It’s Aloha Friday II

September 14, 2007

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It’s Aloha Friday again! If you missed last week’s edition, you can find it here.

This week’s question is:

What makes you feel better when you’re having a bad day?

Contemporary Hawaiian music always makes me feel better. Here is Na Leo Pilimehana singing one of my favorite songs, I Miss You, My Hawaii.

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Aloha from Donetta, Rach, Carey, Vader's Mom, Peter, Momto3cubs, Sparky Duck, Tammy, Desert Songbird, Carrie, Vail, Christine, Mary, Erin - ExpectingExecutive, Southern Girl, Melissa, JessicaK, Wendy, Sheila, Renee, Jen @ One Moms World, Summer, Sognatrice, and Twisted Cinderella

24 Comments on “It’s Aloha Friday II”


Twisted Cinderella said:

Princess never fails to make me smile when I am having a bad day. She is such a happy kid, singing all the time and always up for cuddles and kisses that she just warms my soul.


sognatrice said:

My doggies! They’re *always* in a good mood and happy to see me :)


Summer said:

Calvin and Hobbes!


Jen @ One Moms World said:

I Love to hear Hawaiian Music. On days when I need a pick-up I usually go for a walk and listen to my music and grab my favorite drink from star bucks :)


Renee said:

My DD & my pets are really good at cheering me up and I’ve always got my music on in the background.
If that doesn’t work, I find something funny on the net.


Sheila said:

Loved the video and song. A prayer helps me.


wendy said:

Shopping! Shopping always cures me no matter what is wrong.


JessicaK said:

Bad morning fixer-upper = hot, strong coffee & cuddles from my boys
Bad evening fixer upper = glass of Pinot Noir, warm blankie, romantic movie, cuddles with hubby
Gosh, I wish my answer was more like “invigorating exercise” or “house-cleaning frenzy”


Melissa said:

Depends on what put me in the bad mood. If I’m totally frustrated with something I’m working on, then smiles and laughter from my kids help so much! If I am furious at my kids… well, their smiles don’t do so much for me then ;) Some alone time either reading, or out shopping, or even blogging while listening to some good music!


Southern Girl said:

A phone call to or from my friend C. always cheers me up. She makes me laugh and lets me whine until I get it out of my system. ;)


Erin - ExpectingExecutive said:

Oh, that’s easy…Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby Ice Cream followed by a glass of Pinot Grigio!



Mary said:

I didn’t see the first Aloha Friday last week, very cool idea! I just started a “thingy” too for Fridays. :D Weird, we kind of have the same theme going- it’s all about getting into a relaxed frame of mind.

For me, when things go bad.. I can always count on my hubby and chocolate… and a hugs from my girls.


Christine said:

Talking to with my family, HUGS, chocolate, and a good laugh ALL make me feel better!

Happy Friday, Kailani!


Vail said:

A Corona.
Hot Chocolate.
A big hug from one of my kids, initiated by them.
My 5 year old cuddling up in my lap telling me “you’re warm”.
My HWH “spooning” me as I fall asleep in his arms.
Any one of these can right the worst day.


Carrie said:

Ditching my to do list and playing on the floor with the kids and laughing is always good for picking up my mood. That song made me feel so relaxed! I may have to start downloading some Hawaiian music on itunes! I love Aloha Fridays!!


Desert Songbird said:

Depends on what’s making it a bad day. Sometimes shopping/buying new shoes or a purse helps. Sometimes a good cry helps; other times it might be chocolate, or lunch and laughter with a friend, or listening to raucous music loudly. Sometimes, if I’m feeling up to it, I work out!


Tammy said:

You know, I actually love Hawaiian music- both traditional and contemporary. This song is so pretty! We use to get it on our satellite station- they had a Hawaiian music channel and I’d listen to it when I wanted to relax!

Mine would be my little ones cuddling with me if they sense I need cheering up…a smile and a kiss from my husband…a good old movie…getting away with some good friends for coffee…and chocolate. :)

Have a good weekend, Kailani!


Sparky Duck said:

Music, a martini, and the female duck


momto3cubs said:

I enjoyed the video. It brings Hawaii back to me. But it also makes my heart ache!

Today I took care of a customer who’s first name is Aloha.

To answer your question, going online or going outside is what cheers me up.


Peter said:

My wife, because she understands me and knows what to do when I’m having a bad day.


Vader's Mom said:

Chocolate and my blog. My blogging buddies always cheer me up!


Carey said:

Its a very pretty song. I enjoy my kids hugs and them telling me they love me…that makes my day!


Rach said:

I’ll try to check out Aloha Friday next week. I like this week’s question.

When I’m having a bad day, a gentle kiss from my son can take the blues away. Meeting old friends over a cup of coffee and delicious cake or pastry is something wonderful too.


donetta said:

Lovely video.
My comfort is in the embrace of my husband the kindness in my children’s eyes. A little candy or sweet. Dancing in the silence with my maker.

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