Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk (Giveaway)

In one of the latest series of Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Teens Talk shares heartwarming stories written by kids just like yours. What a great way for children to see that they’re not alone in their sometimes confusing world.


Teens Talk: Middle School - The stories in this book cover topics important to the 12 to 14-year-old age range, including regrets and lessons learned, discovering the opposite sex, cliques and popularity, and new privileges and responsibilities such as jobs, cell phones, and grades.

Teens Talk: High School - Stories in this book cover topics important to the 14 to 18-year-old range, including regrets and lessons learned, dating and sex, family relationships, applying to college, and preparing for life after high school.

Teens Talk: Getting In . . . to College - The stories in the book are written by kids who have been there and want to pass on their words of support to the kids behind them.  Stories cover topics such as parental and peer pressure, the stress of grades and SATs/ACTs, college applications and interviews, recruiting, disappointments and success.  These stories provide moral support and encouragement to high school students going through one of the most stressful events of their lives.  Parents will find Getting In…to College a great source of support and inspiration as well.


Each of these books contain 101 true stores written by real kids. It’s a candid and honest look into their lives and helps parents and other kids understand the unique dynamics involved in each age group.

As a parent of younger children, I really appreciated the “look into the future” and what’s yet to come in my daughter’s lives. Everything from friendships, crushes, tough times, following your dreams, graduation, peer pressure, college interviews and entrance exams. Ahh . . . the teenage years.

What I really liked was that the stories were written by everyday kids. I think this is important in helping to make other kids relate to these experiences and see themselves in the same situations. We all know that kids face right and wrong decisions every day and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk is a great resource tool in helping them make the right choices.


One lucky winner will win their choice of any one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk books listed above. To enter:

  • Just mention in comments before midnight, April 14th which book you’d like to win and why. That’s it!
  • A random winner will be selected and notified via email on April 15th.
  • The winner will then have 3 days to claim their prize.

To earn extra entries, you may do one or all of the following. Each one counts as an extra ticket but you must leave a separate comment for each one.

  • Subscribe to my feed.
  • Mention this giveaway on your blog with a link back here and to Chicken Soup for the Soul.
  • Place my button in your sidebar.

This giveaway is open to US addresses. Good luck!



43 Responses to “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk (Giveaway)”
  1. SANDY says:

    college looks good

  2. SANDY says:


  3. brandlyn says:

    Teens talk about College sounds interesting.

  4. Ellen C. says:

    I’d like to win the middle school book. Thanks for the chance.

  5. Ellen C. says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  6. Barbara Williams says:

    Definitely sounds like a book I’d suggest to my child to read!

  7. The Mom Jen says:

    I would love to win Teens talk Middle School, my oldest will be attending next year and it would be a great book for her to check out!

  8. The Mom Jen says:

    I subscribe via Bloglines.

  9. Mama Zen says:

    I like the Middle School book.

  10. c. clemens says:

    the college book for my neice

  11. Kathy Scott says:

    My son would enjoy the middle school book.

  12. Sheila H says:

    The Middle School one would be great for my niece! Thanks for the chance!

  13. Sheila H says:

    Im a subscriber!

  14. susan varney says:

    college would be my choice.

  15. christopher h says:

    i’d love to win the high school book, as oldest is almost there

  16. Jenn Elliott says:

    I’d love the Teens talk high school. My (much younger) brother is a junior.
    Thanks for the chance!

  17. Meredith Rogen says:

    The high school for my friend’s daughter.

  18. valerie m says:

    i’d like the college book

  19. valerie m says:

    email subscriber

  20. gahome2mom says:

    I have two teenagers and they would like to read these books. We could also share these with others. Thanks.

  21. 1stopmom says:

    I would love to win the Teen Talk Middle School.

  22. shannon Baas says:

    teens talk high school.

  23. kayla larson says:

    i love reading theese books i own like three of them one more would be a great addition. this would also help my cousin who is having problems in middle school.

  24. barbara leatham says:

    I’d love the Teens Talk: Middle School. My daughter starts middle school in August, and I think this would be great for me to read…and her too! Thanks

  25. barbara leatham says:

    I’m a subscriber!! Thanks

  26. DEBIJOT says:

    Would love the middle school book.

  27. DEBIJOT says:


  28. Jean F says:

    I’d like the High School book - my daughters is a sophomore

  29. Angie P. says:

    I would choose the middle school one, as my youngest has just begun MS this year.

  30. Angie P. says:

    I am a subscriber.

  31. Amir says:

    Teens Talk: Middle School

  32. Angela J says:

    Getting into college

  33. joanmurraycefalu says:

    My daughter loved these books. Glad of a new one. Hope we win ! Great prize. :) Thank you.

  34. Angie says:

    i’d like to win the Teens Talk: Middle School because my Middle School aged son really needs to get more God and wisdom in his life to help him through things.

  35. Kirsten says:

    I would like teens talk middle school because my daughter is having a very difficult time in jr high.

  36. Kirsten says:


  37. Maggie M says:

    I would LOVE to win “Teens Talk High School” for my fourteen year old granddaughter. She’s an only child and has been pretty much “protected” by her parents. I think this book would be of great benefit to her. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway. I have always enjoyed the “Chicken Soup” book series. I own Chicken Soup for the Soul and a couple others:)

  38. Maggie M says:

    I’m a subscriber by email :)

  39. jane jakins says:

    teen talk high school or college

  40. Angie says:

    I am an email subscriber pricousins{at}aol[dot}com

  41. Rosey says:

    I’d like to win the one discussing high school because I have a student who is in his second year of it, and I love finding things for him that he’ll WANT to read (besides gadget instruction manuals and video game instructions, lol).


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