iCarly Season 1 DVD

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The winner is Lori Downs.

With all the new tween characters on television these days, it’s hard to keep up and decide which ones are appropriate for my girls. Maybe it’s just me but even some of the more popular shows have inappropriate behaviors and lots of boy-craziness going on. Not exactly suitable for my 6 year old. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I first watched iCarly with Girlie Girl.

From Amazon.com: “In the spirit of Wayne’s World, Carly and her best friend Samantha “Sam” Puckett turn a boring school assignment into a fun, creative and hilarious web-show. When their friend Freddie accidentally leaks a video of their antics on the web, Carly, and average 13-year-old girl, becomes an unlikely online celebrity. Embracing her popularity, Carly convinces Sam, her co-host and comedic sidekick, and Freddie, their technical producer, to turn “iCarly” into a weekly show… where they can finally do and say whatever they want! iCarly is a convergent entertainment experience that unites the TV screen and the web for kids. Throughout the show, Carly will encourage viewers to post their own originally created content relating to the context of each show. Solicited content may become part of a future iCarly episode, or included in Carly’s online webcast, making iCarly the first scripted show on all of TV to incorporate original kid-created content.”

What I really liked about this show is the way they try to promote interaction amongst the viewers. It’s a novel and cool idea and helps to make the kids feel like they can make a difference, like someone is interested in what they have to say. I also appreciate the fact that there isn’t too much chasing the boys around or being overly concerned about appearances.

Definitely a great show for the whole family! Purchase your copy today at Amazon.com for $18.99.

Win it!

I have one brand new, unopened copy of iCarly Season 1 DVD to giveaway. To enter:

  • Just mention in comments before, midnight Oct 5th why you’d like to win this DVD. That’s it!
  • A random winner will be selected and notified on Oct 6th.
  • The winner will have 3 days to claim their prize.
  • Don’t forget to leave a way to contact you in case you win.

To earn extra entries, you may do any or all of the following. Each one counts as a extra entry but you must leave a separate comment for each one.

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224 Responses to “iCarly Season 1 DVD”

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  2. Michele

    I’d love to win this because my niece, Amanda, loves this show!! This would be a great Christmas gift for me to give her if I won!!

    Thanks so much!
    Michele R.(CA)

  3. Michele

    I’m a subscriber!!

    Thanks so much!
    Michele R.(CA)

  4. Mindy Said

    My daughter loves iCarly! Who am I kidding? My whole family loves iCarly! :)

  5. melanie

    I would love to win this for my son for Christmas.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  6. melanie

    I subscribe.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  7. melanie

    I have your button on my blog.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  8. Marilyn Wons

    I have not seen this and I would like to!

  9. Tracey Byram

    Liz would love this DVD. She watches Nickelodeon constantly.

  10. susan varney

    because i haven’t seen it yet

  11. Jill L

    This is a show that all 3 of my kids enjoy watching. It’s nice not to hear them fighting.

  12. Leona P

    my son would like this

  13. clenna in NH

    I have two grandsons that love watching this show. I would be the coolest if I had this video.

  14. stacey moore

    ella loves iclary so we would love to win this for her!

  15. stacey moore

    we are subscribers!

  16. stacey moore

    we have your button!

  17. Mama Zen

    My daughter has just started watching iCarly, so I would love to win!

  18. Desert Songbird

    It’s getting more and more difficult to find appropriate television for my ‘tween, or at least programming that she likes that I find appropriate. This is it - sign me up!

  19. Desert Songbird

    I subscribe through Google Reader.

  20. rebecca snodgrass

    My daughter would love it.

  21. Sandy

    the gals in the family- mine and nieces would love it..I have not seen it

  22. Sandy


  23. Kelly

    This is my daughters all time favorite show I would like to win it for her! :)

    Thank you for the great giveaway!


  24. Stacy

    My granddaughter loves this show. She makes me watch it with her!

  25. Emily

    I would like to win iCarly,
    Because I really like the show,
    But always have to work when its on.

  26. Baba

    I have watched the show and really enjoyed it. Would love to win.

  27. michelle rosborough

    DD like this show

  28. Lori Barnes

    We Love i Carly my to girls watch it all the time and would love this DVD. I’m a subscriber already.

  29. Roseann Kies

    My niece loves this show! Thanks!

  30. John Wheeler

    Thanks for the contest, i think this is a cool show…

  31. Jas Hogue

    iCarly Season 1 DVD would be an awesome dvd to share with my niece. I know we would have so much fun watching it together!~

  32. Maja

    my niece would like it

  33. Maja


  34. Gina

    My girls are crazy about iCarly! I have to say, I think she’s pretty great too! Miranda Cosgroves is terrific and such a cutie!
    I’d love to win this for them!

  35. Gina

    I’m a subscriber!

  36. Gina

    Have the button up!

  37. jennefer sweitzer

    My daughters love this show and I would love to win this for them.

  38. Nick

    My 2 kids love this show! I was going to buy it for them for Christmas later in the year, but I’d love to win a copy of it! Thanks for the contest!

  39. Nick

    I subscribed!

  40. Sharold

    My daughter loves this show.

  41. Linda

    My niece loves iCarly.This would be her Christmas present.

  42. judy brittle

    This would be a wonderful show to watch with my granddaughter. Thank you!

  43. judy brittle

    I’m a subscriber

  44. Sonya Sparks

    I would love to have this DVD because it is a very good show for kids. Gracie loves it. This is one show I don’t have to worry about if Gracie is watching it. Thanks for the chance.

  45. Sonya Sparks

    I subscribe to your feed. Thanks!

  46. Sonya Sparks

    Your button is on my sidebar at:

  47. Pam

    I have plenty of little girls in my family who love Nick and iCarly.

  48. Erica C.

    my niece would love this :)

  49. Hil'Lesha

    My son would love this. :)

  50. Nora Scott-Platt

    We love ICarly. My middle child would be so ecstatic.

  51. corey

    I Love This Show!!

  52. Eloise

    I would love to win this DVD for my daughter who really loves to watch the show. This is really a great show and we enjoy it very much. Thanks so much for the giveaway!


  53. Eloise

    I am also subscribed. Thanks again!


  54. Rosanne Morrison

    Have it for my granddaughters to watch here

  55. Cammie kent

    my kids would love this
    they love carly

  56. Debra F

    My son is a really big fan and I’d love to win this for him. Thanks for the giveaway.

  57. Danai

    My daughter and I really enjoy this show and always watch it together. Thanks!

  58. shannon Baas

    For my niece.

  59. Susan Smith

    My daughter would love this

  60. Stephanie Grant

    My dauhter loves thisd show :)

  61. Cynthia McCoy

    my neice would love to watch this all over again!

  62. C. Clemens

    we love this show because its a good clean show to watch with your little tweens.

  63. Lauren C

    I am a college student and I was a nanny for a 7,9 and 11 year old this summer. Needless to say we watched a LOT of icarly and i found that when the kids were sleeping I would still turn it on! I am a huge fan, it makes me laugh forever :)

  64. Cindi

    I have a niece who is crazy about this show! Please enter me in your delightful drawing. I appreciate it. Many thanks, Cindi

  65. Cindi

    I am subscribed to your feed! Cindi

  66. Brenda S.

    This is my daughters all time favorite show I would like to win it for her! Thank you!!!

  67. Kimberly @ All About Kimberly

    Cameron would love this dvd. I’d love to win it for her since it’s one of the few non-Disney shows she watches all the time.

  68. Kimberly @ All About Kimberly

    I’m subscribed to your feed

  69. Kimberly @ All About Kimberly

    and your button is in my sidebar.

  70. Matt Hurlbut

    I’d love to win this for my daughter for Christmas! She loves I Carly!

  71. Chaney

    My kids LOVE iCarly! Would love to win this for them.

  72. Rebecca C

    I would like to win this because my daughters love iCarly!


  73. Rebecca C

    I have your button on my blog:Here


  74. Rebecca C

    I am a subscriber!


  75. Stephen Saunders

    niece loves this

  76. Terra Heck

    My daughter is a fan of iCarly and I’m sure she’d love to see this DVD.

  77. Carol Lawrence

    My grandkids like this series.

  78. Kathy Scott

    My kids would love a new movie for our 67 mile drive shopping.

  79. Sharon Jones

    I would LOVE to win for my daughter! THANKS

  80. Sharon Jones

    am subscribed

  81. Jennifer

    My daughter would love to have this she loves iCarly. Thanks for the chance to win :-)


  82. Sharon Jones

    have you on my sidebar at
    thanks again!

  83. Jennifer

    I am a subscriber too :-)


  84. Jennifer

    and I have your button up :-)


  85. Pat Connors

    My daughter will be excited. Thanks for the contest.

  86. Ginny

    My girls like this show & you are right it is one of the better ones. I hate how all these kids show are mainly about dating, this is a good one though. Her web show is cute & kids can see that they can do different things! I’d love this for my girls!

  87. Ginny

    I’m a subscriber

  88. Jason

    I would like to win this DVD for my daughter, she really likes this show. Thanks!!

  89. Bob DiFrancesco

    It would make a great gift!

  90. Denyse

    My daughter would love this!

  91. cheryl pasquier

    iCarly hasn’t made it to France yet so I’d love to find out what it’s all about and we’re always on the lookout for things to watch as a family so this sounds great !

  92. cheryl pasquier

    and I’m a subscriber

  93. tawnda

    my daughter would love this!

  94. Jenn S.

    We love this show. It is so cute and funny. Would love to win this for the kids.

  95. Nicole C.

    I would love to win this because my daughter is CRAZY about iCarly!!!

  96. Jo Bryan

    I have a 13 year old daughter who loves US Teen drama and this would be a great addition to her viewing. Looks funny.

  97. charline s

    This is my son’s favorite show.

  98. stampedwithgrace

    subscriber :)

  99. stampedwithgrace

    my tweens would love to win this!

  100. stampedwithgrace

    your button’s on my blog :)

  101. Carolyn D.

    My kids just love this show. The fellow who plays Spencer is just delightful!

  102. Rebecca Peters

    My bestfriend Loves Icarly.

  103. djp

    i am in on this one

  104. Angela J

    I think my teenage grand daughter would like this.

  105. Mary Sullivan

    My niece would love this!

  106. claudette flanigan

    my daughter would just love if I won this for her!

  107. Ken Robinson

    Disney rulez. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  108. Casey H

    I’d love to win this for my daughter, I’d save it for Christmas since money is so tight this year!

  109. James Jenkins

    my grandkids would love this

  110. Nikki

    I would like to win this for my daughter. She loves this show! :)

  111. Linda F

    My son really enjoys watching this show. It would make a great Christmas present for him.

  112. Karen Gonyea

    My daughter would LOVE this :)

  113. Courtney S

    My kids love this show! They would love to have this!

  114. Adrienne Gordon

    because my kids love ICarly

  115. Monique Rizzo

    My daughter LOVES this show! Thank you.

  116. Shaun Wallner

    This show is great!!

  117. Linda Moeller

    Great show for those a teeny older.

  118. veronica sandberg

    want to win this
    my grandkids would love this dvd

  119. Michele

    I know a tween who would love this in their Christmas stocking!

  120. Michele

    I am a subscriber

  121. david basile


  122. Sue

    My 9 yr old niece would love this!



  124. mary gallo

    I’d like to win this for my nieces . they are a big fan of the series. thanks for sponsoring.

  125. Richard T.

    My grandkids love this show.

  126. Jennifer

    I would love to win this My daughter has the whole family hooked!! lol

  127. Phil Clogston

    My kids love ICarly!!!!

  128. Tari Lawson

    My 6 yo loves ICarly. I would like to win this for him.

  129. Evelyn

    I watch this with my son all the time and we are hooked. My son has been a fan of Miranda’s since Drake and Josh. He is a loyal watcher and jumps when he hears the song.

  130. anna t.

    Grandkids love this show.

  131. Charlotte

    In the words of my stepdaughter, O! M! G! Her 13th birthday is on the 5th, and she would love to have it as a present, I’m sure–even if the drawing isn’t until her birthday’s over. :)

  132. Julie A Gardner

    The kids are fans. It’s a pretty decent show. Thanks.

  133. tobye

    My kids love the show and I actually think it is hilarious! Love that Spencer.

  134. Clifton Wade

    The show is not only interesting but funny.
    Thanks for this great contest and prize!

  135. Sierra

    My daughter loves iCarly and her birthday is coming up! This would be a fantastic gift!! Thanks!

  136. Jacob LaFountaine

    Never seen it. Curious

  137. Melissa

    My 12yo dd would love this!!! Great giveaway!

  138. danielle

    My daughter loves watching I Carly.

  139. rebecca

    My granddaughter is an ICarly fan, must say this is one I enjoy as well.

  140. Sylvia Belle

    My granddaughter will love this.

  141. Jamie Z

    My daughter watches ICarly anytime she gets a chance, we have to TIVO it for her. Would love to have it on DVD to free up TIVO space for mom/dad’s shows.

  142. Valerie Mabrey

    my daughters would love this

  143. Debbie M

    My daughter loves this show and I like that it is a show my daughter can watch where the lead actresses are wholesome girls. OK she also has gotten me hooked on this show also.

  144. Kari Follett

    My kids all love icarly!!

  145. Kari Follett

    Im a subscriber!!

  146. Judith

    I’d like to win this DVD for my daughter.

  147. Lori Downs

    cause i would love to hear my 11 year old scream with excitement that I won something for her!!

  148. Susan Ledet

    I would love to win this for niece who loves this show.

  149. Susan Ledet

    I’m also a subscriber.

  150. william causey

    to give to my grand kids

  151. Jennifer Hedden

    This is my nieces favorite show

  152. Anna

    I’d like to win this so I could give it to my niece for Christmas! She would love this!

  153. AJ

    I would love to win this to give to my DD!

  154. AJ

    Your button is on my blog!

  155. K. Cleaver

    Thanks for entering me too.

  156. Tiffany Losco

    We love icarly here.

  157. Kathy Conley

    I would love to win this for my daughter Kelsy who has a b-day this month!

  158. Stephanie Adkins

    My little niecey-poo loves this show.

  159. Deb K

    My daughter loves this show!

  160. Molly Capel

    I would love to win this for my kids.

  161. Melissa V

    this is a great show for kids.

  162. Don

    My kids love this show…would love to win.

  163. Julie S

    My girls love this show, and I have to admit that I enjoy it with them. We would all love to add this to our collection.

  164. Pauline M

    We are a big Disney fan and love to watch all the shows. This would be a great treat for my kids!

  165. Regina

    For my son or niece,

  166. Traci

    we have 5 girls in the house under 10 years old and they LOVE iCarly!! they also all have birthdays before Christmas so this would be a wonderful gift for them!

  167. Alecia Gibson

    I’d like to win because I have heard so much about this show but I can’t see it because I can’t afford cable TV.

  168. Ed Nemmers

    For my niece Hannah

  169. Belenda

    I would like to win this set because I’ve never seen the show.

  170. Carolyn Nedrow

    I would love to win this because I’d like to see the show and haven’t yet!

  171. Lori R.

    I would love to have this for my daughter - so she can quit saving episodes on our DVR and free up space for other shows.

  172. Marion B

    My daughter would love to own this dvd!

  173. christopher h

    youngest would love to have this

  174. pamela m

    good contest

  175. Monalisa C.

    My teenager saw this and said mom please sign up. thank you for this chance to enter.

  176. Paula H

    I’d like to win this for my daughters.

  177. Christi

    Isaac loves this show and would LOVE this DVD! Thanks for sharing!

  178. Vicki Wurgler

    I’d like to win this for my granddaughter

  179. Tessa

    My little sisters (13),(9)and(6) love this show!

  180. Mary Priewe

    like to win for my nirce.

  181. sabina edwards

    I would be entering this for my 12 yr old daughter, as it seems like something thats appropriate

  182. Alishia

    Hi! My ringtone on my phone is my niece giving me an icarly show! I would love to give this to her for Christmas! Thanks for the contest!

  183. Timothy W.

    My two girls love this show. I would love to surprise them with it at Christmas.

  184. Dan Weaver

    My twins Love i-Carly LOVE

  185. jeanne pellin

    I have heard a lot about this movie. Would love to see it

  186. jeanne pellin

    I am a subscriber

  187. Helen

    My daughter would love this!

  188. diana hogle

    Even my 6 and 5 year old grandson love this show

  189. Carla Pullum

    My daughter wants to see this!

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  191. Suzanne Reichel

    My granddaughters LOVE this show and I’d love to be able to watch it with them!

  192. Marc

    …because this seems like a fun and positive show for the whole family.

  193. Veronica Garrett

    I would love to win this because my daughter is a big fan of the show.

  194. Candie L

    I would like this for either one of my nieces (ages 6 and 7) because I know both of them watch the show

  195. ky2here

    It’s just good clean fun and a great diversion.

  196. Paula Harmon

    All my kids (boys & girls ages 13 down to 3) watch and love this show. I watch it with them too. It’s cute.

  197. Deborah Wellenstein

    I would like to share this with my granddaughter. Thank you!

  198. Barbara Baker

    I’d love to win because my girls are aboslutely fascinated with ICarly…they would be thrilled if I won (for them of corse)!!!

  199. Annmarie O'Daffer

    My daughter, Zara, LOVES iCarly!

  200. Suzanne Lewis

    The kids I babysit love this show. We could watch the whole season together!

  201. marybeth i.

    this is my girls’ favorite show. They love Carly and Sam

  202. marybeth i.

    I am a subscriber!

  203. marybeth i.

    your button is on my blog.

  204. Sharon W

    I WOULD love to win this for my daughter who is a big fan of this show. Please enter me

  205. Jayme Isaacs

    I Would Like To Win It For My Niece

  206. Jayme Isaacs

    I’m A Subscriber

  207. Veronica Jarvis

    My 3(and-a-half) year old LOVES iCarly….it’s too cute! Thanks for the contest!

  208. tanya

    My kids all love the ICarley show, it would be a great Christmas present.

  209. kathy pease

    my daughter loves this show i want to win it for her :)

  210. Carey

    IS there still to enter? Count me in if there is.

  211. Denise

    I think my kids would enjoy this.

  212. Amy

    I would love to win this for my husband’s niece!

  213. amy delong

    great show

  214. Jaime C.

    I would like to win this for my daughter. She loves iCarly!

  215. Katherine Dunn

    I want to win because my little sister loves the show! It would make an awesome gift for her. Thanks ;)

  216. Debbie B,

    Great show! I’d like to win this for my niece!

  217. Samantha Pruitt

    this is a great show!

  218. Samantha Pruitt

    also a subscriber!

  219. Donna Kozar

    My daughter would love it.

  220. Donna Kozar

    I subscribed

  221. Donna Kozar

    I put your button on my blog.

  222. Felicia L

    My kids would love this, thank you.

  223. Janet

    I have two grandsons that love watching this show.

  224. lorene

    my 8 year old loves ICarly