My Valentine’s Day Goodies

February 14, 2007

Due to a little mix-up in the Valentine’s Day Goody Swap, I have 2 swap partners. I sent out 2 packages and will be receiving 2 in return. Works for me!
The first one came in today. It was so pretty that I didn’t even want to open it.

But then I saw what was inside and I got over the pretty packaging pretty fast! Ghirardelli Chocolates! Yum!

Thank you so much Mysterious Lady. You really made my day! Now I have to go find a place to hide them before my family eats them all!

Here are a few more people who posted their surprises:

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Aloha from Meredith, Ma, Carey, Anne, Sam, YoungMommy, Pamela, Irish Church Lady, Heather in Beautiful British Columbia, Desert Songbird, Rona, Jennifer, Mary (Mert), and Tiggerprr

14 Comments on “My Valentine’s Day Goodies”


tiggerprr said:

If I were you…I’d be in a buzzing heap on the floor with a choco moustache and goatee. It’s taking everything I can do not to eat the entire box that Desert Songbird sent is crazy good!


Mary (Mert) said:

Good God woman, you hit the mother lode of all Valentine gifts! Ghirardelli, num num NUM!


Jennifer said:

WOW!! I wish she was my swap partner!!! That is my favorite!! I keep hoping my swap will arrive soon!! I can’t wait!!

If it doesn’t come soon, let me know so I can follow up for you. *keeping my fingers crossed*


Rona said:

How fun. Enjoy your treats.


Desert Songbird said:

HA!!!! Chocolate was my anit-spam word!!!

Gawd, I’m gorged on chocolate today - I never thought I’d say that, but I was at the kids’ school today, I went into sugar overload. Blech - I’m sick to my stomach.

I’m sure I’ll get over this by tomorrow, though - LOL.

You scored big, girl! Man, hide that stash is right!


Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said:

Hey Island Girl,

I picked up my lovely gift today at the post office! What a special treat : You can see it here:

Please organize this again next year - I can’t wait :)

Thanks, Heather

I probably will but I think I’ll do things a little differently. I’m so glad you had fun!


Irish Church Lady said:

I hope you had a wonderful Valentines!

Thank you for the sweet Valentinr ecard.

Enjoy the rest of your VD!


Pamela said:

If I”m still blogging next year … it may be something for me to consider.
I get nervous about buying presents for people .. especially if I don’t know them

I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’m so glad that my partners were bloggers I knew.


YoungMommy said:

I received my box of goodies today… I posted a picture too!
Thanks again for organizing this. It was loads of fun!
Happy V-Day!


sam said:

ghirardelli chocolates, you lucky girl!!


Anne said:

dang woman you got it good


Carey said:

What a wonderful gift. Thats some good chocolate you got there.


Ma said:

Me again. I wasn’t pau yet. The card is so great. I love it when Baby K gives me cards that she wrote herself. And she draws pictures for me too. That is the best kind of gifts.

It will be so great when they get older and we can show them the cards they used to make for us.


meredith said:

I received mine last week, Kailani!!! I posted about it this morning.


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