necklace. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  250. sheila k.

    The classic necklace would be my first choice. There are some lovely yet simple pieces in this line. Thanks for the giveaway.

  251. Gianna

    I love the Moon necklace :)