A Room With A View

October 11, 2007

A while ago I was tagged by Skimbaco to do a meme which shows the view from the room I blog in. Here it is. I know it’s not the best photo but it’s the best shot I could get. See, I told you I need a better camera! :-)

And speaking of blogging, what a day I’ve had. Today was the day I put aside to write my column, catch up with my bloggy friends, and organize more giveaways for An Island Review. As luck would have it, my server went down at 9am. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, my cable and phone wasn’t working either. I tried to call Oceanic all day but either couldn’t get through or was put on hold for so long that I just gave up. I could probably deal with one thing not working, but all three?

Then by some miracle, everything started working again at about 9pm. However, now it’s time to go to sleep and I didn’t get anything I wanted done. Oh well, I guess there’s always tomorrow.

If you had to give up one thing for a day - phone service, cable television, computer - which one would it be?


BTW, thanks to Blonde Mom Blog, I was able to sign-up with BlogAds. Yipee!

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25 Comments on “A Room With A View”


Grace said:

I need the phone to call emergency if anything happens and I need to post an entry in my blog if Dubai sinks in the sand (provided I did not sink too).

I will give up cable television anytime.

October 11, 2007
11:41 am

Dana said:

I’d say Cable TV. I love Tv, but never have time to watch anyway….just don’t take away my computer. Then, you kill me!!!

October 11, 2007
11:52 am

Carey said:

I would have to say the tv. I could probably go without the phone, but i use the computer more than i should, and that is probably what i should give up for a day.


Angela said:

I’d definitely say cable. We’ve only had it a few weeks, so it wouldn’t be hard to go back. Besides we usually don’t watch tv during the day anyway, and at least we can leave the house if we’re bored.

I could probably manage without the phone too…it might be nice to have a little peace and quiet. (Although, if I went into labor, it would make it a little hard to get ahold of my hubby!)


Deb said:

Very pretty view! :)

I think I’d give up the phone - gotta have the cable tv and internet and then I wouldn’t have to worry about being interrupted… LOL


Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said:

I’d give up the computer for a day. We don’t own a television so that’s already gone.

Phone… don’t use it much anyways.

What is blogads?


Baby Advice said:

The view is great! And I would have to give up the TV…I can go without it!


Waya said:

How about giving up changing diapers?!


Renee said:

Probably the TV. We don’t get many phone calls any more so having that out wouldn’t bother me at all either…I probably wouldn’t notice it. And I don’t watch much TV anymore.

But take my computer and risk your life. LOL!

On our vacation to VA they had a business center in the hotel with free internet. So I would pop down there to check my email and blog. It was so cool! too bad the rest of that hotel wasn’t so great. LOL!

I guess I need to break down and purchase a lap top so I can have internet on vacations.


Kelly @ Love Well said:

That’s a tough one. Personally, I never watch TV — but I don’t know I’d want to deal with my kids if they couldn’t get their “Super Why” fix.

And of course, if you take away my Internet connection, I have no brain. It’s not a pretty picture.

So I’d have to go with no phone service by default. (Can I still use my cell phone, though?)

Great picture, by the way. Reminds me of San Diego Bay.


Write From Karen said:

I didn’t even have to stop to think about this one: cable TV, without a doubt.

I hate watching TV so being without it for one day, heck even forever, wouldn’t kill me.

Second? The phone. I hate talking on the phone. Hate. It.

Now the computer … you’d have to pry me loose from my monitor with the jaws of life if I were to lose that baby. *grin*

(And just for the record - notice I used the correct spelling for both LOOSE and LOSE. Grr. Major pet peeve of mine.)


Southern Girl said:

Oh, that’s easy! I’d ditch the phone. :)


Jenny said:

What a great view!

I’d choose to go without the phone.


Christine said:

Very lovely view.
It would have to be cable TV.

The phone I could do without with for 24 hours too, but it’s nice to have on hand for emergencies.

BTW~ I didn’t know about the little plastic thingies at the bottom either and that there are 2 of them.LOL! I tired pulling it off the bottle.


Desert Songbird said:

As much as I love my satellite television, I’d give that up before I’d give up computer service or cell phone service. Then again, if it’s a Sunday and NFL is on…


Mike said:

I would normally say phone service, but right now it would be the cable. My wife should be going into labor any day now so we have to have the phones right now. Other than that, I never use my phone anymore.


Pamela said:

I’ve got to come back and look at your picture again.

I can’t make it larger to see in the distance. Looks like water - but not open


TopChamp said:

glad to see you back online! Looking forward to Winter? I love some aspects of winter actually but I do miss the sun. It is very dark here in the morning and evening during Winter and makes me wish for Spring and Summer.

October 11, 2007
10:25 pm

karen meg said:

That’s not such a bad view!
I think I’d give up TV - I don’t watch a heck of a lot, my kids probably too much. The phone I need for emergencies, and the computer - well, I would go into severe withdrawal from my blog and bloggy friends :)

October 12, 2007
12:21 am

Vader's Mom said:

I’d say cable. We own enough DVDs to keep me entertained! Glad everything is up and running again.


Lulu said:

My, what a lovely view. I’m so envious.

If I had to give up one thing for the day? Definitely the TELEPHONE! Ugh - do I hate talking on that thing.


momto3cubs said:

I’d give up the phone or TV–I rarely talk on the phone or watch TV. But I’d hate to lose the internet connection!


Holly Schwendiman said:

Crazy how things fall apart sometimes when you get a plan in place isn’t it? Ironically we just gave up the TV at our house. So far the idea and discussion previous to the decision where far worse than the implementation. I’d die without my internet connection though - my phone uses the same line so it would be a double whammy.


October 12, 2007
11:04 pm

Elizabeth said:

That view is incredible! I think I’m going to steal this idea for a blog, though… fun!


BeachMama said:

If I had a choice, I would give up the phone. I always have my cell phone and if in need for an emergency, I could knock on my neighbours doors. Going without cable is sometimes bad and losing the internet almost takes me out. It was a long day last spring when a wet heavy snowfall knocked out the power all day long. All I did have was the phone.

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