Daryl Hall & John Oats

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The winner is Sue F.

Boy, do they bring back memories!

Well, their brand new DVD release “Live At The Troubadour” contains 2 hours of 19 of their biggest hits including Private Eyes, Rich Girl, Maneater, and Sara Smile.

It’s been 35 years since they last performed at this venue and now they’ve returned for a two-week sold-out concert performance that are making the fans go crazy! Their entire concert has been recorded just for you and now you can enjoy the Hall & Oats classics in the comfort of your own home.

What a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer this would make!

Win it!

I have a copy of Darly Hall & John Oats Live At The Troubdour DVD for a very lucky winner! To enter:

  • Just mention in comments before midnight, Dec 15th what your favorite Hall & Oats song is. That’s it!
  • A random winner will be selected and notified on Dec 16th.
  • The winner will then have 3 days to claim their prize.

To earn more entries, you may do one or all of the following. Each one counts as an extra ticket. Please leave a separate comment for each extra entry.

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This giveaway is open to everyone world-wide. Good luck!

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178 Responses to “Daryl Hall & John Oats”

  1. Stacie said:

    I love the song Maneater.

  2. Anne Sturtevant said:

    “Rich Girl” (I’m “old school”!)

    (My most favorite from Darryl is “Dreamtime.”)

  3. Stacie said:

    I subscribe to your feed.

  4. Michelle said:

    Rich Girl was the coolest. My mother thought it was just awful because of the “B” word. Oh how tame it would be today.

  5. Michelle said:

    Subscribe to feed in google.

  6. yelowflower mo said:

    Kiss on my list (it was a hard choice, but this one beat Rich Girl by a tiny tiny margin lol)

  7. yelowflower mo said:

    I already subscribe to your feed ;o)

  8. Lori Barnes said:

    I grew up on Hall and Oates and love them.
    My favorite songs is not one that everyone may know it was a song that never made it on the charts. Change of Season Please enter me in this contest, actually please draw my name lol! I would be estatic to win this!!

  9. Lori Barnes said:

    I am also a subscriber also.
    answer again “Change of Season”

  10. Judith said:

    My favorite is “Rich Girl”.

  11. Marilyn Wons said:

    I saw them in concert years ago - the best!

  12. betty rood said:

    would be the first song i think i ever heard from them,sara smile..enter me please.merry christmas girl!!!!


  13. betty rood said:

    subscriber also

  14. Serge B said:

    Family Man

  15. Karen A. said:

    My favorite song is: You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

  16. sandra kao said:


  17. Mary A. said:

    I love the remake Daryl did of “Mrs. Jones”. If you ever get the chance to hear it, I’m sure you will love it also! I am a “huge” fan of these guys and have seen them in concert. I so want to win this!!!!

  18. Bettina said:

    Kiss is On My List-I was just a little kid when that came out and my mom would really jam that one!

  19. Bettina said:

    I’m a subscriber!

  20. Valerie Mitchell said:

    kiss on my list :)

  21. Valerie Mitchell said:


  22. Tonya Keener said:

    My favorite is “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”. It was popular in my High School days when I was going through lost loves and broken hearts.

  23. Anne said:

    As I was reading your post I started singing “Kiss is on my List” in my head and now its stuck there! lol I haven’t seen or heard these guys for a while! This is a great giveaway!


  24. Anne said:

    I’m a subscriber!


  25. Debra H. said:

    “Rich Girl” is my favorite but I love them all! Saw them live in Kansas City - they still have it after all these years!

  26. Susan S. said:

    “You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling” - thanks for the musical flashback!

  27. Linda Peters said:

    Love this due, Rich Girl was my favorite

  28. susan varney said:

    family man

  29. Marla said:

    My favorites are She’s Gone and Kiss on My List. thank you for the entry

  30. Marla said:

    I’m also a subscriber. thanks!

  31. Shannon said:

    Sara Smile

  32. MJ said:

    Sarah Smile…..
    Have seen them twice, years ago, still love em.

  33. nicole belletiere said:

    Private eyes

  34. Beth said:

    I’ve gotta go with Rich Girl!

  35. Beth said:

    I’m a subscriber!

  36. Carolyn S said:

    I am a child of the seventies (the best music ever) and Hall and Oates were always on the radio. My favorite was probably She Gone, but I loved so much of their music.

    thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com

  37. Carolyn S said:

    I am a happy subscriber.


    ceashark at aol dot com

  38. Maggie M said:

    I’ve always loved “Maneater”, and, now, thanks to you, I can’t get the song out of my mind! LOL!

  39. Maggie M said:

    I’m a subscriber :)

  40. Hannah B. said:

    My favorite is She’s Gone.

  41. Hannah B. said:

    I subscribed to your feed.

  42. janeh said:

    Sara Smile

  43. Lisa said:

    Oh my goodness the memories that this brought back this afternoon. They had so many cool songs it’s hard to choose just one…I liked almost all of them.
    Wow thanks for the stroll down memory lane today.

  44. staceyk said:

    I love a lot of their songs. First one to mind– When the Morning Comes. Thanks!

  45. Adrienne Gordon said:

    You Make My dreams Come True

  46. staceyk said:

    Also subscribe via google reader.

  47. Lisa L. said:

    Adult education. Seen them in concert years ago, still luv ‘em!

  48. keith james said:


  49. judy brittle said:

    Maneater has been one of my favorite songs. Thank you so much!

  50. judy brittle said:

    I’m a subscriber.

  51. ky2here said:

    I like their cover of Elton JOhn’s ‘philadephia freedom’.

  52. christopher h said:

    she’s gone

  53. John said:

    Private Eyes

  54. Jacob LaFountaine said:

    Rich Girl

  55. Cheryl VanBrunt said:

    Adult Education

  56. Sandy said:

    maneater and rich girl are close

  57. Sandy said:


  58. Linda said:

    I am a subscriber.

  59. Dana Moore said:

    I have to go with the standard- Sarah smile

  60. A.R. said:

    Method Of Modern Love is one of my faves.

  61. A.R. said:

    I’m a subscriber too. :-)

  62. Brenda S. said:

    My favorite is “Rich Girl”. Thank you!

  63. jennifer bowen said:

    why not lets al jump on that late 70’s early 80’s bus lol yes hereing there music does take you back to them old days and well i realy did not have a faveorite song by them but well i think you could say i had more then one that i like by them man eater,rich girl, and privet eyes and other ones too :)

  64. Stephen Saunders said:

    You make my dreams come true… gets ya bopp’n.

  65. JC said:

    They have great songs, but man eater is my favorite.

  66. Rebecca Graham said:

    I like Sarah Smile. Thanks for your giveaway!

  67. cheryl pasquier said:

    Your Kiss is on My List and Maneater, can’t choose !

  68. cheryl pasquier said:

    I’m a subscriber too

  69. Marcia said:

    I love this duo! My favorite song by them was “Rich Girl”.

  70. Leroy Duke said:

    “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

  71. Barry said:

    I have so so many Hall & Oats favorite songs but my best would have to be Privite Eyes.

  72. Cynthia McCoy said:

    my favorite in the 80’s was Maneater!

  73. David said:

    I’d have to say Maneater, thanks.

  74. Leona P said:


  75. david basile said:

    Kiss is on my List

  76. Brandlyn said:

    “Private Eyes” is my favorite.

  77. Susan C said:

    “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)”, is my favorite!

  78. Susan C said:

    I’m subscribed to your feed!

  79. Monique Rizzo said:

    Private eyes has always been my fave!

  80. Kathy Scott said:

    Mrs. Jones

  81. Lisa Cook said:

    Rich Girl is my favorite.

  82. Sherry said:

    Now that’s a hard choice, I listened to them all the time. The first one that comes to mind is “Private Eyes”

  83. Sherry said:

    I’m a subscriber.

    slcremer at gmail dot com

  84. JOHN DONAHUE said:

    sara smile

  85. Kim said:

    Maneater is one of my favs! You got me to dig out my H&O CD! Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. Trish said:

    Your kiss is on my list, I love H&O!!!!

  87. Trish said:

    I’m subscribed to the feed.

  88. Kayce C said:

    “Your Kiss is on my List” is my favorite.

  89. Ruth Utterback said:

    Rich girl

  90. Francine said:

    Love them all - but I Can’t Go For That brings back memories. I managed to see them in concert a few years back & they’re still HOT!

  91. Angela J said:

    Rich Girl

  92. Ken Robinson said:

    “Out Of Touch”. The most original of their songs. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  93. Charlotte said:

    Rich Girl is my favorite.

  94. Charlotte said:

    Your button is on my sidebar.

  95. Edwina said:

    long time fan from All most the begining, they’re THE BESTand still goin’ strong!

  96. M. Rogers said:

    Kiss on my list.

  97. Don said:

    I Can’t Go For That…thank you for the great contest.

  98. David Bertolo said:

    My favorite is Maneater.

  99. Jennifer B. said:

    Kiss is on my list…. great song.

  100. Jennifer B. said:

    Your button is on my blog.

  101. Jennifer B. said:

    I’m a subscriber.

  102. Trooper said:

    Wait for me (Live)

  103. Gary Osborn said:

    Family Man

  104. Belinda said:

    Kiss on My List.

  105. John said:

    You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling….

  106. Cindy B. in Montana said:

    Your Kiss Is On My List!

  107. Cindy B. in Montana said:


  108. Dave said:

    Sara Smile. Thank you for the great give-away!

  109. Deborah Wellenstein said:

    Maneater! Thanks!

  110. Miss Heidi said:

    My fave song is “Man on a Mission”. Thanks.

  111. Linda F said:

    I like so many of their songs but She’s Gone is probably my favorite.

  112. djp said:

    great win for me…memories

  113. Joan said:

    Rich girl… thanks for the chance to win this.

  114. Art B said:

    I like Private Eyes. And, Maneater! Thanks!

  115. Angie P. said:

    I grew up on them! I love “Sara Smile” and “She’s Gone”, to name a few.

  116. Kari Follett said:

    Sara Smile

  117. Kari Follett said:

    Im a subscriber!

  118. Kathy Conley said:

    My favorite is Rich Girl!

  119. Susan Smith said:

    Rich Girl

  120. Eva D said:

    I love them all. I was a teen when most of their songs came out but if I have to pick a favorite it would be Rich Girl

  121. emily said:

    sara smile is 1

  122. dn6511 said:

    Kiss on my list!

  123. Beeb Ashcroft said:

    I love Hall and Oates! My favorite song is “Method of Modern Love”. Thank you for the giveaway!

  124. Beeb Ashcroft said:

    I subscribe via supercoupongirl AT gmail.com. Thank you!

  125. Beeb Ashcroft said:

    Your button can be found here:


    Thanks again!

  126. MaryBeth I said:

    This was the first concert I ever went to (1982 or 1983) - would love to win this! Rich Girl is my favorite

  127. MaryBeth I said:


  128. MaryBeth I said:

    your button is on my blog

  129. Miranda said:

    Sarah Smile! My mom and I listened to them all the time OH the memories!

  130. Sylvia Belle said:

    I remember Change of Season

  131. Clint said:

    Method Of Modern Love

  132. Joseph Perozzi said:

    I remember seeing Hall & Oates when they were still a Philly club band. It was great to see them take the whirlwind ride!

  133. Kerry Winger said:

    I love she’s gone!

  134. michelle maddock said:

    Kiss on my list is my faorite thanks.

  135. Kryss said:

    Maneater is a classic!

  136. alexa marie said:

    Family Man…love it.

  137. Wayne Lecoy said:

    I would love to win this Daryl Hall & John Oates Live At The Troubdour DVD.
    I love the song Maneater but Rich Girl and
    Your Kiss Is On My List are great too.
    I love the music from the 80’s and still enjoy it today.Thanks for having this contest.

  138. Rose Roberts said:

    I love Man Eater

  139. 5 Minutes Around the Blogosphere - Week 63 said:

    [...] An Island Review - Hall & Oats Live at The Troudbour DVD (Dec 15/All) [...]

  140. Christina E said:

    I like Private Eyes

  141. veronica sandberg said:

    You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

  142. Julie M said:

    ohhhhhhhhhhh the memories

  143. Marion B said:

    Maneater is a cool song!

  144. Shae said:

    I have always loved Rich Girl…just a catchy little ditty …love it.

  145. Shae said:

    I subscribe to your feed.

  146. Shae said:

    Your button is on my sidebar.

  147. Sue Farrell said:

    “Rich Girl” is my favorite.

  148. kathy pease said:

    my favorite of all time is private eyes ;)

  149. Monica A said:

    Private Eyes and Rich Girl.

  150. Jennifer hedden said:

    Sara Smile

  151. ellen cunningham said:

    My favorite would be Rich Girl. Thanks for the chance.

  152. Rita S said:


  153. Heather Hart said:

    She’s Gone, Rich Girl, Sara Smile…. they’re all great!

  154. Susan Ledet said:

    I was in college when they first came out and have been a fan ever since. I got to meet D. Hall a few years ago and felt like a kid again.
    Sara Smile has always been my favorite.

  155. Susan Ledet said:

    I’m also a subscriber

  156. Kimberly said:

    Maneater has to be my fav

  157. Kimberly said:


  158. Kimberly said:

    button is in my sidebar

  159. Chrysa said:

    Maneater - My sister once bought me the single for my birthday!

  160. Chrysa said:

    I’m also subscribed to your RSS feed!

  161. Jennifer said:

    My favorite Hall and Oats song is Kiss on My List.

  162. Jennifer said:

    I also subscribe to your feed.

  163. Kathy S said:

    Truly love the song “Sara Smile” because my first granddaughter is named Sara and when she was born, and given her name the song came to mind immediately! I really love Hall and Oates!

  164. Tamara Merritt said:

    Man…just ONE? Can’t do it.

    I love “Maneater” because my Pug would sing along as soon as he heard the first few notes.

    “Your Kiss Is On My List” and “Private Eyes” are two of my other favorite songs.

    I would also so love to win this!

  165. Salleefur said:

    I’ve always loved “She’s Gone” - and even more now that they’ve written new lyrics to make the song about Allan Colmes departure from Fox and Hannity.

  166. Erma said:

    I like Kiss on my list. Thanks for the chance to win.

  167. tim brown said:


  168. Michael said:

    “Ooh, Ooh babe” - spelling? I watched a video in which Daryl referenced a background to the song and John sang lead but I have not been able to locate anything about that particular song in any of their album’s repertoires :)

  169. Holly said:

    Maneater is my favorite!

  170. Ed Nemmers said:

    “It’s a Laugh”

  171. Janet said:

    “Rich Girl” ty 4 the awesome giveaway and entry!:)

  172. Jay French said:

    “Rich Girl” is very memorable.

  173. Kelli Robinson said:

    My favorite H & O song is Sara Smile. This song was on a K-Tel record that I wore out! Thanks.

  174. Kelli Robinson said:

    I subscribe to An Island Review via Bloglines.

  175. Kristen Hendricks said:

    My favorite Hall & Oates song is She’s Gone. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  176. Donna K said:


  177. Donna K said:

    I am a subscriber

  178. Donna K said:

    I put your button on my blog.

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