Christmas Card Exchange

November 12, 2007

One thing I love about the holidays is greeting cards. It’s so nice to receive them in the mail and display around the house.

However, every year it’s the same dilemma - what kind of card to get?

There are the traditional greeting cards that come in a box of 20. You can usually get these from Wal-Mart, or if you’re lucky to have one nearby, a Target. These are usually inexpensive but have some really cute pictures on the front. Very practical if you have to send out a lot, say like 200.

Then there are the photo cards which are a little more expensive but have a much more personal feel. If I go this route, I usually get mine from The great part about this option is that I can order them from home and have it shipped to me for free! I don’t know about you but one less trip to Costco with the kids is always a welcomed thing!

Then, did you know they have greeting cards for those who work in the travel industry? Every year I want to get these but I wonder if the humor would be lost on those who can’t relate?

Anyway, since I’m in the process of ordering some cards for our family and friends, I was wondering if anyone out there would like to exchange Christmas cards with me this year? If so, just use the contact form above and send me your mailing address so I can put you on my list.

What kind of cards does your family send out? What do you do with the cards that your receive?

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Bahama Cruise Blog » Christmas Card Exchange said:

[…] Travel Blogs | Travel Journals | Travelogues | Travel Diaries | Since 1997 wrote something that might interest you todayHere’s a brief breakdownThen, did you know they have greeting cards for those who work in the travel industry? Every year I want to get these but I wonder if the humor… […]


squila » Blog Archive » Christmas Card Exchange said:

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Desert Songbird said:

Christmas cards from our family come from Target, but they HAVE to be funny. I don’t send out serious or sappy ones. I usually include a newsletter outlining our family’s life for the year and photos of the kids. I might include vacation photos if we’ve gone somewhere fun. Sometimes I even include a handwritten note, but now that my list is about 85 recipients, that gets more difficult!

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amy said:

Weve got a yahoo exchange group. Feel free to join and if not I would love to exchange with you. There is a link on my site if you are interested…I love visiting your blog

amy’s last blog post..The weekend Christmas Cards and me


Christmas News Aggregator » Christmas Card Exchange said:

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HawaiiVacationGifts said:

I usually buy Christmas cards with dogs or cats on them because I have both and I love animals.


Baby Advice said:

What a cute ideal!!! I love the card by the way!


Carey said:

Our Christmas cards are usually bought at the end of the year when they get marked down, so i tend to have a small stock pile of them. They are usually bought at walmart, or target, wherever i find the ones i like at a decent price. I have seen a few photo pics that i like on One of these years we will get the photo ones.


JessicaK said:

We splurge a bit on Christmas cards. We go to our regular photographer (we’re going today) when she has Santa, and order folding watercolor print cards. They always turn out gorgeous. A lot of our friends end up framing them. Anyway, I would love to exchange cards with you!

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Sheila said:

I love Christmas cards! I usually Hallmark Christmas cards in January when they are on sale. I always like to go for a pretty picture.

I display the cards I receive on a door that I’ll see near the kitchen and near the door from the garage….basically where I’ll see them the most often.

For people who send photos, I enjoy seeing the photos, but not as the main face of the card or “the card”. Sometimes, I don’t even display those photo cards, especially when they don’t even look Christmasy. I like the traditional cards….not the photo cards.

I keep just about every Christmas card after Christmas. I don’t know what I’m going to do with shoeboxes full of Christmas cards, but I just can’t seem to throw them away. :-)
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Lissete said:

That card is just too funny! Where did you find that? I would love to get one for my flt. att. brother! Plus many of us who travel can relate too!

Iused to send out photo cards when the girls were little. Now it’s just regular boxed cards. Unless I get inspired & hand make them. Rarely happens though! ;)


witchypoo said:

I have to confess to being somewhat lax about sending Christmas cards. When I send them, they are hand made. I know folks hate photo greetings, but the one of my Grammie on the Harley is priceless.
I like to create a greeting in PowerPoint, and email it to my family and friends. It is usually something funny.

witchypoo’s last blog post..Introducing Skinny Bitch


Renee said:

I just tossed out your address (the package you sent Prada in)! I think it might be on my Christmas card list, but I’m not sure. I would love to get a card from you though…I couldn’t figure out where I was supposed to click to get on your list though…email me please.

Our family always raves about my funny newsletters, but then I kept reading how some folks don’t like newsletters cuz they make them feel like we’re bragging. So I started making a collage of pictures throughout the year. The family LOVES this even more. When ever we see DH’s aunts they tell us how much they are in love with the new cards. So I’ll be doing that again…which means shopping for the best deal on color copies.

Renee’s last blog post..Brother emailed me back….ACK ACK ACK!


Alta said:

I have always wanted to send out Christmas cards every year. I think I am just not organized enough. I start out doing really well and then by the next year I can’t find the darn addresses. Maybe one year I can get it all together and still have it together when next year rolls around.

Alta’s last blog post..A Soldiers Wife


Matt said:

My wife makes me pose for a card every year. I hate it, but the family usually gets a kick out of it. We also include the dogs in the card, which our family also enjoys.

Matt’s last blog post..Stupid Animal Jokes Continue


Karen (Pediascribe) said:

I’ve ordered mine from this year. I’m getting the Blue Polaroid. :) The cards look gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to see them with my own kids’ pictures.

Karen (Pediascribe)’s last blog post..FAMILY TRADITIONS THAT I’VE KILLED


groovyoldlady said:

I dropped doing the Christmas Card thing several years ago. I try to tell myself that I’ll be nontraditional and send cards for New year’s or Easter instead, but I never do.

However, 2 years ago I did start exchanging cards with my online writer’s group. It usually ends up being about 20 cards. I get greetings from Australia, Botswana, Canada, and from regions all over the U.S. Sometimes folks include poems or stories. Last year I mailed out baby dustbunnies..

Anyway, It’s manageable and it’s fun, so I’m doing it again this year. :-) Sending one to Hawaii would fit right in.

groovyoldlady’s last blog post..This Pink is Weirding Me Out


Cathi said:

Your posted Christmas card truly wasn’t lost on us!! Oh the stories Flight Attendants can tell. I’d love to join in on your card exchange so I’ll email you my address.
I love Christmas cards and I always enclose a newsletter. I love receiving newsletters too as it’s such a delightful way to keep up on the happenings with family and friends we aren’t able to see on as often as we’d like. I do believe my newsletter from last year was a bit lengthy but I know it was enjoyed. I have bought cards from the New York Metropolitan Museum, Hallmark and my fav, Target. Last year I bought some great cards way below half price at CVS. I wish I had bought more. I plan on buying cards from several of the boutique blogs I’ve come across and again from the Met. I tend to send out a variety each year all containing the same newsletter. I have a card list that helps me keep track of the cards I receive and the ones I mail. I also mark done who gets what and when I receive a card; I cut out the return address from the envelope and tape it to the back of the card for safe keeping. After Christmas the cards all go in a large zip-lock bag and are packed away with the decorations.
Sheila who commented before me wondered what she could do with old Christmas cards. You can always cut the picture from the cover of the card and use it to make another card to send out from you.

Cathi’s last blog post..Veteran’s Day


Dana said:

Ok, I typed a HUGE comment - like 8 paragraphs long and I forgot to type the anti-spam word and lost it. GRRRR

Oh well, you didn’t want to read that long old comment anyway.

I send two sets of Christmas cards. One to the locals that see us allt he time, I get cards from WAlmart (and they have some really cute ones this year). I sometimes include a picture of Brandon and I IF I have one that is good. Sometimes I include the pic and sometimes I don’t. (the reason is they see us all the time so they don’t NEED a picture to see how much Brandon has grown, etc.)

To the friends and family that live away from us…I ALWAYS send an annual holiday letter. ALWAYS. In fact, my list has grown to approximately 100 people or so. Everyone expects the letter now so when I’m running late, they are asking where is that letter!!!
I always include pictures with my letter too, whether it be just one of Brandon and I or one year, I included two PAGES of pictures - a collage I made of all our year’s events.

It is funny that you mentioned about Christmas cards and blogging friends because I already had you on my list to send a card to (and a letter!) I have your address already. If you want mine, just email me if you don’t have it already….

I liked your post! Thanks Kailani!

Dana’s last blog post..Best Shot Monday


Dana said:

I forgot to say with old Christmas cards, you can tear off the pretty front and use it as a gift tag on top of a package…

I actually keep mine for several years and go back and re-read letters, etc. But then again, I’m a pack rat.

Dana’s last blog post..Best Shot Monday


Teresa said:

I get more lax about cards every Christmas. That’s what comes from having kids…not enough time to do the things I’d like to do, like send cards to everyone under the sun. My list dwindles every year and the cards go out later and later too.


Sparky Duck said:

*waves* Im in, I am so in! I love Christmas cards and now I have some cashflow.

We have one funny card, one beautiful card and one secular card, with snowmen or stuff. We may make our own this year.

Sparky Duck’s last blog post..Bad Blogger Buddy


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said:

We go the cheap route and send out the boxed ones, but mainly because we send out close to 100 every year. We do put the girls’ Christmas photos in them (well, color copies since Ron can usually get them done for free) and I compose a holiday letter summarizing our year (note to self - better start writing… or maybe just direct everyone to my blog url this year, LOL). The cards we get always are hung along the top of the sliding glass door in our kitchen and down the sides if we have too many. They make a great addition to our holiday decorations! :)
Deb - Mom of 3 Girls’s last blog post..Heads or Tails #13 - Road


Kim said:

That is great! I’d like to be included in your card exchange this’ll be fun! Okay, and as for those cards recieved from the years before, the teacher part of me, doesn’t like to throw anything away! I recycle them into gift tags and cards like someone said above, but last year, I went a little further, cutting the fronts off, if they weren’t written on, some I cut a nice border with scalloped scissors, then on the backside of that, I drew a line like a postcard, complete with address lines, popped a postcard stamp on, and mailed out my quickie card! haha! People kept asking me where I got Christmas postcards! Oh yeah, when I cut the front of the card off, I always wrote in the corner where I’d be putting the stamp who the card came from in the first place, so I wouldn’t send it back to them! :o)

Kim’s last blog post..Do You Go to Church?


JHS said:

Xmas cards have become a thing of the past, for the most part. I send and receive fewer and fewer of them every year, it seems. Last year, I sent out more than normal because we had a new family picture. Guess we’d better have a new one taken soon since I look so different this year! :-)
JHS’s last blog post..Carnival of Family Life


Sher :) said:

Merry Christmas, opps, not quite…. :) I’d love to exchange Christmas cards with you. I already have your address, I’ll email you mine.
How fun. I don’t do a lot of Christmas cards, just for a few special people in my life. What a great idea you had.


Briggie said:

What a great idea! It would be so nice to receive cards from people from around the world! I used to send so many cards out a Christmas time and then noticed that fewer and fewer were reciprocating each year. When I became ill a few years back I started to cut back on my list because it was such a task. I bought cute cards at The Christmas Tree Shoppe (very inexpensive but cute) and my plan is to have the envelopes stamped and addressed by the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and then I’ll personalize a few every evening so that they are all ready to go in the mail no later than the following Saturday. I wish everyone a holiday filled with peace, love, joy, laughter and wonderful memories - God Bless

Briggie’s last blog post..Denzel Washington And The BAMC


Christmas Card and Ornament Exchange « There is Power in Prayer through Yeshua Ha’ Mashiach! said:

[…] about and pray for every holiday for years to come.  You can join in the merriment by clicking HERE for the Card Exchange, and HERE for the ornament […]


Jennifer said:

I would love to exchange cards. I’ll send my snail mail address to you via e-mail. I started doing a family newsletter last year to include with the cards we send out. This year, I will be doing a photo card + the newsletter. Our family card/newsletter is a little different because I live alone, but my family is really close, so it’s me, mom, my brother & my nephew + the dog (can’t leave her out). I lost my dad last year, but I always incorporate him in some way, as well.

Thanks for doing this!

Jennifer :-)
Jennifer’s last blog post..Aloha Friday


Jen @ One Moms world said:

I always design ours every year in photoshop. We are going to be taking our annual picture next weekend so I can get them started :)
Jen @ One Moms world’s last blog post..Out of the Mouth of Babes - Madisyn Style


Sammy Coleman said:

My Christmas Wish 2007

In recent years, my parents health (esp. my mother) has deteriorated. I recently moved 600 miles closer just to be with them. I fear this may be the last Christmas for one or both of them. They really LOVE Christmas cards! As I was rummaging through the attic to retrieve their Christmas decorations, I found Christmas cards they had received from 30 years ago. They throw NONE away. I was trying to think of something really special to do for them for Christmas and I came up with this idea. If you have the Christmas spirit, and want to do something nice for someone (who doesn’t?) - please take the time to send my parent’s a Christmas card. Christmas was always a magical time of year for our family and I truly want to make this magical for the both of them. Please! God Bless You and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

Address is as follows:
Donald and Betty Coleman
704 Seattle Drive
Lexington Kentucky 40503

Please copy and paste this into an email and forward this to all your family/friends/coworkers.
God Bless!!!

[…] while ago I published a post asking if anyone would like to exchange Christmas […]

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