Valentine’s Day Goody Swap Update

February 10, 2007

So far, here are the people who have received and posted their Valentine’s Day surprises! Check out all the great gifts that everyone received!

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Are We There Yet

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Holding the Mirror Up to My Soul

Stranded in the Mountains

It seems that a few people are having a hard time contacting the person they’re supposed to be sending to or receiving from. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, may I suggest that you skip the person and go on to the next. If you’re still having trouble, please let me know so I can try to help. We wouldn’t want anyone to go without their goodies even if I have to send you something myself!

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Aloha from Mari, MamaBee (Tonya), Tonya, Judy, Tiggerprr, Kelli in the mirror, ChupieandJsmama, Janean, Mary (Mert), Jill, Misslionheart, Renee, Holly Schwendiman, ~liz, Carey, Debby, Zeus, and Desert Songbird

19 Comments on “Valentine’s Day Goody Swap Update”


Desert Songbird said:

I mailed my package to tiggerprr yesterday. I got my package from jenmomof4 on Thursday, February 8th.

You can see my photo of the package of I received on my photoblog.

The Ice Box
Ice Box Project 365


Desert Songbird said:

BTW - love your new template! It’s very fresh.


Zeus said:

I can’t wait to see Mert’s reaction to her goodies! I sent mine out on Wednesday of this week so hopefully she gets it in time for Valentine’s Day!


Debby said:

Hey Local Girl if anyone didn’t get a package I would be more than happy to send another package out. I had so much fun with mine that I would love to send out another one. Just let me know!

That is so generous of you. I’ll let you know. Thanks!


Carey said:

Looks like everyone got a great valentines gift so far. What a nice thing you had done putting this thing together. Youll have to do it again.

If I do it again, I may have to make some changes to the rules. Live and learn . . . 


~liz said:

hello! i mailed my package to janeen yesterday…so hopefully she’ll receive it shortly! :)


Holly Schwendiman said:

I wish I’d had more time to participate but I’m learning to recognize my limits and didn’t want to disappoint by not being able to get it done. I think it’s a fantastic idea and really enjoy following the results. You always have such great ideas (and themes) going on here at your island. ;o)

Holly’s Corner


Renee said:

Oh I need to post my goodies before I eat them all… they are very yummy! Okay, I won’t eat the towels. hee hee ;)

Yeah, the towels may not taste as good as the chocolates. LOL! 


Misslionheart said:

I got mine!

And Kristi got hers!


Jill said:

As I said before, this was a ton of fun! Also, Lili was my swap-partner and she got her goodies too!


Mary (Mert) said:

I just got mine, I made a post about it here! :O)


Janean said:

GOT Mine today…Hooray!
Check out the pictures..


ChupieandJsmama said:

I received my goodies yesterday from Elizabeth!
Thank you Elizabeth!


kelli in the mirror said:

I haven’t heard from the person I’m supposed to send to. So we’re supposed to go to the next person on the list? Is that right?

Yes, please go on the next person. If you have trouble contacting them, let me know. Maybe I can help. 


tiggerprr said:

I just got my package from Desert Songbird! I think she outdid herself! :)

See pictures and everything here. :)

I’ll be by to check it out! 


Judy said:

Hi! This was fun. I received my package today from Lisa . You can check it out here.

Now, on to the next fun thing :-)


Tonya said:

I got mine and Christine really went above and beyond.

Here’s where I posted about it.


MamaBee (Tonya) said:

Got mine from SeaBird (Laura). I made a post about it today. You can read about it here:

Happy Valentines Day.

(btw your is coming LocalGirl, I mailed it and my word I didnt realize the mailing time for Hawaii lol)


Mari said:

I just put my post up today about the swap! Thanks so much for this. It was fun! I sent my goodies to Australia, so it’ll be a while before Ray gets them, I’m afraid, but Mert did a great job with the presents!!

Thanks again!

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