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August 30, 2011 by Kailani  
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This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to commentor #51: Sandy, #67: Cindie, #30 Natalie, #8 Roger, & #26: Christy!

In this special 100-minute DVD of pure aardvark entertainment, eight fun-filled episodes will help kids develop an interest in reading and writing, and encourage positive social skills. Special features on the DVD include printable coloring pages and activities. The DVD will be available September 13, 2011, just in time for back-to-school.

I’ve always really enjoyed watching Arthur with my kids. It’s one of the few cartoons that I feel is not too kiddy-ish and I actually get into some of the storylines. The only thing is that I can’t always figure out what kind of animal each character is.

In Arthur’s Music Jamboree, there are 5 episodes all having to deal with music. If you’re an avid fan of Arthur, you’ll probably recognize most of these adventures:

  • Arthur Plays the Blues – Although Arthur’s beloved piano teacher is retiring, she assures him that the next teacher will be outstanding…and famous, too! Then Arthur meets Dr. Fugue – who’s as strict as he is odd – and begins to doubt his own abilities. Will Arthur be fired from playing the piano?
  • Buster’s Sweet Success – When Buster signs up to sell candy for the band, he figures it’s easy money – who doesn’t love chocolate? Buster soon wishes that somebody loved it more than he does, because he eats it all himself. Will the band be doomed to wear tattered uniforms and play old instruments forever?
  • My Music Rules – It’s the duel of the century as cellist Yo-Yo Ma faces jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman in the toughest gig of their careers…in the Elwood City Library! Whose music will rule after the greats duke it out?
  • Arthur vs. the Piano – “Local Boy Wrecks Concert!” “Bad, Bad Musician!” These are the headlines Arthur can all-too-easily imagine after he gets stage fright during a rehearsal. Now he’s terrified of playing to another audience. Will he be able to get through his recital without any mistakes? Or should he just move far, far away?
  • Brother, Can You Spare a Clarinet – The try-outs for the Young Person’s Orchestra are coming to Lakewood Elementary and everyone agrees that Binky is a shoe-in, since he’s the best musician in school. So why is Binky suddenly refusing to play in band practice? Has Binky turned against his clarinet…or against music itself?

As a pianist herself, Kacie has always liked Arthur vs. the Piano. She knows all too well the feeling of getting stage fright when performing in front of a crowd. This episode showed her that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as she keeps going on. Definitely a worthwhile life lesson.

Pre-order your copy at for $11.49.


PBS Kids has generously donated (5) copies of Arthur’s Music Jamboree DVD for (5) lucky winners! To enter:

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