Michael Feinstein - The Sinatra Project

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The winner is Valerie Mabrey.

Ol’ Blue Eyes was a little before my time but I have to say that I really enjoyed Michael Feinstein The Sinatra Project.

Frank Sinatra has always been a favorite of my Mom’s and I remember hearing her sing along to his famous tunes during my childhood years. What I really liked about this CD is that even though it’s a remake of those classics, Feinstein has included his own spin and personality making this compilation appealing to even the newer generations. The live orchestra really brings the songs to life and you’ll find yourself wanting to turn up the volume to get the full effect.

This would make the perfect gift for a Sinatra fan or anyone else who enjoys good music.

Michael Feinstein The Sinatra Project may be purchased at Amazon.com for $13.49.


  1. Exactly Like You
  2. There’s a Small Hotel
  3. Fools Rush In
  4. The Song Is You
  5. The Same Hello, The Same Goodbye
  6. Begin the Beguine
  7. I’ve Got a Crush on You
  8. It’s All Right with Me
  9. You Go to My Head
  10. How Long Will It Last
  11. All My Tomorrows/All the Way
  12. At Long Last Love

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143 Responses to “Michael Feinstein - The Sinatra Project”

  1. nancy said:

    fools rush in

  2. Tiff@Three Peas said:

    The Same Hello, THe same Goodbye

  3. Kerrie said:

    I love Fools Rush In!

  4. Kerrie said:

    And I’m a subscriber.

  5. Millicent C. said:

    My mom would so love this she loves Fools Rush In! Thank yoiu so much for the chance to win this great gift!

  6. Millicent C. said:

    I am a subscrber!

  7. Millicent C. said:

    And…I have your button on my blog :)

  8. mannequin said:

    Exactly like you
    would be my favorite.
    I’ve got an eleven yr old son that plays piano and he adores Frank Sinatra!
    This is nice music to play softly at home while just working around the house.
    Thanks for the chance!

  9. mannequin said:

    I am a subscriber

  10. Kristin said:

    I love “Fools Rush In”!

  11. Carol said:

    I love The Song Is You.

  12. Jas Hogue said:

    Fools Rush In has always been a favourite. BUt I love all the Sinatra songs.

    Great review and blog~!

  13. Marilyn Wons said:

    You Go to My Head is such a favorite of mine!

  14. Ivan Girl said:

    my mom love those songs…but I love these:

    - The Same Hello, The Same Goodbye
    - I’ve Got a Crush on You

  15. clenna in NH said:

    I love At Long Last Love. So pretty.

  16. clenna in NH said:

    I’m a subscriber

  17. Jenn S. said:

    Fools Rush In is my favorite.

  18. Deanna said:

    Fools Rush In is definitely my favorite! I love Sinatra!

  19. Deanna said:

    I’m a subscriber

  20. Joe said:

    Fools Rush

  21. Charlotte Winters said:

    I like Fools Rush In. Thanks for the contest.

  22. shannon Baas said:

    Fools rush in.

  23. Dianne F. said:

    I Love Michael and my husband Loves Frank (Sinatra) so this would be perfect for both of us.

  24. Dianne F. said:

    Oops - I always do that -my favorite “All my Tomorrows/At Long Last Love. Sorry.

  25. Lorraine said:

    Fools Rush In.

  26. Fran Bukrey said:

    “You Go To My Head” is my favorite.

  27. Deborah Wellenstein said:

    “i’ve Got a Crush on You”-delicious song! Thank you!

  28. Jo said:

    Fools rush in

  29. Jo said:

    I’m a subscriber

  30. lisa f said:

    Ive got a crush on you

  31. Charlotte said:

    Definitely “Fools Rush In.”

  32. janeh said:

    Fools Rush In……….

  33. Baba said:

    Begin the Beguine is a favorite of mine. It reminds me of my parents when they were their happiest together.

  34. Gina Stratos said:

    I’ve Got a Crush On You

  35. Gina Stratos said:


  36. Genevieve Larson said:

    My favorite song is Fools Rush In

  37. Genevieve Larson said:

    I am a subscriber

  38. Sandy said:


  39. Linda Peters said:

    favorite song would have to be Th Song Is You

  40. Sandy said:

    I’ve Got a Crush on You and ps he is yummo

  41. Frances Carty said:

    You go to my head

  42. Jill L said:

    It’s All Right With Me. Great CD.

  43. Ann Fantom said:

    It’s All Right with Me

  44. Lydia said:

    Fools Rush In

  45. Maja said:

    Fools Rush In

  46. Maja said:


  47. Jennifer Barnett said:

    “I’ve Got a Crush on You”

  48. Lisa L. said:

    I’ve Got a Crush on You — yep I do :o)

  49. ky2here said:

    Begin the Beguine. Sinatra, Feinstein and Cole Porter make an interesting 3-way.

  50. Rosanne Morrison said:

    I Got a Crush on You

  51. susan varney said:

    love begin the beguine

  52. ADrienne Gordon said:

    I like The Song is You

  53. Chrysa said:

    Fools Rush In

  54. Linda said:

    At Long Last Love

  55. Thomas Gibson said:

    Fools Rush In

  56. susan langton said:

    You Go To My Head…And he does…I loveeeeeeeeeeeee Sinatra!

  57. christopher h said:

    Begin the Beguine

  58. Carol Lawrence said:

    You Go To My Head

  59. Carrie said:

    Begin the Beguine

  60. david basile said:

    Fools Rush In

  61. Judith said:

    My favorite is: The Song Is You.

  62. James Jenkins said:

    fools rush in

  63. charline s said:

    I would this, when fools rush is great.

  64. Lori Williams said:

    At Long Last Love.

  65. Karen Gonyea said:

    Fools Rush In !!

  66. DAVID BREWSTER said:

    Fools Rush In, is my favorite, but I like all of them.

  67. veronica sandberg said:

    “You Go To My Head”

  68. Linda Pinto said:

    My favorite is Fools Rush In.

  69. Earl McNulty said:

    Fools Rush In

  70. Valerie Mitchell said:

    fools rush in


    fool rush in

  72. Darla Connor said:

    All My Tomorrows/All the Way

  73. Roxanne said:

    At Long Last Love

  74. Angela J said:

    You go to my Head

  75. Linda said:

    Great CD

  76. djp said:

    fools rush in

  77. Pat Connors said:

    The Same Hello, The Same Goodbye

  78. Joshua Fine said:

    You go to my head

  79. Renee G said:

    Fools rush in .

  80. Anne L. said:

    “Fools Rush In”, which I knew as a Bow Wow Wow song before I realized they were covering Frank Sinatra.

  81. Noelia Gutierrez said:

    Fools Rush in !

  82. israel y said:

    Begin the Beguine

  83. Susan Ledet said:

    How Long Will It Last

  84. Susan Ledet said:

    I’m also a subscriber.

  85. michelle maddock said:

    I love when fools rush in count me in.

  86. Michelle L. said:

    I like Begin the Beguine because it’s nice Foxtrot music.

  87. rebecca snodgrass said:

    Ive got a crush on you is my fave.

  88. Valerie Mabrey said:

    The Same Hello, The Same Goodbye

  89. Ken Robinson said:

    At Long Last Love. Though I hadn’t heard the song until the Burt Reynolds’ film by the same name.

  90. Martha Perez said:

    It’s my birthday today so I really hope I can win, it would be my gift to me. My favorites New York, New York and I did my way!

  91. Joseph Stowell said:

    Scooby dooby do!

  92. keith james said:

    thank you

  93. Belinda said:

    You Go to My Head - thanks!

  94. Victor V. said:

    I like Begin the Beguine because it’s jazzy.

  95. contests 9-26-08 « no time mom said:

    [...] an island review-the sinatra project cd/9/30/08 [...]

  96. Susan H said:

    Fools Rush In

  97. RebekahC said:

    I’d love enter this one. If I win I’ll send the cd to my grandma for her birthday which is in October. She’s a huge Sinatra fan, so I’m sure she’d really enjoy this cd by Feinstein. “You Go to My Head” would be my favorite of the songs.


    littleminx at cox dot net

  98. RebekahC said:

    I’m a subscriber.
    littleminx at cox dot net

  99. Go Amie said:

    I like “You go to my head”.

  100. jan koontz said:

    fools rush in

  101. Linda Moeller said:


  102. Kathy Conley said:

    Fools Rush In

  103. Maureen said:

    I can almost hear Sinatra singing this just by reading the title Fools Rush In.

  104. Virgie said:

    I like You Go To My Head because it nice and mellow.

  105. Gina McDevitt-Parks said:

    Fools Rush In

  106. kathy pease said:

    i have to say my fav is Fools Rush In

  107. Ilissa H. said:

    I like the third song, Fools Rush In. Seems to be popular :)


  108. Ilissa H. said:

    Your button is on my sidebar!

  109. Ilissa H. said:

    I am a happy subscriber. :D

  110. Cindi said:

    Hello! What a marvelous Christmas gift for my sister!
    I like the song “At Long Last Love.” I would appreciate my name being entered in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  111. 5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere - Week 52 said:

    [...] An Island Review - Michael Feinstein The Sinatra Project CD (Sept 30th/Any) [...]

  112. Sandier Pastures said:

    Fools Rush In. I love that song (and the movie too).

  113. Jennifer Hedden said:

    You Go To My Head

  114. michelle rosborough said:

    You Go to My Head

  115. Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said:

    Fools Rush In…love it! Thanks!

  116. Annie G said:

    “Begin the Beguine”

  117. Mary Cottingham said:

    As a Jersey girl and the daughter of a HUGE Sinatra fan, I cannot pick just one:

    Fools Rush In
    I’ve Got a Crush on You
    All My Tomorrows/All the Way

  118. Pegi L said:

    You go to my Head

  119. K. Cleaver said:

    My favorite is I’ve Got a Crush on You.

  120. Kayce C said:

    My favorite is “It’s All Right with Me.”

  121. Melinda L Smith said:


  122. Junglewife said:

    I will have to say “It’s All Right With Me.” Love it!

  123. Junglewife said:

    I’m a subscriber!

  124. Elizabeth M. said:

    Fools Rush In

  125. Elizabeth M. said:


  126. Erma Hurtt said:

    Fools Rush In is a good one.

  127. Samantha Pruitt said:

    i really like “Fools Rush in” great son!

  128. Samantha Pruitt said:

    also a subscriber!

  129. Gianna said:

    At Long Last Love :)

  130. Desiree said:

    Fools Rush In ;)

  131. Jayme Isaacs said:

    I Love Fools Rush In

  132. Danielle Formella said:

    At Long Last Love

  133. Megret said:

    Fools Rush In — for sure! Thanks!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  134. Tessa said:

    All My Tomorrows/All the Way

  135. Bari V said:

    I’m a subscriber

  136. dale schmucker said:

    you go to my head

  137. Sue Farrell said:

    Fools Rush In is a great song.

  138. Nancy said:

    My favorite is There’s A Small Hotel

  139. Ed Nemmers said:

    “I’ve Got a Crush on You”

  140. Tom J said:

    “My Way”

  141. Charlene Kuser said:

    Fools Rush In is my favorite.

  142. Andrea said:

    Fools Rush In! I’d love this. Thanks.

  143. Andrea said:

    I have your button on my Review Blog. Thanks again for an awesome giveaway.

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