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In this recession we have all had to cut back on what we spend on fashion – but there is one unique break-through accessory that is empowering women across the country to “recession proof” their wardrobes so that they can still look stylish – for a fraction of the cost.  Miche Bag is the ultimate smart investment in these challenging times when every dollar counts.

Miche Bag is the equivalent of 40 handbags in 1.  Miche Bag is 1 purse that, through 40 interchangable shells which fit snuggly over the outside and attach via magnets, instantly changes color, look and feel.  You can transform the same bag from a canvas tote by day to a sleek satin look for night – all in less than 3 seconds.  Day-to-night has never been easier!

Over a million women across America have already discovered the freedom of this break-through “recession proof” fashion accessory. The inventor of Miche Bag came up with the idea one day when she spilled her drink on her purse and wished that rather than having to throw it out, she could be recycle it with a fresh cover and make it as good as new.  She did exactly that!  With Miche Bag, you will never have to throw out an old purse again when it gets stained or dirty.  You can just replace the cover and give your bag a whole new look in seconds.

Miche Bag has sparked a fashion revolution.  It gives every woman the opportunity, no matter how tight her budget, to express her personal style with a purse to match her every outfit.

We invite you to experience Miche Bag for yourself today at  At no more than $39.95 for a base bag with shells starting as low as $14.95, they are the ultimate smart fashion investment.

Connect with Miche:

This post was written for Miche who provided the information and item for giveaway.


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