The Cellphone Issue

March 24, 2008

Written by Guest Blogger, Grace of Sandier Pastures & The Parenting Diaries

The lady sitting beside me in the bus was shocked (probably disgusted?) to see my cellphone. We’ve been chatting to while away the time as the journey seemed to take forever because of the traffic gridlock in the evenings. She knew what my work is here. Heck, she even assumed my salary when I declined to answer that delicate question. People here just don’t stop asking for your salary even though you’ve just met them for the first time!

The current phone I have is a very simple Nokia and I think it’s the cheapest in the market. It’s black and white, with no fancy features,no music player and no camera.

“How come you don’t buy a more sophisticated phone? I am sure you can afford an N95!”

But what’s wrong with my phone? It’s been functional for years and I don’t find the reason to throw it just because of some sophisticated unit with half the features I won’t even be using. If the phone can make and receive calls and send/receive SMS, it is enough in my vocabulary.In my cellphone use history, I have only changed a couple of times and that is when the unit really broke down.

Do people really throw away cellphones just to upgrade to the latest new version? I mean there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with technology and having a sassy phone. I even love to look at iPhones and curious to try myself.

But what do you do with the old phone when you buy a new one?

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30 Comments on “The Cellphone Issue”

March 24, 2008
12:22 am

Crazy Daisy said:

I have upgraded my cell phone a couple times (in several years). Both times, the original phone still was in working order, so I donated it to a local women’s shelter. They reformat them, and program them to only dial the shelter and 911 for emergencies.

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March 24, 2008
12:41 am

Krista said:

Yeah, you can donate them. All kinds of places take them. I’m with you though, I have had 2 phones in my entire life and only got the second because the first one was going a little weird. Our phone company keeps sending us adds letting us know we can get a new one, but the one we have works just fine so why bother?!!

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March 24, 2008
2:11 am

Biddy said:

i’m a cell phone junkie. i usually upgrade every 2 years or so. i still have a few of the old ones just in case (i’m hell on phones), but you can donate them to women’s shelters or to the troops

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March 24, 2008
2:35 am

Michelle Potter said:

I only change phones if I have to, if they break, or once when I changed phone companies and the new company couldn’t use my old phone.

I don’t like to spend money on something new when my old one is still perfectly good.

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March 24, 2008
4:01 am

Renee said:

I’m on my second cheapo Nokia…and I ONLY got the second one cuz of the digital network switch that everyone is having to make…so my old analog one was going to be obsolete (and my provider gave me the new one Free!) Yeah my phone is pret