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August 25, 2011 by Kailani  
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When I first heard about this toy last Christmas I didn’t really understand what all the excitement was about. But then again, I never really had a Sing-a-ma-jigs to play with either. So when I received one for this review I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. Now I understand.


Their zany looks are unique to them and when they sing you can’t resist when their little mouths open wide for each note!  Every Sing-a-ma-jig has three modes of play where they chatter, sing their own song, or sing in harmony with their other Sing-a-ma-jig™ friends!


We received a red Sing-a-ma-jig and I have to admit that I’m loving it. This funny-looking creature has such an adorable personality and I just can’t help but press his tummy to hear what comes out of his mouth. His raspy voice makes all kinds of sounds depending on which programmed segment you’re on. He will also sing Yankey Doodle note by note as you press the button on his tummy.

Kaila is always staring into “Red’s” mouth.

The kids also loved “Red” because his tummy and hand buttons were so easy to press that even Kaila (1.5) could play unassisted. And the longer you press his tummy the longer he holds the note. This is what makes Sing-a-ma-jigs so cool. You can control their sounds. Plus, the kids can’t resist sticking their fingers into his mouth when he talks. Although, I didn’t really appreciate finding dried up bread in there from someone trying to feed him.

Kaila loves “Red”

We’ve also heard that if you have more than one Sing-a-ma-jig then they’ll sing in harmony with each other. The more Sing-a-ma-jig you have the better they’re supposed to sound. Since we only have one of them I can’t really confirm this but I’m dying to find out!

Purchase your Sing-a-ma-jig at Mattel or


How would you like to win a Sing-a-ma-jig? To enter:

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