Photo Assignment: My Favorite Ornament

December 18, 2007

I think that ornaments say a lot about a person. After all, there are tons and tons to choose from so whichever you select to display on your tree, it must have some sort of significance, right?

As for us, I think I mentioned before that during every holiday season, we all go to the store and everyone gets to pick a new ornament for the tree. Here are this year’s selections:

Baby Bug’s because she loves Elmo. Plus, it’s one of the few words she can actually say.

Girlie Girl’s because she loves pink. Wonder where she got that from?

DH’s because he’s an ice cream fanatic. Plus, it kind of looks like him since he hasn’t been surfing much lately.

and mine because I really want a “frosted candy” themed tree. I’ve been trying to find frosted candy garlands but all the online stores won’t ship to Hawaii. Boo!

This year we have an extra special addition from Sher’s Wares & Everything Mom! She was one of my partners for the 2007 Ornament Exchange. Isn’t it super cool? Thank you Sherry!

Here’s the finished product. Notice how the bottom of the tree is pretty bare? For some reason, my ornaments keep disappearing and I can’t seem to find them.

Now I have a photo assignment for you. Post a picture of your favorite ornament and the special meaning behind it. Then leave your link below so everyone can stop by and visit.

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