Bratz Kids: Slumber Party for Wii

December 10, 2008 by Kailani  
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I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a very big fan of Bratz mainly because of the way they dress. I’ve never approved of little girls trying to look older than they really are. I’ve even turned down product review requests in the past that dealt with Bratz.

So when the opportunity to review Bratz Kids: Slumber Party for Wii was presented, I hesitated. However, when I went online to check out the characters this is what I found: “Jade is really respectful, Sasha is very dynamic, Yasmin is self-confident and Cloe is sweet – and of course they’re all sparky, adventurous and cool.” Hmmm . . . not bad at all.

From the site: “Yasmin is hosting a sleepover. As our 4 girls look through Yasmin’s photo album, they remember all their craziest times together and embark on an adventure based on each of the memories in the album! Explore the adventure mode or dip in and out of a series of fun mini games where you customise your favourite Bratz Kidz characters. You can also make a delicious pizza for your girlfriends, take stylish photos, create your very own clothes and much more in this sassy sleepover!”

Basically, you play a series of mini-games and activities where you earn “stars” which can be later used to purchase clothes and accessories for your character. There are over 350 accessories options including hairstyle, make-up, manicure, clothes, shoes and jeweler. Once you complete various mini-games, you’ll unlock exclusive scenes from the Bratz Kidz Sleep Over Adventure DVD.

I really enjoyed playing the Pillow Case Hop and even earned a few stars which allowed me to check out some of the clothing options in the Bratz Kids Shop. The ones that I saw were pretty conservative - no mini-skirts or bare mid-drifts. However, I wasn’t able to view all of them so I’m not sure what else was in their closets.

What I really liked about this game is that you have the option of selecting to play as a team rather than against each other. I thought this was a great way to enforce teamwork and cooperation and it made it much more enjoyable for our family.

So, if you’re willing to give Bratz a second chance, check out Bratz Kids: Slumber Party for Wii. It changed my mind about this cool group of girls.

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148 Responses to “Bratz Kids: Slumber Party for Wii”
  1. Adrienne Gordon says:

    Rubik’s World

  2. Kendra says:

    Zenses ocean looks like it would be fun ! thnx for the opp!

  3. yelowflower mo says:

    I went there and I think that the Strawberry Shortcake games sounds kinda kewl! I guess I’ll just never grow up. lol

  4. yelowflower mo says:

    I already subscribe.

  5. maria says:

    We would love the Bratz Pony game. Cute

  6. maria says:

    I am a subscriber to your email feed

  7. maria says:

    I have your button on my sidebar under Support Your Sistas!!

  8. Margaret Smith says:

    The Build A Bear Workshop Game looks really cute. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  9. Jenn S. says:

    Bratz Ponyz 2 looks like a winner.

  10. Hil'Lesha says:

    Rubik’s World :)

  11. Sandy says:

    build a bear

  12. Sandy says:


  13. Stephen Saunders says:

    Build A Bear Workshop Game

  14. Dree says:

    Rubik’s World because it is multi-player.

  15. Rebecca Graham says:

    Rubik’s World looks like fun!

  16. Carol says:

    I’ll say Rubik’s World, because the description says it’s puzzle games that are addictive. I love puzzle games, so does my son.

  17. Gay T says:

    Build a Bear and Rubiks World

  18. Kristi C says:

    My favorite is Code Lyoko.

  19. Ginny says:

    My daughters really want this game. My youngest also wants Bratz Ponyz 2. I really want Rubik’s World!

  20. Ginny says:

    I’m subscribed

  21. Ginny says:


  22. Ginny says:

    button is up

  23. dianne says:

    Rubik’s World!

  24. Shellie Seering says:

    Love the Zenses Ocean. It’s fun to see companies at last trying to appeal to women!

  25. ky2here says:

    Zenses Rainforest is my favorite.

  26. Vicky H. says:

    World Championship Games

  27. denyse says:

    The Build A Bear workshop look fun!

  28. Mama Zen says:

    I have my eye on Bratz Pony 2!

  29. Lee Taylor says:

    Rubik’s World is my favorite!

  30. Monique Rizzo says:

    Would love to try the Build a Bear workshop game!!

  31. susan varney says:

    Rubik’s World

  32. staci k says:

    the build-a-bear game.

  33. mARY Casper says:

    rubiks world here tto

  34. Kathy Scott says:

    Legends of Dragons for wii

  35. April says:

    My daughter would be all over the Build-A-Bear Workshop® A Friend Fur All Seasons game. She’s all about Build-A-Bear right now.

  36. sara marcy says:

    wii would love to play rubiks world

  37. Sue Cahill says:

    My granddaughters would love the Build-A-Bear workshop as well as the Bratz game.

  38. Leona P says:

    rubiks world

  39. Alicia says:

    Leona Helmsley.

  40. Jennifer Short says:

    Rubik’s world looks great.

  41. david basile says:

    Legend of the Dragon

  42. Erica C. says:

    I like the Rubik game too!

  43. Cathie says:

    We went over to the site and my granddaughter says she LOVES the Build-a-Bear game too. If she could she’d love to have both lol. So please count us in for this one.

  44. Cathie says:

    I am also a subscriber

  45. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us says:

    The Build a Bear Workshop game sounds super fun!
    3kidsnus at gmail dot com

  46. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  47. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us says:

    Your button is on my right sidebar.

  48. beth shepherd says:

    The build a bear game looks like a lot of fun for my family. Thank you

  49. Robin Farnsworth says:

    I’m a subscriber.Bratz Ponyz

  50. jayne says:

    Build A Bear Workshop! Thank you!

  51. Kodie says:

    Rubikz World!

  52. Kim says:

    Definitely Rubik’s World. Looks like a lot of fun to play! Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Erin says:

    Rubik’s World is one I would like to try.

    Twitter: @erinjeany

  54. Erin says:

    Your button is on my sidebar!

    Twitter: @erinjeany

  55. Erin says:

    I subscribe to your feed.

    Twitter: @erinjeany

  56. David Bertolo says:

    My grandson would love the Legend of the Dragon for Wii.

  57. MaryBeth I says:

    rubik’s workd for Miss E or build a bear for Miss N.!

  58. MaryBeth I says:

    I am a subscriber

  59. MaryBeth I says:

    I have your button on my sidebar!

  60. stampedwithgrace says:

    your button’s on my blog :)

  61. stampedwithgrace says:

    Build-A-Bear Workshop® A Friend Fur All Seasons and Rubik’s World are games I’d like to try!

  62. stampedwithgrace says:

    subscriber :)

  63. Sheila says:

    Rubick’s world looks fun!!

  64. Sheila says:

    Im a subscriber too!

  65. Elaine says:

    My graddaughters would love the Build A Bear Workshop.Thanks

  66. Ken Robinson says:

    Code Lyoko - Quest For Infinity for the PS2 looks like a cool game. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  67. Karen says:

    I like Rubik’s World

  68. Catherine says:

    Build a Bear Workshop

  69. Diane says:

    I would love the Build a Bear Workshop so my 5yo has something she can play on the Wii.

  70. leloni says:

    Ribuk’s World.

  71. Jeffrey W says:

    Rubik’s World

  72. Jeffrey W says:


  73. karen c. says:

    We’d love to try Rubik’s World for the Wii.

  74. Shae says:

    I think I’d love Rubik’s or Build a Bear…haven’t played either one yet..but I sure would like to! Thanks for the giveaway.

  75. Shae says:

    I subscribe to your feed.

  76. Shae says:

    Your button is on my sidebar.

  77. Catherine copeland says:

    the Build a bear workshop game is just the cutest little thing. i know my lily would love this

  78. Catherine copeland says:

    I blogged about your giveaway on my site

  79. Dan Smith says:

    Rubik’s World

  80. Susan Smith says:

    I like the Build a Bear

  81. djp says:

    boy would the girls love one of these

  82. Noreen says:

    Strawberry Shortcake - The Four Seasons Cake beacuse I still have my dolls

  83. Miranda Allen says:

    build a bear

  84. tanya says:

    I think Rubik’s World looks fun

  85. Heather Weber says:

    Build-A-Bear Workshop® looks like a fun game for kids!

  86. Karen C says:

    Great Giveaway. Build a bear is on a christmas list in my house. My daughter would love bratz.

  87. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    World Championship Games - A Track & Field Event

  88. Valerie Mabrey says:

    Rubik’s World

  89. Jason says:

    Garfield’s Nightmare looks fun

  90. Becky says:

    Either Rubik’s World or Build a Bear look fun for my house.

  91. Kari Follett says:

    Rubiks world would be great for my whole family!

  92. Kari Follett says:

    Im also a subscriber!!

  93. christopher h says:

    we’d love the rubiks world

  94. Rosanne M says:

    Rubiks World would be cool

  95. Rosanne M says:

    I’m also a subscriber

  96. Kelly L says:

    I think my daughter would also like the Build-a-Bear game. Thanks.

  97. Ann Marie Walker says:

    I like the Build a Bear Wii game from the game factory.

  98. Amanda Chapman says:

    My daughter would like the build a bear game. I personally would like to try the rubiks world. It looks like fun.

  99. R Hicks says:



  100. Erma says:

    My kids would love the Rubik’s World. Thanks for the chance to win.

  101. Jennifer Hedden says:

    Rubik’s World

  102. Melissa O. says:

    Build a Bear. I want to get that one for my daughter (and me)

  103. Marion B says:

    The Pet Alien game looks good too!

  104. Phillip Fry says:

    Rubik’s World!!

  105. Debra F says:

    My son would love Legends of Dragons for wii. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  106. Cassandra says:

    Build a Bear Friend Fur All Seasons

  107. Bobv says:

    My favorite is Rubik’s World, enter me please.

  108. trishas says:

    rubiks world!

  109. sharon says:

    I like the Legend of the Dragon game.

  110. Elizabeth M. says:

    Rubik’s World sounds great!

  111. Elizabeth M. says:

    I have your button

  112. Elizabeth M. says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  113. Deanne says:

    The Build-a-Bear game for the wii is cute. I like that one.

  114. Lisa Brown says:

    It would be build a bear

  115. Tiffany says:

    My daughters would love the love the Bratz Ponyz 2 game.

  116. Tiffany says:

    I am a subscriber.

  117. Jennifer says:

    I like the Rubik’s World. My daughter would love the Build A Bear Workshop Game.

  118. Jennifer says:

    I am a subscriber.

  119. Tracey Byram says:

    Liz would like Garfield’s Nightmare game.

  120. Pam says:

    Build a bear workshop would be a great game for my granddaughter. The bratz kid slumber party would be a nice addition to her collection.

  121. Steph says:

    Legend of the Dragon looks like a good one.

  122. Rebecca C says:

    I like Rubiks world!

  123. Rebecca C says:

    I have your button on my blog: Here


  124. Rebecca C says:

    I am a subscriber!


  125. Rebecca C says:

    I blogged about this giveaway: Here


  126. Paige says:

    I think Rubik’s world sounds like fun.

  127. reeva says:

    i’m a subscriber

  128. reeva says:

    rubik’s world would be on my list :)

  129. kathy pease says:

    my son wants rubiks world badly :)

  130. Paula Harmon says:

    I’d like to try Bratz Pony 2 for DS because I play video games with my 3 yr.old and that looks like a game she (and I) could handle.

  131. Leigh Nichols says:

    Rubik’s World

  132. Vicki says:

    I think Rubik’s World looks like a fun time.

  133. Veronica Garrett says:

    Biker Mice from Mars is my favorite.

  134. Renee Borders says:

    Rubik’s world looks like a really fun, really challenging game. Thanks! :)

  135. Jackie Morton says:

    My daughter loves the build a bear workshop game for Wii. She would love the Bratz one as well. Thanks for the contest.

  136. Chrysa says:

    Rubiks World looks fun!

  137. Chrysa says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  138. Helen says:

    My kids would love Rubik’s World.

  139. Donna K says:

    I want to try Rubik’s World.

  140. Donna K says:

    I am a subscriber.

  141. Donna K says:

    I put your button on my blog.

  142. Marcy Strahan says:

    My tikes would love the Strawberry Shortcake games !

  143. Marcy Strahan says:


  144. Lily Kwan says:

    I love the Bratz Ponyz game!

  145. Lily Kwan says:

    I subscribed to your feed.

  146. toni jensen says:

    we love the buld a bear game

  147. toni jensen says:

    we subscribe


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