Childproofing Your Home with Safety 1st (Giveaway)

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When it comes to childproofing a home we all know to safeproof the more common things like oven doors, toilet seat covers, drawers, cabinets, and outlet covers. However, there may be a few places that you’ve never thought may become safety hazards for your young ones. Julie Vallese, Consumer Safety Expert for Safety 1st shares some important and valuable information on how you can make sure your entire home is childproofed.

  • A recent study shows that over 5,000 children annually are treated in emergency rooms for falls from windows (CPSC). Make sure you have a Window Lock to help prevent falls.
  • Beware of toy stacking. Children will pile up anything to get a view outside the window.
  • Additionally, most screens cannot hold up to the weight of a small child, nor are they meant to. The study showed that in 83% of the reported falls, window screens were on the window that was fallen through.
  • Anchor all heavy furniture or appliances that could topple onto child as a result of climbing or pulling.  According to the CPSC the most common tip-over scenarios involve toddlers who have climbed onto, fallen against or pulled themselves up on furniture. About 70 percent of children’s fatalities involved falling televisions, and 27 percent involved only furniture falling.
  • Use a Flat Screen TV lock to help prevent falling TVs and Furniture Wall Straps to attached large furniture to the wall.
  • Anything that will fit inside an empty cardboard toilet paper roll is a choking hazard
  • Remove dish towels from an oven door; a child could pull on the towel and hit his or her head on an oven door.
  • Utilize an Oven Lock to prevent the door from opening, and Clear View Stove Knob Covers to keep kids from accidentally turning on the stove
  • Babies can fall into a toilet, or front load washer head first and not be able to get out. The toilet also water source and a place where kids love to throw toy.
  • Try to keep those rooms off limits, or install a Front Load Washer-Dryer Lock, or the ProGrade™ Push-Button Toilet Lock to keep children safe.
  • Ensure all cabinets and drawers are locked and off limits. Young kids love opening and closing cabinet doors and drawers, where they can access sharp utensils, small appliances and cleaning supplies.

However, you should have a safe zone for kids to explore, such as leave the Tupperware drawer unlocked. I think it’s such a great idea to give kids a place where they can play safely!

For more information on child safety, stop by the Safety 1st website or Facebook page.

This post was written for Safety 1st who provided the information and complimentary items for giveaway.


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