Sesame Street Big Elmo Fun DVD (Giveaway)

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Since Kaila could say Elmo before she could say Mommy, I knew she would enjoy Sesame Street’s latest DVD release – Big Elmo Fun.

Get ready to join Elmo and Abby for some BIG fun as Warner Home Video (WHV) and Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street, release Sesame Street: Big Elmo Fun on DVD April 3, 2012 at an SRP of $14.98. Sesame Street: Big Elmo Fun features three full-length stories, two engaging new songs, a special animated book extra and the full-length bonus content “Monster Hits.”

courtesy of Sesame Workshop

In the first episode, Elmozilla, the gang is using a growth chart to measure their heights. They’re learning that everyone grows at the own rate but Elmo was to be bigger . . . right now. Abby grants his wish and he finds himself taller than everyone and everything around him. When Elmo’s growing gets out of control, it’s up to his friends to figure out a way to get Elmo back to his adorable size.

Elmo and the Monarch Butterfly is a cute segment that my kids really enjoyed. Elmo and Telly are hunting for insects on Sesame Street. They find ants, ladybugs, and a butterfly. They notice that the butterfly is all by himself so Elmo decides he wants to become a butterfly himself to keep it company . . . but he doesn’t know how. So, Telly and Elmo research the stages that butterflies go through . . . egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and finally a beautiful butterfly. In the end the butterfly and Elmo Butterfly become friends.

However, my favorite story was Cast Iron Cooks. As a fan of The Food Network and Iron Chef, this hilarious spoof starring Jason Schwartzman had me laughing so hard! In the first round of this segment, Alan, Elmo, and Chris compete against the Iron Chefs to create a “P” Stew. In the second round, the teams must create a stew dish using only ingredients starting with the letter P. In the second round, each team must bake a pie using exactly 8 apples. The final round has the teams cooking Half-garian Goulash. They can use any ingredient they want but everything must be cut in half. Who will win the competition?

This DVD contains some great new songs with our favorite being All Kinds of Fun. It has a very upbeat reggae beat and even I found myself swaying back and forth. Some other bonus features include:

  • Animated book: Flutter By, Butterfly
  • Brand new song: Measure Yeah Measure
  • Downloadable Activity Book
  • Tips for Parents
  • Full-length video “Monster Hits”

It’s big fun for everyone in your family! Purchase your copy of Big Elmo Fun at for $9.66.

This post was written for Sesame Workshop who provided the complimentary copy for review and giveaway.


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    Kerrie Mayans says:

    I like Ernie best.

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    Jenny says:


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    Gina Ferrell says:

    My favorite Sesame Street character is Elmo.

  4. 104
    Catherine says:

    Elmo is a fav in my house.

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    mary gardner says:

    miss piggy

    marygardner49 at aol dot com

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    Natasha Tucker says:

    I love elmo! he’s so cute!

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    Tim Moss says:

    Cookie Monster!

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    Rachel says:

    My daughter’s is Elmo, but I prefer Grover

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    lindsey says:

    cookie monster

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    Lisa L says:

    Grover is my fave!

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    jade bersamina says:

    i love cookie monster but my son loves ernie& elmo

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    Brittany C says:

    I like Elmo the best! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    yes it would good to see

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    shirley zolenski says:

    I love Big Bird

  17. 117
    david basile says:

    elmo its all about elmo

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    Steven Gonzales says:

    Its all about cookie monster.

  19. 119
    Sand says:

    Ernie has always been my favorite.

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    DanV says:

    My favorite is Elmo

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