Lunchtime Challenges? Here are some great tips! (Giveaway)

January 15, 2011 by Kailani  
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This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to commentors #222: Emma H, #270: Deb K, #103: Amanda, #195: Alicia W, #17: Marcia G, #204: Kathleen, #203: Kiara, #175: Teresa F, #300: Amy, & 284: Erica C!

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Back in September, I shared with you the Sara Lee Deli’s “What’s Your Lunchtime Challenge?” Contest.

The new Sara Lee Fresh Ideas pre-sliced and sliced-to-order deli meats campaign offered moms the opportunity to share their stories with the Sara Lee Deli online community, connect with other moms about their everyday lunchtime challenges and a chance to win a once-in-lifetime prize: a home visit from celebrity chef and mom Alex Guarnaschelli.

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Well, the winner was announced and she is Jenn Christofferson. She and 10 of her friends had the opportunity to met with celebrity chef and TV personality Alex Guarnaschelli where they went on a personal grocery shopping trip and will then headed back to Jenn’s house where Alex taught her and her friends some fun tips and tricks on how to make meals more interesting.

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Alex’s tips for Jenn and her friends:

  • Make lunch with your child! They will feel an extra amount of pride and connectedness to their food when they open their lunchboxes.
  • Use cookie cutters (they also sell jigsaw puzzle shapes) and two different kinds of breads to make multi-colored sandwiches (and sneak in the extra benefits of a whole-grain bread) that add a visually amusing factor to a healthy lunch sandwich. Don’t have cookie cutters? Use shapes from anything already in your kitchen to cut sandwiches, for example, a glass or small cup for round shapes.
  • To me, sandwiches are their own food group in American culture and we have plenty of ingredients to celebrate. One of my favorite tricks is to add one component of “assembly” for your child.  My favorite? Stack the various sandwich fillings like Sara Lee Fresh Ideas deli meat and veggies neatly and wrap squarely in plastic wrap or a reusable container. In tinfoil, or another container, wrap the two halves of the bread (or roll) open-faced. That way, your child can unwrap the fillings and just slip them into the bread (or roll) and really enjoy a fresh, (unsoggy) sandwich.
  • Pack your lunch to eat at work at the same time you pack your children’s lunch. Having your children see that they are all sharing the same meal brings families closer to lunchtime at school.
  • Have a child that will only eat certain foods?   Try mixing up the delivery method.  For example, if your child only likes cheese, try wrapping a piece of cheese filled will ingredients such as Sara Lee Fresh Ideas turkey or ham  and a thinly sliced carrot stick as fun way to introduce some new foods to your child’s repertoire. Also, a fun name, or incorporating your child’s favorite storybook hero, can sometimes help parents overcome the barrier.
  • Try packing tea sandwiches in your child’s lunch for a fun twist on their regular sandwich. What I love is that the sandwiches can take any direction according to your personal taste and can be filled with whatever fillings your child likes. It’s a fun twist on their regular sandwich and what child doesn’t like finger food?
  • Roasted vegetables are always so delicious and have a deeper flavor that your children will remember as they build their own palates through childhood. Roast some peeled carrots, small mushrooms or zucchini strips and wrap them (chilled) with your favorite Sara Lee Fresh Ideas deli meat and/or cheeses for a lighter (but still creative) lunchtime meal.
  • As an adult, I still respond to food more when it has a little twist involved. Making little “kebabs” with some cubed vegetables, cheese and Sara Lee Fresh Ideas deli meat can be a great way to make lunch fun and healthy to eat. The kebabs work great with various seasonal fruits, too.  Try pineapple or grapes for an easy choice or add plums and melon when it is in season.  If you have some extra time, try one with some cubed apple roasted in the oven with some cinnamon and honey (discolored raw fruits won’t be appealing).  Avoid lunchbox surprises by exposing your child at home first to make sure it’s familiar before packing it for lunch.

  • On a weekend or day off, take your child out to a local Farmer’s Market and wander around with them, exploring different seasonal fruits and vegetables.  I have found the personal connection between farmers, what they grow and your children can actually make a difference in how your child feels about fresh ingredients.  Bringing together ingredients like tomatoes, lettuce, and other vegetables with a slice of Sara Lee Deli Turkey or a piece of Sara Lee Deli Ham to make a delicious combination. When you introduce your children to these ingredients in a special way that is memorable as a family activity and as a place that shows you value wholesome ingredients, you would be surprised how it can change your child’s view of food, one lettuce leaf at a time!

So let Sara Lee Deli help you with your lunchtime challenges. Stock up on your next visit to the grocery store!


Sara Lee has generously donated coupons for (1) FREE Sara Lee Deli product up to $8.99 for (10) winners. One coupon per winner. To enter:

  • Just mention in comments before midnight, Jan 29th what your lunchtime challenge is. That’s it!
  • A random winner will be selected and notified via email shortly thereafter.
  • The winner will then have 2 days to claim their prize.

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This giveaway is open to US addresses. Good luck!

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