Who Bob What Pants?

Do you have a SpongeBob fan in your home? Well, I do. Baby Bug just loves him! She knows all the words to his theme song and will sing it at the top of her lungs every time the show comes on. It’s actually pretty cute.

So she was thrilled when Nickelodeon recently released a brand new DVD - Who Bob What Pants?

From the product: “SpongeBob leaves Bikini Bottom, gets amnesia and finds himself Mayor of New Kelp City! When Sandy, Patrick, Mr. Krabs and Squidward finally find him, will SpongeBob return to his old life with these “strangers” or remain in the city where he’s a hero?”

This 74-minute DVD was actually pretty entertaining for even the rest of us non-SpongeBob fans. The main original feature - What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? as well as the other 4 mini episodes kept everyone laughing and wanting more. Baby Bug had so much fun that she kept insisting that we watch it over and over again. So much so that I find myself singing that theme song in my head when I’m at work.

You may purchase your copy at Amazon.com for $14.99.

Win it!

I have a copy of Who Bob What Pants? to give away to one lucky winner. To enter:

  • Just mention in comments before Oct 22nd who your favorite SpongeBob character is. That’s it!
  • A random winner will be selected and notified on Oct 23rd.
  • The winner will then have 3 days to claim their prize.

To earn extra entries, you may do any or all of the following. Just make sure you leave a separate comment for each one.

  • Subscribe to my feed.
  • Mention this giveaway on your blog with a link back here and to Nickelodeon.
  • Put my button in your sidebar.

This giveaway is open to everyone world-wide. Good luck!

176 Responses to “Who Bob What Pants?”

  1. Jo

    Squidward is my fave

  2. Jo

    I am subscribed

  3. Steph

    My favorite character is Patrick Star.

  4. marybeth i

    How funny My daughter is watching this right now - we taped in on the dvr last night. My favorite is Mr Crabs

  5. marybeth i

    I am a subscriber

  6. marybeth i

    your button is on my sidebar

  7. crystal adkins

    My son loves the colorfullness of Spongebob so that has to be his fav. character :)

  8. mannequin

    Plankton is our favorite! And why, you may ask? HE realizes the true beauty of computers as HE is married to one; Karen.

  9. mannequin

    Why yes! I am a subscriber.

  10. Angie

    I love Squidward! and my kids love Spongebob!!!!

  11. Angie

    I’m a subscriber also.

  12. Jo

    Sandy the Squirrel is our fave here

  13. Jo

    I’m a subscriber

  14. International Freebies & Contests

    Spongebob for me too!

  15. International Freebies & Contests

    I am a sub!

  16. International Freebies & Contests

    And I have your button on my sidebar.

  17. Heather Turner

    Squidward reminds me of a neighbor that I used to have. I’m sure everyone has had a neighbor like him. :D

  18. Hil'Lesha

    SpongeBob :)

  19. Linda P

    It’s a toss up between Mr Krabs and Plankton. They both crack me up!

  20. completelyme

    Sqidward is my favorite because he’s grumpy and grouchy like me(at times).

  21. mellissa

    my favorite is sandy the squirrel.

  22. Mama Zen

    Squidward is definitely my favorite!

  23. Marianne

    I just love Patrick. He’s so darm dumb that he’s cute!


  24. Marianne

    I subscribe to your site!


  25. Marianne

    I have your button on my blog!


  26. Melissa B.

    I guess I like Patrick the best, he’s a real goof. Squidward needs to lighten up and Mr. Krabs could probably use some counseling.

  27. Jas Hogue

    We are a Sponge Bob family here. My favourite character is Sponge Bob! But who could not love him!

  28. Cori Westphal

    I love Sandy. Who couldn’t love someone with the name Sandy Cheeks?! I love Spongebob as much as my kids do. Thanks for the great contest!

  29. Jas Hogue

    Subscribed to your feed with google reader

  30. Rob Slater

    My favorite has always been Gary the snail.

  31. Jill L

    I got to say I love Gary. He just sort of goes along with everything. If he could do more than meow, I think he’d be shaking his head at SpongeBob.

  32. Phil Clogston

    I love Squidward the best!!!

  33. kathy Weber

    i just love Plankton, He tries SOOOOO hard! Of course my kids adore spongebob

  34. kathy Weber

    i subscribed to your feed too!

  35. Baba

    My favorite is Patrick, he’s simple like me and tries to please everyone, he likes everyone.

  36. Baba

    I am a subscriber

  37. Vicky H.

    I like several characters, but SpongeBob will always be my favorite. He’s so naive and silly~

  38. melanie

    Spongebob is our favorite.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  39. melanie

    I have your button on my blog.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  40. melanie

    I am a subscriber.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  41. Sandy

    spongebob is

  42. Sandy


  43. Michele

    Sandy the Squirrel is our favorite

  44. Teresa

    My favorite character is Spongebob! :)

    :) Thank you for the great giveaway! :)

  45. Beth Grund

    I think Patrick’s funny and my son is obsessed with Spongebob so I’d love to treat him to this movie!

  46. Beth Grund

    I’m even a subscriber!

  47. barbara leatham

    I love Sandy the Squirrel! Thanks for the contest!

  48. barbara leatham

    I am a subscriber!!

  49. Judith

    SpongeBob is my favorite.

  50. Sonya Sparks

    I like Mr. Crabs.

  51. Sonya Sparks

    Your button is on my sidebar. Thanks!

  52. Sonya Sparks

    I’m a subscriber

  53. Patricia Hill

    I love Pearl, Mr. Crab’s daughter, the whale.

  54. Elizabeth M.

    I just have to say SpongeBob. He’s the key to the show!

  55. Elizabeth M.

    I’m subscribed too.

  56. julie m

    such a hard choice to make as they are all fantastic but i think i would have to say patrick

  57. Elizabeth M.

    I added your button

  58. Betsy

    Patrick is my favorite! You got to love him!

  59. Betsy

    I am a subscriber.

  60. Betsy

    Your button is on my blog.

  61. Daniel Thomas

    Mermaid Man is my favorite character. He is hilarious and never fails to make me laugh out loud!

  62. Shannon Asbell

    It’s gotta be Spongebob!!

  63. Nick

    I’ve always liked Sandy the best - it’s too bad they don’t put her in more episodes!

  64. Jenn S.

    Mr. Crabs is too funny. I love his rivalry with Plankton.

  65. Michele

    I am a subscriber

  66. judy brittle

    I like Spongebob and I’m even wearing my Spongebob t-shirt now. I wake up every morning to the grandkids watching him and again when they get home. Thank you!

  67. judy brittle

    I’m subscribed

  68. Brenda S.

    I love Squidward the best! Thank you!!!

  69. Margaret Smith

    Spongebob is my favorite, but I also think Sandy the Squirrel is really adorable. Thanks for this giveaway. We’re huge fans of Spongebob. Thanks.

  70. Shana

    We love Spongebob, he is are favorite! :o) I like Mrs. Puff too!

  71. Shana

    I added your button!

  72. Shana

    I am subscribed to your feed in my Google Reader!

  73. Leslie D.

    Spongebob of course! We actually love them all. Thanks.

  74. Jennifer B.

    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

    Go Squidward! and Mr. Crabb!

  75. Jennifer B.

    Your button is on my sidebar.

  76. Jennifer B.

    I also subcribe to your feed.

  77. Denyse


  78. Lynn Persha

    The autistic class at school loves Sponge Bob.

  79. Rebecca C

    My favorite is Patrick.

  80. Rebecca C

    I have your button on my blog:Here


  81. Rebecca C

    I am a subscriber!


  82. Rebecca C

    I blogged about your giveaway: Here


  83. Jack Palmer

    Thank you for your giveaway!

  84. Kathleen

    I love Patrick! Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. Lisa L.

    Patrick of course.

  86. susan varney

    planketon is nice

  87. rebecca snodgrass

    I love spongebob.

  88. Abby

    I love Gary the snail!

  89. Adrienne Gordon


  90. Estelle Steenbergen

    My favorite is Squidward. But Mr. Krabs comes in a close second!

  91. Estelle Steenbergen

    I’m a subscriber.

  92. D. Martin

    Squidward is my favorite!

  93. Leona P


  94. Erica C.

    Mr. Crab

  95. Kendra

    Patrick is my fave !! thanks for the opp!

  96. Linda

    Patrick;I am a subscriber.

  97. Valerie Mabrey

    Sandy the Squirrel

  98. Kathy S.

    Gary the pet snail. He is soo cute! Good Luck to All.

  99. tanya


  100. Donna S.

    I love Squidward!!

  101. Shannon

    I love spongebob himself.

  102. Elizabeth

    Sandy is my fav! she is so cute in her fish bowl helmet!

  103. Cathy @ Chief Family Officer

    I have to admit that I don’t have a favorite of my own, but my son’s favorite is Mr. Krabs.

  104. Cathy @ Chief Family Officer

    I also subscribe to your feed in Google Reader. Thank you!

  105. Debbie B,

    my niece’s favorite is spongebob - i don’t have a personal favorite of my own

  106. Debbie B,

    I am a subscriber already!

  107. Lee

    My favorite character is Patrick.

  108. Tara R.

    I like Spongebob.

  109. Karin

    My favorite is the grumpy Squidward!

  110. J Chaborek

    I`m surprised at how many people didn`t choose Spongebob! He`s my favourite character from the show.

  111. Michele

    Mr. Crabs is my favorite!

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)

  112. Michele

    I’m a subscriber!!

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)

  113. jennefer sweitzer


  114. Grace @ Sandier Pastures

    Favorite character, why, Sponge Bob of course!

  115. Tara

    My favorite character is Patrick.

  116. Antonio Salerno

    Patraick Starfish is by far my favorite character

  117. Jennifer Williams

    I like Mr. Crabs.

  118. Kathy Scott

    Parick is my fave.

  119. amir

    The big man himself: SpongeBob!

  120. dianne


  121. Susan

    Love that Sandy Cheeks!

  122. Meredith S.

    I love them all, but Patrick is my favorite.

  123. mary enos

    Sponge Bob is my favorite! After all, he has his own show!

  124. Denise B.

    I like Patrick!

  125. Tania Edwards

    I LOVE PATRICK!!!! I wish I was stupid…..it’s so much less stressful!

  126. Tania Edwards

    Oh yeah….your button’s on my sidebar!

  127. charline s

    Sandy the Squirrel

  128. veronica sandberg


  129. tawnda


  130. djp

    this would be interesting

  131. Alaina

    Spongebob, of course!

  132. david benedict

    patrick is such a neat character

  133. Angela J

    Mr. Crabs

  134. Vicky Boackle

    we like patrick.

  135. Becky

    Of course Spongebob and Patrick are my favorite

  136. Christy Hickman

    My daughter and son just love Gary the Snail. They think it is so funny that he meows like a cat but is a snail. Thanks for the chance to win.

  137. Marilyn Higgins

    I love Spongebob the best

  138. Deborah Wellenstein

    It’s going to have to be Spongebob for me. Thank you!

  139. Molly Capel

    Besides Spongebob, we love Patrick for his “smartness”. lol

  140. Soha Molina

    Squidward is my fave.

  141. Monique Rizzo

    Love Sandy she rocks!

  142. Clifton Wade

    My wonderful sweet grandchildren just LOVE SpongeBob.
    Thank you for this great contest and priZe!

  143. Jamie

    I love Sandy!!! She is my fav character :)

  144. Ken Robinson

    I love Sandy Cheeks, the squirrel. She shares the name and cheeks of one of my cousins. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  145. Cherie J

    Mine is Sandy Cheeks.

  146. Cherie J

    I am subscribed to your feed.

  147. Susan Smith

    Squidward is my favorite

  148. Sharon H

    My fav is Patrick who reminds me of someone I know.

  149. Carolyn Nedrow

    SpongeBob is my favorite!!

  150. David

    I like Patrick Starfish.

  151. Karen Gonyea

    Patrick is my fav.

    ktgonyea at gmail.com

  152. Jolene

    Well, been meaning to start doing some of these, my boys love Spongebob, so what a perfect one to start with!

    My favourite character is Spongebob!

  153. Jolene

    I have subscribed! :)

  154. Luke Frazier

    I would say Krabs…but what would life be like without Gary?

  155. Beverley Justice

    Sponge Bob is my hero!

  156. Keeling

    Spongebob has to be my favorite!

  157. Keeling

    Your button is on my sidebar! :)

  158. K. Cleaver

    Sponge Bob is my sons favorite character.

  159. Valerie Mitchell


  160. Kari Dennis


  161. Genevieve Larson

    Patrick……..he’s just so goofy

  162. Genevieve Larson

    I am a subscriber

  163. Terra Heck

    My kids would enjoy this DVD. Our favorite character is Patrick.

  164. Pat Connors


  165. Tari Lawson

    I love Spongebob Squarepants. I think my favorite character from the show is Squigward. He reminds me of my husband…lol.

  166. betty~simply southern

    got your buton

  167. betty~simply southern


  168. betty~simply southern

    adding you to blog (you just about stay there..lol)

  169. betty~simply southern

    fav character is sandy,but the grands love spongebob

  170. nancy

    My kids LOVE Sandy the Squirrel

  171. The Mom

    I have to say Squidword is my fave, I think I just like saying his name!

  172. Evelyn

    This is my son’s favorite cartoon. Spongebob is his favorite. I actually like Mr. Crab best.

  173. Amber S.

    I like Squidward.

  174. Tamara Bennington

    My son loves Sponge Bob and I like Patrick they are too funny.

  175. Tamara Bennington

    I am a subscriber.

  176. nadine m

    I like Sandy.