Start To Read! Early Reading Program (Level 1) Giveaway

August 11, 2011 by Kailani  
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Kacie knew her alphabets by the time she was 18 months old. In Preschool, she was always ahead of the class and since then has been reading at least 2-3 grades levels ahead of everyone else. Kiana, on the other hand, has found reading a little more challenging. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for product that will make reading fun for her.

Emergent readers need lots of help from parents, caregivers and teachers to succeed, but thankfully School Zone Publishing has harnessed their over 30 years of educational experience to create the Start to Read! Program. Originally developed by educator and School Zone co-founder Dr. James Hoffman, the updated sequence-based series, which consists of storybooks and complementary materials across three progressive reading levels, is designed to build a solid literary foundation for any child while teaching kids that reading is fun!

The multi-component Start to Read! Program uses a tried and true, 3-step approach to reading: listen, read, review. The 6-book set for each level contains five beginning reader books, a read-along and songs CD, a comprehension workbook and a parent guide. Each of the components provides children with a fun learning experience while working together to teach budding bookworms – as young as four – to read successfully. In addition to teaching basic reading concepts, the three-level series also accelerates learning and develops reading skills and vocabulary.

We received the Start To Ready! Level 1 Kit which is aimed for kids ages 4-6. The kit ($24.99) included the following:

  • Parent Guide Sheet
  • Comprehension Activity Book
  • Read-Along & Songs CD
  • 5 Books – Get Lost, Becca, I Want a Pet, Jog Frog Jog, Beep Beep, & Nine Men Chase a Hen

The first step was to listen to the Read-Along CD. Having Kiana listen to the story being told helped her to understand the story and the meaning behind the words. It also gave her an idea of how the words flowed together to form sentences. Kiana enjoyed this step because it allowed her to hear a different voice (as opposed to mine) reading the stories to her. The catchy songs on the CD were also a great way to get her in the mood to have some fun!

The second step was for Kiana to read the books herself. We liked that the stories were simple with only 1 sentence to a page.

This made reading less overwhelming and more manageable. The accompanying illustrations also helped with understanding the storyline.

The third step was to see how well she comprehended the story by answering questions and completing activities in the Comprehension Booklet. In addition, we talked about how the story relates to her, if she would do anything different, or other words that have the same meaning.

In the end, Start To Read! gave Kiana the positive reinforcement she needed to learn that reading can be fun! It also gave her a sense of accomplishment each time she finished a book. In fact, she even asked if we could get more books just like these for her library. Thanks to Start To Read!, Kiana is loving books and reading again!


School Zone has generously donated a Start to Read Series for (1) lucky winner! To enter:

  • Just stop by School Zone before midnight, Aug 25th and check out their products.
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