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April 29, 2008 by Kailani  
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The winner is Peculiar of How do we get there from here?


I have so much respect for those who choose to homeschool especially since I know I could never do it. I don’t think I have the commitment or the patience. At my school, it would probably be recess all day!The Old Schoohouse Magazine is a great resource of inspirational and practical content for all homeschooling families. This full-color 200-page, quarterly publication is designed by fellow homeschoolers who can relate to the unique challenges and issues that you face every day. They also provide you with a Schoolhouse Store to insure that you’re properly equipped with everything you’ll need in your schooling endeavors. Definitely a valuable one-stop place!

Some of the areas the Old Schoolhouse Magazine discusses are:

  • Teachers’ Lounge — Get to know our “Family of Readers”. Each issue includes a “Readers Helping Readers” section, featuring answers from several of our readers to a question posed by one of our readers.
  • Show & Tell — Meet several homeschooling families who tell a little about themselves, how they homeschool, and what they’ve learned. This section demonstrates that homeschoolers are certainly not all alike! You’ll see a wide variety of backgrounds, circumstances, styles, and great ideas.
  • HomeschoolBlogger — Join our community of homeschool web bloggers to learn from others, and meet new friends—without even being online! In this column, we tap into the wealth of wisdom, wit, and creative insight in the best of recent homeschool blogs.
  • Show & Tell, Too — Get to know the people behind educational companies and products! Learn what they have to offer and how you can benefit from products designed especially for homeschoolers—often by homeschoolers.
  • Homeschool Nations — Keep up-to-date on what’s happening in homeschooling news, whether it affects all homeschoolers or is especially relevant to particular states or countries. Homeschool Nation is often brought to you by a homeschooler from your location.
  • And many more!

Still not convinced? How about a free 1-year subscription to the Old Schoolhouse Magazine (value $39)? To enter, just stop by The Old Schoolhouse before midnight, May 6th and take a look around. Then come back and mention what you find the most interesting about their publication. That’s it! A random winner will be selected and notified on May 7th. The winner will then have 3 days to claim their prize.

To earn extra entries just subscribe to my feed and/or mention this giveaway on your blog with a link back here and to The Old Schoolhouse. Please let me know if you’re doing/did the extra credit so I can make sure you’re entered properly.

This giveaway is open to everyone world-wide. However, only a US address winner will receive a print subscription. If the winner is international, they will receive a digital subscription instead. Good luck!

About the Author: Kailani:
Owner of An Island Life. A flight attendant and mother to 3 beautiful girls. . . living a blessed life in Hawaii.
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64 Responses to “Giveaway: Subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine”
  1. 51
    Linsey K says:

    I love this mag! I used to get used copies from a lady at my church. No matter how old they get, the stuff in them is ALWAYS relevant. You can keep them for years and always look back at this for useful stuff. I hope I win!


  2. 52
    kathy pease says:

    learning is awesome :)

  3. 53
    Yannah says:

    I have never really looked into TOS until now. They have some amazing features. I love the fact that they offer so many resources for homeschoolers. I just started this past Jan and can use all the help I can get.
    mereminerals at cox dot net

  4. 54
    Buddy Garrett says:

    I find it interesting on how to homeschool.

  5. 55
    Kristal Velazquez says:

    As a homeschooling mom of 3 under the age of 11, I love the resource section, the encouragement and inspiration, and knowing I am not alone!!! Helpful advice too. Great giveaway!

  6. 56
    Christie Wolff says:

    I am a homeschool mom of 4 wonderful kids and I love the resource pagesand testimonials. I would love a subscription to this wonderful magazine!

  7. 57
    Frances Watson says:

    I like the contests

  8. 58
    Sarah says:

    I was really interested by the figure of 33,000 of TOS published quarterly. That’s really respectable!

    You say that you really respect homeschooling, but you couldn’t do it yourself. One of my friends is a mom to twin girls, and she says that people tell her the same thing all the time, they really respect her but they couldn’t do it. She replies, “Sure you could, if you had to.” There are few people who HAVE to homeschool, but for anyone who feels that it is the best option for their family, I hope that they can find the info and support they need to make it a reality. I do HAVE to homeschool all my kids from kindergarten through graduation unless we move out of state (my kids are non-vaccinated, and we live in one of two states without an optional exemption, so I can’t enroll my kids in any public or private school), and even though it seems daunting, I know I’ll do it. My oldest begins kindergarten this fall, and I also have a 3 3/4 y.o., 2 y.o. and am 14 wks pregnant.

    Thanks for the chance to win this mag. It would really be a blessing to me to win it. It looks like a great resource.

  9. 59
    sarah woods says:

    Please remember that The Old Schoolhouse magazine in not necessary the methodogies for home schooling but also has strategies that would enhance a student’s education development even for those that are not home schooled. Many Thanks!!! Best of Luck and Happy Mother’s Day to ALL!

  10. 60
    Donna Kozar says:

    It is my favorite homeschooling magazine. It is full of useful tips and ideas about how to teach

  11. 61
    Elizabeth Ray says:

    as the parent of 2 autistics, I am expesially interested in the Resource Room.

  12. 62
    Lily Kwan says:

    The Teachers’ Lounge looks very interesting. I subscribed to your feed.

  13. 63
    Kailani says:


    Congratulations! You are the winner of the Old Homeschool Magazine Subscription Giveaway at An Island Life. Please contact me within 3 days to claim your prize.

    Aloha ~ Kailani
    anislandlife at gmail dot com

  14. 64
    clickbank review says:

    i love this site..I am sure I’ll be back and will send some of my friends.



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