The Three Christmases of Willam Spencer

December 1, 2010 by Kailani  
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When it comes to holiday tales that share the true meaning of Christmas, The Three Christmases of William Spencer ($10.17) is one of the best books around.


william coverChristmas is always special, but even more so if your birthday falls on the same day. As William Spencer celebrates his birthday each year on December 25-first as a child in rural America in the 1930s, and then as a World War II veteran, husband, and father-he learns that, no matter what his circumstances, happiness is an attitude, not a condition.But as a solitary old man living in a one-bedroom apartment, William Spencer expects this Christmas birthday to be his last. His holiday is one of solitude and reflection, dominated by the echoes of the past and by a single, simple wish. When an unexpected turn of events reminds William of a lesson learned many years ago, he’s faced with a choice. Can he find the strength to imagine a new future?


This book is divided into 3 chapters all dealing with William Spencer’s birthday which just so happens falls on Christmas Day. They take place at 3 different points in his life – child, young adult, late in life – and is a great way to see just how much his life has changed over the years.

In the first story, “Billy” asks Santa for a brand new shiny sled but instead receives a homemade one that doesn’t look like what he had imagined. However, when a pretty little girl named Gracie asks him for a ride, his disappointment disappears and he realizes that just having a sled is more important than a brand new one.

In the second story, “William” is now married to Gracie (cool!) and they have a son. During this Christmas everything that could go wrong does and William finds himself getting very frustrated with the events. However, a thought brings him back to the days when he was in the war and lost a good friend. This immediately puts everything into perspective and makes him thankful for what he has – his health and his family.

In the last story, William is all alone on Christmas Day and feeling very depressed. His wife and son has passed on and he’s feeling like there nothing left to live for. That is until his grandson stops by for a visit and brings along his family. William then realizes that there is still so much living to do and feels thankful for his new lease on life.

All in all, we really enjoyed The Three Christmases of William Spencer because it made us remember what the true meaning of the holidays are all about . . . being thankful for what you have, remembering those who are without, and appreciating the ones you love.


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