2007 Halloween Costume Contest

October 24, 2007 by Kailani  
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Well, it’s finally here! The 2007 Halloween Costume Contest! Last year’s contest was such a success that I thought I’d host it again this year. It was so much fun to see all the great costumes out there!

Here’s how it works:

  • From now until November 1st, post your photo entry (current or past) on your blog then sign the Mr. Linky below with the actual url of your post.
  • On November 2nd, all entries will be listed by category and a voting poll will be opened.
  • Once the polls are opened, you may vote just once for each category. Don’t forget to ask your friends to vote for you, too!
  • The winner in each category will receive $20 cash from PayPal or a $20 gift certificate to Amazon.com (your choice) plus a 2008 Hawaiian Pictorial Wall Calendar.
  • The categories are:
    • Best Child Costume
    • Best Adult Costume
    • Best Pet Costume
  • That’s it. Let me know if you have any questions! Good luck!

FYI: Voting does not start until November 2nd.

About the author:
Kailani is the owner and founder of An Island Life. You'll find her sharing her daily life as a mother to 3 wonderful daughters, working as a flight attendant, and living a blessed life in Hawaii.


74 Responses to “2007 Halloween Costume Contest”
  1. Adventures In Babywearing says:

    Oh so fun! I can’t wait to see all the entries! Mine is of Gray as a tadpole. I am pretty sure he falls into the child category, though lately he seems more like a pet…


  2. Andy Bailey says:

    testing your comentluv plugin..

    Andy Bailey’s last blog post..easy ecommerce, AJAX and professional designs

  3. Amy says:

    I’m in on the contest, but I have to get home and re-visit with my picture. I want to enter my dogs for the pet contest. How fun is this.

    Amy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  4. Tiffany@naturemoms.com says:

    Cool! Can’t wait to submit some pictures. :)

    ’s last blog post..The Death of the Raw Almonds – Take Action Now!

  5. Stacey says:

    How much fun will this be to look at?! Lots!

    Stacey’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  6. matt says:

    Awesome contest. I submitted my dog photo. Good luck to everyone!

    matt’s last blog post..Lab tests find acetaminophen in petfood again

  7. Char says:

    I posted our costumes from a few years ago as part of my WW post. Does this count?


  8. mary mert says:

    I hope I remember to get my entry in! I’m a dork like that you know ;)

    mary mert’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday- World On Fire

  9. oh amanda says:

    I love costume contests! My daughter is a chef this year. Oh. I love it! Can’t wait to look around…

    oh amanda’s last blog post..An Honest To Goodness Wordless Wednesday

  10. Stacie says:

    My pic is of my son three years ago…he was a fishy. IT was so cute with his pudgy lil face showing.


    Stacie’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday…and little throwback 3 years ago

  11. Dana says:

    OH, how fun!!! I have got the PERFECT picture….now it is actually of both my son and I together…so I guess once you see it Kailani, you’ll have to decide which category to put it in….sort of a mother/son thing – they go together….anyway, I have to go home and find the picture and post it. Oh, this is going to be so fun. You are the contest queen. I’m going to call you Queen Kailani!!! :) (you are royalty any way you look at it!!)


    Dana’s last blog post..Jumpin for Joy!

  12. Shawna says:

    This is so much fun. I came over from Vader’s mom but have visited a few times before. May I enter in more than one category?

    Shawna’s last blog post..One Year Blogging Anniversary and Giveaway

  13. Shawna says:

    And come over and participate in my giveaway if you’d like!

    Shawna’s last blog post..One Year Blogging Anniversary and Giveaway

  14. Tanya, the Super Mom says:

    This is so much fun!!! Count me in; my entry’s up!
    Can’t wait to see everyone else’s!

    Tanya, the Super Mom’s last blog post..STICKY: Calling all mommies!!!

  15. Baby Advice says:

    can’t wait to see all the costumes!

  16. donetta says:

    Wonderful Idea for a post. I hope this finds you well I am waiting for the kids to go to bed so I can go get a chocolate:)

    donetta’s last blog post..Works for Me Wedensday

  17. Jen says:

    This sounds like such a fun contest!! My picture is up and I can’t wait to see all the rest!! Goodluck everyone!

    Jen’s last blog post..Dating

  18. Amy says:

    o.k. I posted my dogs in costumes on my blog. They are so cute you have to see them – Pongo the Pirate and Angel the Angel.

    Amy’s last blog post..Throwback Thursday

  19. Dana says:

    Ok, Kailani, I entered! I guess put it in the Adult Costume category…maybe I’ll have a chance that way?? Anyway, thanks again – you are such a fun blogger!!!

    Dana’s last blog post..Jumpin for Joy!

  20. Marie says:

    I vote for Matt and Tanya. Those are hilarious!

    Marie’s last blog post..What Darwin Missed: Part 1

  21. Marie says:

    btw I tried several times but can’t get amanda’s link to open.

    Marie’s last blog post..What Darwin Missed: Part 1

  22. Charlotte says:

    i think my little peanut looks so cute in his costume!

    i like photo contest! i like showing off my photos! thanks for sponsoring this! more power to you!

    Charlotte’s last blog post..Peanut and Halloween

  23. Lorri says:

    Ack! You need a “group costume” category. Individually, we’re cute, but all 5 of us together are going to look fabulous!

    Lorri’s last blog post..I’ll Be Back

  24. amanda says:


  25. Caryn says:

    How fun! I looked at the entries so far and they are adorable! : ) My little munchkin is Tigger!

    Caryn’s last blog post..My Little Pumpkin at the Pumpkin Patch

  26. Contest Beat says:

    Hi there

    I blogged about your contest here – http://www.contestbeat.com/3-contests-on-at-island-life/

    All we do is write about contests in the blogosphere so hopefully we can send you a few more entries too!

    Regards, Matt.

    Contest Beat’s last blog post..Any Rockies Fans Out There?

  27. wynne says:

    This is my first time to your blog–I couldn’t resist the costume contest. Hooray for Halloween and creativity!

    wynne’s last blog post..Because Costumes Are Fun

  28. Lulu says:

    I’m posting on NOV 1…is that okay? I’m doing my Thursday Thirteen in tribute…

    Lulu’s last blog post..All Aboard!

  29. Rach (Heart of Rachel) says:

    Hi Kailani. I’m finally back on-line after several days of Internet problem.

    This is a great contest. Thanks for your kind comment about my son in his pirate costume. I won’t join the contest because I have reserved my vote for a dear friend. I will just wait for the official voting day.

    Take care! Happy Halloween!

    Rach (Heart of Rachel)’s last blog post..Sticky Post :: Please Help Me Win My Own Domain Name with Hosting

  30. donetta says:

    This is for the class parade. I don’t have all the details on but he is sure happy about it.

    donetta’s last blog post..Wordless Wedensday

  31. Twisted Cinderella says:

    I have some pics up today of her costume. She is Sir Isabelle, riding on a Dragon!


    Twisted Cinderella’s last blog post..Haunted — Wordless Wednesday

  32. Chris says:

    My husband and I dressed up as Dog the bounty hunter and Beth this year. What a hoot – hope you guys enjoy!! (Entry #32)

  33. @nnaliza says:

    sorry about the two entries!
    i pressed enter and firefox submitted it.
    ahh, still getting to know this browser…

    @nnaliza’s last blog post..The Demand

  34. Sarah says:

    Great idea! I spend November 1st to October 30th coming up with costume ideas so it’s fun to show them off a bit!

  35. Lulu says:

    Okay – mine’s up in the form of a Thursday Thirteen. You’ll have to scroll down just a little bit to see me as Miss Piggy!

    Lulu’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen: Lulu’s Halloween Extravaganza

  36. betty rood says:

    Got Kolby’s in at last! lol..we had a blast! he got hot so some got removed but wanted to add nanna’s little man,he is only 2 and loved the ”boogers” as he called them.. this pic was taken at the church in town with a very sweet couple..
    thanks for a great contest…

  37. Robin says:

    Hopefully that link works. :D Happy Halloween

  38. Ladynred says:

    Hello! I’m joining the fun! Happy Halloween..

  39. Maggie says:

    I’m entering myself in the adult contest.


    i’m a fortune teller in a machine.

    Maggie’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen – Spooky Edition

  40. Maggie says:


    and i’m entering my daughter into the child contest.

    Maggie’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen – Spooky Edition

  41. Michelle says:

    FUN!! I have entered Emma’s costume pics!!

  42. Karmyn R says:

    Oh, I just had to enter this year – my son chose to be something completely outrageous.

  43. Patrick Brickman says:

    Good luck to all the freaks out there!

  44. Jennifer says:

    I just added my pictures! Thanks for the fun Contest.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Halloween 2007

  45. Krista says:

    Hey! I’m entering for the cutest baby costume! And I suppose in the adult category, too, but mostly it’s just odd! ;0

    Krista’s last blog post..Fall Giveaway

  46. Carrot Jello says:

    I just entered for best child costume.
    My daughter was Iron Chef.

  47. Mama Duck says:

    Well, mine is quite duck-like but I’m pretty sure he’s a child LOL.

    Mama Duck’s last blog post..13 food ideas for birthday parties

  48. Zavi aka Nike Dunk says:

    What a nice blog, I am so glad I found this contest

    Zavi aka Nike Dunk’s last blog post..Hallowen: if the shoe fits….JUST WEAR IT

  49. TheAngelForever says:

    I entered my 5 month old son into the kids one. He was a penguin. We called him Mumbles (aka Happy Feet) since he is almost always happy and making his feet dance.

    Thanks for the fun contest.

    TheAngelForever’s last blog post..Happy Spooky Day 2007

  50. tin man says:

    Hi everyone! I just enterd a picture of my self as the Tin Man. I hand made my whole costume! Vote for me if you like it! Thanks!!

  51. Kailani says:

    HI Dana

    Just to let you know, I created a new category called Best Family Photo. If it’s ok, I’ve entered you there. Good luck!

  52. Kailani says:

    Hi Krista

    Just wanted to let you know also that I created a new category for best Family Photo. Please let me know if it’s ok that I entered you there. Good luck!

  53. Melissa says:

    Robinson Country Post Peacock is my peckin’ pick for the cutest baby contest!

  54. kay says:

    Tin Man ROCKS !!!

  55. Carrot Jello says:

    Everyone is saying they can’t vote even when they delete their cookies.

    Carrot Jello’s last blog post..I Want You…

  56. Exotic Seamstress says:

    This was the easiest contest to enter. It sure would be nice to even place in one of my entries. I make all of my costumes by hand.

  57. Staceyyy says:

    How can I vote for GiGi at Girl Gone Wild? Her costume is the best one I’ve evah seen in my whole life and I HAVE GOT to vote for her. Help!


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