Stay Safe in the Summer Sun with Coppertone (Giveaway)

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We’ve all heard the saying “Lucky you live in Hawaii”.  This is so very true!  With our cool trade winds, beautiful sunshine, awesome beaches, gorgeous sunrise and sunsets, and lush green mountains, this is PARADISE!  But to enjoy being outdoors we need to protect our skin.  This is where Coppertone saves the day.  My family and I were lucky to review a sunscreen lotion and two sunscreen spray while enjoying a relaxing and fun-filled day at Ala Moana Beach Park.

Coppertone provided the following products for us to use:

  • Water Babies Pure & Simple – This product has an SPF 50, is tear free, #1 pediatrician recommended brand, and is water resistant for 80 minutes
  •  Coppertone Sport Pro Series – This product contains duraflex which is a durable technology that moves with your skin, has an SPF 50, stays on strong in extreme sweat conditions (won’t run in eyes), water resistant for 80 minutes, and is a clear continuous spray sunscreen
  •  Wet ‘n Clear Kids – This product sprays clear on wet skin, provides protection from the most damaging UVA/UVB rays, is water resistant for 80 minutes, visibly cuts through water, and contains broad spectrum SPF 45+

When we first arrived at the beach, I made sure we protected our skin.  We lathered the Water Babies Pure & Simple on our faces, ears, and necks.  What was great about this product was not worrying about it getting into my children’s eyes.  Such a relief!

We then sprayed the Coppertone Sport Pro Series on our arms, legs, shoulders, and backs because we wanted to go fishing first before heading to the cool water.  This product is wonderful!  It sprayed on nicely!  It was not sticky or greasy and the best part for my children was it had a great scent.  I liked the fact that we continued to be protected even while perspiring during our unsuccessful fishing expedition.

Since catching a fish seemed unlikely, the kids decided to go swimming.  They headed for the waves so quickly that I forgot to reapply more sunscreen.  Well, I had nothing to worry about since the Coppertone Sport Pro Series and the Water Babies Pure & Simple continued to protect their skin.  It was a while later that I decided to reapply more sunscreen.  This is normally when they complain and fuss because they don’t want to dry themselves up.  No problem!  We sprayed the Wet ‘n Clear Kids directly onto their wet skin and back into the water they went.  So easy!!!

Of course, the biggest test of these products happened after spending the entire day at the beach…seriously…we were packing everything in the dark.  Well, I am happy to report that we had NO sunburns!!!  Wow!!! We couldn’t believe after spending the entire day at the beach none of us got sunburned.  We will definitely bring all three Coppertone products with us on our next visit to the beach.  We won’t leave home without it!

Connect with Coppertone:

This post was written for Coppertone who provided the complimentary products in exchange for my honest review.


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